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How to add email signature on Mac

Our Mac device has many tips and tricks up its sleeve that we probably have not yet discovered. One... Read More

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How To Set Screen Time Limits On iOS Devices

Are you worried about becoming an iPhone addict? If you cannot help your self to check on the... Read More

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How to check battery on Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a Bluetooth-connecting smart pencil that works with the iPad tablets. Created... Read More

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How To Save A Video From TikTok – 3 Easy Ways

Tiktok is a social media where people can express themselves by singing, dancing, and acting... Read More

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How to check battery on Beats

Beats are a range of audio devices produced by Beats by Dre, a subsidiary of Apple Inc. One of... Read More

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How to reset network settings on Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

When you buy an expensive phone such as Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with great specs, design, and... Read More

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How to add music to a video

Try to imagine Jaws without the famous tune that plays when the shark is about to attack. The show... Read More

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How to check battery health on iPad

Like most parts in any electronic device, the battery eventually wears out over time due to the... Read More

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How to update the software on Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro is a powerful phone with great specs and features. So, you can expect wonderful... Read More

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How To Activate AssistiveTouch On iOS Devices

You may have just upgraded your iPhone to a bezel-less model like iPhone X, but then somehow you... Read More

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How to check battery on Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a Bluetooth-connecting smart pencil that works with the iPad tablets. Created by Apple Inc., the first-generation ...
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How to use Skype with Alexa to make calls

Alexa can make your life a lot easier because it is able to do so many things, including handling Skype ...
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How to turn Alexa’s whisper mode

How to turn Alexa’s whisper mode

Amazon Alexa doesn't need a special introduction. If you recently purchased an Echo device, then you know all the great ...
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We all need a blender in the kitchen for whipping up smoothies and shakes. Check out some of the best smoothie makers available today. There are many reliable, commercial-grade blenders

Best stand mixers in 2020

Stand mixers are useful appliances that make life easier in the average household. With these, you can come up with enough dough to make dozens of cookies or make milkshakes

Best Laptops for Freelancers To Buy In 2020

Freelancing is a fun way to make a living because most freelancers get to work at their own pace, from their choice of location. Being always on the move demands

Best Ultrabooks Under $500 Of 2020

The laptops and ultrabooks have come a long way since the assumption that those that are budget-friendly aren’t good. Google changed this view with their cheap Chromebooks with amazing build

Best Digital Cameras in 2020

Today, almost any camera except those found on smartphones and tablets is a digital camera. The basic models of these cameras are compact and usually easily portable. They operate with

Best Laptops for Music Production Of 2020

Music production is no child’s play and if you are looking for the best laptop for music production then you may be flooded with a lot of options. It requires

Top Best Laptops Under $200 Of 2020

Laptops come in a variety of shapes, sizes and features today. From 360 degree foldable laptops to ones that can put even the most hardcore desktops to shame; there is

Best Laptops for Freelancers To Buy In 2020

Freelancing is a fun way to make a living because most freelancers get to work at their own pace, from their choice of location. Being always on the move demands

Best Detachable Laptops of 2020

Detachable laptops have the same benefits as their non-detachable counterparts. They also come in different configurations to meet varying needs. As the name suggests, these laptops have an extra advantage.

Best Laptops for Kids to Buy in 2020

Modern parents want their children to embrace technology as early as possible. While most of us may not have had the chance to start early with computers in our lives,


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How To Record 4K Video On iPhone 11 Series

Apple allows you to record high-quality videos since they released the iPhone 6s series back in... Read More

How To Use Your Animated Memoji On Facetime iPhone 11 Series

Do you know that you can use your animated Memoji on Facetime to replace your face? Let say you... Read More

How To Set Up Do Not Disturb On iPhone 11

There is a time when you don't want to be bothered by any notifications from messaging apps,... Read More

iPhone SE Or iPhone XR – Which Budget iPhone Model Should I Buy?

The latest iPhone SE model and iPhone XR are both Apple's low-cost smartphones. iPhone XR was first... Read More

How To Turn On Low Power Mode On iPhone 11

The low power mode on the iPhone 11 can slow down the battery consumption of your device. It may be... Read More

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 11

The notch does not only make iPhone 11 look a little bit awkward but it does not allow the battery... Read More

How To Enable Flash Notifications On iPhone 11 Series

When it comes to notifications on your iPhone, Apple gives you options. You can use sounds,... Read More

How To Remove Payment Method On iPhone 11

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How To Upgrade iCloud Storage On iPhone 11

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How To Automatically Backup iPhone 11 To iCloud

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Apple TV Plus Or Netflix – Which One To Choose?

Not so long ago, my friend asked me why don't I use Apple TV Plus to watch a movie on ...
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Things to consider when buying a new TV

Things to consider when buying a new TV

If you are planning to buy a new TV and need some additional info on what to consider before deciding ...
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GoToWebinar vs Livestorm

GoToWebinar and Livestorm both are webinar platforms available for users ranging from individual users to big corporate users for online ...
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How to use Single Take on Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy Z Flip is a talk of the town from the moment it was released. It has a great design, and it... Read More

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A secondhand iPhone 8 costs around $300, while at the same price, you can get a brand new Android... Read More

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Top 10 Best Apps For Saving Money

Have you ever tried some of the best apps for saving money when purchasing something? If not, maybe... Read More

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Common Note 9 Issues and Their Fixes

The new offering from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9, launched in 2018, comes with a set of amazing and... Read More

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How to Fix Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Calling Issues

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are amazing smartphones with an impressive hardware, yet the... Read More

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Top 10 Sports Apps For Android And IOS

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