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How to change graphics quality in Sims 4

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How to manage video capture options in Sims 4

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How to change season length in Sims 4

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How to change screen mode on Samsung Galaxy A50

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How to set up Instagram shopping

Instagram is a social networking site and as more and more businesses are set up, it has started an... Read More

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How to enable whims in Sims 4

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How to block ads and trackers in Opera GX gaming browser

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How to enable laptop mode in Sims 4

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How to manage Volume options in Sims 4

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How to change Sim Lifespan in Sims 4

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Best Ultrawide Monitors in 2020

The term ultrawide monitor is always associated with content creators and gamers. The extra screen real estate can be put to great use when the monitors are large with improved

Best 55-Inch TVs to buy in 2020

With new technologies and extreme competition, TVs have become more affordable and feature-packed as they are today. Unlike a few decades ago there are dozens of high-quality brands and plenty

Best 24-Inch Monitors in 2020

Today, there are different types of efficient LCD and LED monitors available in the market. A 24 inches monitor is most comfortable for watching content, although bigger monitors are also

Best 27-Inch Monitors in 2020

With rapid developments in technology, computer peripherals are going through a renaissance of sorts when it comes to design and features. A great monitor can make all the difference between

Top Best Qi Wireless Charging Power Banks in 2020

Keeping a power bank handy makes life easier when you are in the office, on a trip or have simply run out of battery on your phone at the most

Best Detachable Laptops of 2020

Detachable laptops have the same benefits as their non-detachable counterparts. They also come in different configurations to meet varying needs. As the name suggests, these laptops have an extra advantage.

Best Laptops for Kids to Buy in 2020

Modern parents want their children to embrace technology as early as possible. While most of us may not have had the chance to start early with computers in our lives,

Top Best Laptops For Home Use of 2020

Is there any plan to acquire the best laptop for home use to cut down the boredness at home? Then you will be flooded with so many laptops on the

Best MacBooks To Buy in 2020

Apple follows a very specific pattern when it comes to upgrading their MacBooks and releasing new models with different screen sizes. For a first-time buyer, it may look intimidating to

Top Best Laptops Of 2020 For Business Users

If you are looking for the best laptops for business users, this is the place you’ll find them. The requirements of business individuals when it comes to buying a laptop


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How To Turn Off Notifications On iPhone 11 Series

Maybe you don't remember when was the last time you managed all the notifications on your iPhone... Read More

How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone 11

Sometime, you may not remember your own WiFi password. The one that you created on your own. Of... Read More

How To Find And Connect To A Hidden WiFi Network On iPhone 11 Series

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How To Organize Apps On iPhone 11 – iOS 13

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How To Take A Full Page Screenshot In iPhone 11

Sometimes, we want to show someone a part of the interesting article on the website which is placed... Read More

How To Sign A PDF Document On iPhone 11 Series

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How To Turn On And Turn Off Auto Answer Calls On iPhone 11 Series

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Top 10 Best Apps For Saving Money

Have you ever tried some of the best apps for saving money when purchasing something? If not, maybe... Read More

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How To Allow Camera Access On iPhone

Most of the apps you have just installed from AppStore will ask permission to access the Camera... Read More

How To Transfer Data From Old iPhone To iPhone 11

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TikTok vs Byte

Social media networks nowadays have reached millions of people. That is why media is such a powerful tool. However, it ...
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Advantages and disadvantages of 5G

As the 5G network has been quite different from the 4G network regardless of the speed, latency, capacity it is ...
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best apps for saving money

Top 10 Best Apps For Saving Money

Have you ever tried some of the best apps for saving money when purchasing something? If not, maybe now is ...
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Top 10 Best Apps For Saving Money

Have you ever tried some of the best apps for saving money when purchasing something? If not, maybe... Read More

best apps for saving money

How to use Single Take on Galaxy Z Flip

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Common Note 9 Issues and Their Fixes

The new offering from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9, launched in 2018, comes with a set of amazing and... Read More

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How to Fix Galaxy S9 Wi-Fi Calling Issues

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are amazing smartphones with an impressive hardware, yet the... Read More

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Top 10 Sports Apps For Android And IOS

As a sports fan, you don’t want to miss the important updates about your favorite team and... Read More

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