How To Fix Unresponsive Facebook Messenger On Samsung Phones

A few years back, Facebook made a decision that users can’t send the messages through the main Facebook mobile app. In order to send messages or call your friends, you need to download another app – Facebook Messanger. The app works flawlessly most of the time, but once in a while, you may experience some issues. One of the issues that many users reported is the unresponsiveness of the app. If you are using one of Samsung phones or tablets, and the Messanger app is not working properly, freezing or crashing, keep on reading. We are going to share some tips to show you how to fix unresponsive Facebook Messenger on Samsung phones.

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How to fix unresponsive Facebook Messenger on Samsung

how to fix unresponsive Facebook Messenger on Samsung

Force stop Facebook Messenger

Here is the first thing to try. Tap Apps and then head to Settings > Apps > Application Manager. Find and tap on Facebook Messenger. Next, tap Force stop. Once you do this, launch the app again.


Restart your phone

If the previous tip didn’t make any difference, restart your device, especially if you haven’t done this for a while. The system may slow down over time, the phone may become sluggish, and on top of it all, you may experience various app-related issues, including unresponsiveness of some apps. A restart will close the apps and processes and it will give the fresh air to your device.


Update the app

Is the app up to date? Keep in mind that app updates bring bug fixes, so the update may solve the unresponsive Facebook Messenger issue. Open Google Play Store app on your Samsung device, and if the update is available, download and install it.


Clear cache and data

Android devices, including Samsung’s phones and tablets, offer the users the option to clear cache and data. When an app is misbehaving, this is something you should definitely try. First, clear the cache. Tap Apps > Settings > Apps > Application manager. Find Facebook Messenger and tap on it. Tap Storage and then tap Clear cache. Launch the app to see if it’s working normally.

If not, you should clear the app’s data. Just keep in mind this will clear customized settings of the app and you will have to log in again. Go to Apps > Settings > Apps > Application manager. Tap on Facebook Messenger, tap Storage and then tap Clear data. Now tap Delete.


Reinstall Facebook Messenger

Tap and hold the Facebook Messenger’s icon and drag it to the trash can. Or, go to Settings > Apps > Application Manager > Facebook Messenger and tap Uninstall. Restart your device. Open Google Play Store, download Facebook Messenger and install it.


Free up some storage space

If the Facebook Messanger is unresponsive on your Samsung phone, make sure you have enough storage space on your device. It would be wise to free up some space. You can do this by deleting apps you no longer need, files, photos, etc.


Update Android OS

Connect to a Wi-Fi network. Go to Settings > About device > Software Update. If there is an update available, download and install it.


If you have been wondering how to fix unresponsive Facebook Messenger on Samsung phones, you will find these tips useful. There are some other a bit more complex things you can do if the app still isn’t working. You can boot your phone into Safe mode, to make sure that some third-party app is not causing the problem.

If nothing works, the last solution is to perform a factory data reset. But, before doing this, make sure your data is backed up. When factory reset is completed, set up your phone from scratch.