iMessage not working on Mac – How to fix it

When you want to send iMessages, you can do it using your Mac, not just your iPhone or iPad. In other words, from your Mac, you can send iMessages to other Macs, iPhones, and iPads. While the service works great most of the time, you may encounter a problem. If that’s the case, keep reading. We are going to list some solutions to try when iMessage not working on Mac.

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Make sure the iMessage is working on iOS devices

Before we move to other solutions, try sending a message using your iPhone or iPad. If you can’t send a message, it probably means that Apple service is down so all you have to do is wait for a while until it returns back to normal.

iMessage not working on Mac – steps to fix it

Enable text message forwarding

If this feature is not turned on, you won’t be able to send iMessages from your Mac. Follow these steps:

  • Open Messages app on your Mac
  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding
  • Find your Mac there and toggle the switch next to its name
  • You will see a pop-up on your Mac with a code
  • Copy the code to your iPhone
  • Tap Allow.

Reboot your modem and your Mac

If you are having connection issues, you can experience issues with iMessages as well. Reboot your modem.

In addition, you can reboot your Mac.

Make sure “Enable this account” is turned on in iMessage

Check if the option “Enable this account” is turned on within the app. If it is, you can turn it off, then turn it back on. Here is where to find it:

  • Open iMessage on your Mac
  • Navigate to the Messages menu and click on Preferences
  • Click on iMessage
  • Under Apple ID, you will see the option “Enable this account”. It should be checked. If it isn’t do enable it. If it is, disable it and then enable it again.

Sign out from iMessage then sign back in

As you know, when some of the services like iMessage is are not working, the issues could be solved simply by signing out and then signing back in. Here is how to do this in iMessage on your Mac:

  • Open iMessage on your Mac
  • Navigate to the Messages menu and click on Preferences
  • Next, click on the iMessage tab
  • Click on Sign out
  • Close the app and then open it again
  • Sign in using your Apple ID.


We hope that one of the solutions listed here worked for you. If not, contact Apple for further assistance.