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When your iPhone doesn’t respond to touch as you expect, it’s time for troubleshooting again. A non-responsive screen is a frustrating problem

The Sims 5 Release Date: Features, News And Rumors featured image

Though Electronic Arts hasn't officially revealed The Sims 5, fans are extremely excited about it and have been making conjectures on what this still-in-development

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Do you have a checklist of the products to buy? Have you been postponing your purchase till the day of the big sale? Then here it is! Amazon Prime Day

Is Google Earth Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it featured image

Google Earth can be installed on desktop computers or run on Chrome web browsers.  

Common Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus problems and how to fix them featured image

While Samsung knows how to make suitable hardware for a smartphone, its software is not the best. Unfortunately, because of this, some issues can be


iPhone XS: Have Problems -Common Issues and Solutions featured image

The iPhone XS is one of the recent offerings from 

Sony Xperia Z Is Officially Discontinued featured image

Sony officially discontinues one of its smartphone series, the Xperia Z. According to Sony Mobile’s internal Global PR team, Sony will continue


 iPhone XL Release Date, Specs, Features, News and Rumors featured image

We are two months away from viewing the next-generation iPhone for 2022, and there is no proof regarding the features, but the rumor mills are creating