Top Best Android Apps Of 2017

Whether you are an Android user or iOS user, having some apps on the device will ensure you get the best out of your device. Thousands of apps are available for several purposes such as whether you are looking for a weather app, file explorer app or else if it is to maintain the safety of the device. But picking up the right one might be a bit daunting for many of us. So, we have curated here a list of the top best android apps of 2017 that you can consider downloading for the best result.

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10 best Android Apps of 2017

Indeed app

Indeed app is one of the best and helpful for all those, particularly who are looking for a job change desperately. Searching for a new job is really time taking that requires the candidates to go through the newspaper and browsing various sites sitting at home while Indeed mobile app can be downloaded on your Android device and you can browse their site for a job while on the go. The search can be narrow down by mentioning your geographic region, salary expectation, part time, full-time job, and more. The app tracks the search history so that candidates can be presented with the job openings that are not viewed by them yet. Resume upload is also possible, that is everything can be done through your mobile device while you are on the road.

Download Indeed app


If security is your primary concern, then ExpressVPN is the one you can look for. It is one of the safest and secure brands when it comes to a virtual private network which is really fast and highly trusted. The 256-bit encryption ensures your device will remain safe and secure while you browse the internet over public Wi-Fi. It comes with unlimited bandwidth. Along with servers in 78 countries located in more than 100 locations, you can be assured to feel the best experience.

Download ExpressVPN


Manually typing password requires you to remember them which is very difficult while it takes times as well. But with various apps available this tough task is eliminated and Dashlane is one such best app of 2017 that saves all the password in encrypted codes and you can copy paste them in the online forms when required. Not just password rather financial details like credit card details, bank statement etc. can be saved here to use in need. No need to worry about the security as this app uses encrypted codes and also keeps an eye regularly at them.

Download Dashlane


This is another best password manager app worth checking out which like Dashlane saves all the information and auto-fill the passwords for those sites which are being used by you most. This is no doubt one of the best and most secure password manager apps of 2017 which received a recent update. But if you are looking for even more security, consider downloading LastPass Authenticator.

Download LastPass 


Staying updated about the weather condition is highly needed and it can help you in planning things properly. 1Weather is one very helpful android app packed with a minimal design which informs you about the current weather, a radar, forecast for up to 12 weeks and fun facts. While it comes with some customizable widgets but some standard stuff like harsh weather condition notification are really helpful. The free version provides all the needed features while the paid version come ad free.

Download 1Weather


If you want something else other than 1Weather for the weather app, then consider looking at Morecast which is another best android weather app as of now. The interface of the apps looks great that has a very wise and clear layout. It offers the right weather information of a specific journey or route. Also, other features like side by side weather comparison of two cities is available in MORECAST. The best thing is this app is completely free, so you can go for it with no worries.


Google Maps

This is a must have app for android users which provides the most needed information. Yes, if you are out on the road and do not know anything, Google Maps will help you by offering the right direction and take you to the required place. Traffic data, direction to the most important places like gas stations, restaurants, shops etc. are easily offered by this app. The app gets very frequent updates. These days offline map is also available which is very helpful in case you do not have the internet connection.

Download Google Maps 

Action Launcher 3

Want to get the best Launcher to make your Android device look like your way? Action Launcher 3 is a great option to consider. This is a very simple launcher app designed with a clear and intuitive interface so that users can easily change the wallpaper, the app icon, app drawer style and more while changing the home screen folders is also possible through it. Overall you can completely change the look of the device with the help of Action Launcher 3. So, get it right now and your Android device will become the most lovable gadget to you.

Download Action Launcher 3

Google Play Music

A music app is a must have on your device for entertainment and Google Play Music is considered as one of the best so far. It let you download and play free music while streaming content is also done through the same app and this is the speciality of it. Google play Music offer you an ever changing list of free tracks for downloading that are from the major artists.

Download Google Play Music 

Pokemon Go

From Niantic, Pokemon Go is a very interesting and exploring game for Android that is equipped with amazing graphics and high-end interface. There are lots of Pokemon that are to be caught where the game transfer the city into a massive video game scene and the GPS of the device ensure the avatar of the game follows the users wherever they move and thus what you are required to do is finding a way to get outside to capture the Pokemon. It’s a very interesting game that helps you spend some quality time.

Download Pokemon Go

Google Photos

If you are looking for a photo app for your Android device, then Google Photos is worth checking out that organizes and back up all the photos and videos taken by you such a way that you will never fall short of memory and when it comes to sharing, things become much easier and faster. Even the recent version comes with more tweaks such as dynamic filters, advanced editing control so as to customize the color, light and more. Offered by Google, Google Photos is really a great substitute of Picasa that is no more available in the play store.

Download Google Photos

So, the best Android apps of 2017 are listed down here. While most of them are free, some of them are premium and you are required to pay some small amount of money to get them on your device. All the mentioned apps are easily available in Google Play store. So, if you are interested in downloading and installing the apps on your device, just head towards Play Store and you will be good to go.

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