How to fix iPhone 6 Does Not Ring when a Call comes in

Many users experienced a very unpleasant issue on their iPhone 6. The phone should ring when a call comes in, right? But what if it doesn’t, and you didn’t turn the sound off?  

In this article, we will try to provide some useful solutions that will help you fix this problem.

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Please follow these steps to make sure what the cause of this issue and maybe can solve it without visiting Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider

How to fix iPhone 6 does not ring when a call comes in

Check This Stuff Carefully:

  • Make sure the ring/silent switcher on the left side of your iPhone 6 is in a ring state. See the difference between ring state and silent state.

How to fix iPhone 6 doesnt Ring when a Call comes in

  • Go to Settings — Do Not Disturb — Manual, make sure it’s set to OFF. If it’s ON, turn it OFF.Do not disturb is a feature on iPhone which can make all notifications are silent.

How to fix iPhone 6 doesnt Ring when a Call comes in

  • Try to replace ringtone in Settings — Sounds — Ringtone, choose default or any other ringtone.

How to fix iPhone 6 doesnt Ring when a Call comes in

  • Try to set the volume to the max by pressing the volume up button on the side of the device, or through the Control Center.

How to fix iPhone 6 doesnt Ring when a Call comes in

  • Try to switch off Bluetooth in Settings – Bluetooth.

If you have checked all the things above, and the problem is still there, try the solutions below:

  • Restart an iPhone by pressing and holding the power button and home button together until it restarts.
  • Power off the iPhone by pressing the power button, until you see the slider power off. Move the slider, turn off your device and turn it back on.
  • Erase all contents and settings: Settings — General — Reset –Erase all content and settings.
  • Restore your iPhone by plugging it into your Mac/PC, and then launch iTunes — tap “trust” on your iPhone if the popup message appears. Your iPhone will be detected in the iTunes and on the summary tab, click Restore. Firmware will be downloaded first and wait until the process done.

If you have done all the steps above but you still have the same problem check out these solutions:

  • iPhone 6 speaker is located on the bottom right and make sure there’s no dirt in it

How to fix iPhone 6 doesnt Ring when a Call comes in

  • If you find dirt covers the speaker, clean it up with a gas duster. Don’t clean that part with any liquid because it can enter to the speaker component inside and it can break the speaker hardware.
  • Check the headphone jack hole. The broken fragment of headphone jack left in the hole can cause this problem.

How to fix iPhone 6 doesnt Ring when a Call comes in

  • If the headphone jack hole is fine, plug your original earphone into your iPhone 6 and try to hear whether there is a ringing sound on your earphone when someone calls you, or not? If you hear a ring sound on your earphone, then the speaker of your iPhone 6 might have a problem. If you didn’t hear any sound, the hardware of your device might be the problem.
  • When it comes to hardware, I suggest you visit one of the Apple stores and ask for further assistance.

Hardware method:

In order to try this method, you must know how to open the device, its screen, and how to unplug the battery connector before you go any further (If you are not 100 % sure that you can do this properly, then don’t). Then unplug the speaker connector and plug it back in, and put the pieces back. Switch it on and test the ring sound.

How to fix iPhone 6 doesnt Ring when a Call comes in

If you the issue of iPhone 6 does not ring when a call comes in is still there after you reset speaker connector, seems that you need to replace your speaker.

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