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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Stuck On Download Mode

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Stuck On Download Mode 1

Samsung Galaxy S3 was quickly adopted by the users because of its great features and performance. Even though many people never experienced any issues with this device, others did complain about some bugs and glitches. Some owners of the device reported a problem saying that Samsung Galaxy S3 is stuck on download mode and whatever they do, they cannot connect to Odin3. One user said that his Galaxy S3 was working fine, but suddenly the phone turned off and restarted by itself. After the phone turned on, a black screen appeared with the android symbol that said ‘downloading, do not turn off.’ This means, your Samsung Galaxy S3 is Soft Bricked.

Some of the occurrences of Galaxy S3 Soft bricks are:

  • Your phone is stuck at the logo.
  • Your phone keeps restarting repeatedly by itself.
  • Your Samsung Galaxy can also be soft bricked by a corrupted firmware.
  • You tried to flash a custom ROM which went wrong.

How do you get to know if your Galaxy is soft bricked?

When you are able to enter the Download mode then you have a device which is powering on at least halfway. This means your device is soft bricked and it can be repaired.

How do you get to know if your Samsung Galaxy device is Hard Bricked?

If you are not able to enter download mode or recovery mode or if your phone cannot boot up at all, it means your Samsung Galaxy is hard bricked, and chances of repairing it by yourself are very low.

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Solution For Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Stuck On Download Mode Screen

Normally, Samsung Galaxy S3 is stuck on the download mode screen occurs because of a bad update, corrupted firmware or a custom ROM flashing gone wrong. To exit from this download mode, just pull the battery out from your phone, wait for few seconds and insert it back. After inserting the battery and turning on the phone, connect it to your PC and once it is booted fully, check whether you have the right driver installed on your computer. If the phone connects and comes up as a storage device, then your phone has been fixed and your problem is solved.

However, if the phone does not do anything, then you must download Kies. Samsung Kies contains the drivers that are required for the phone to communicate with the PC.

Sometimes upgrading your Samsung Galaxy S3 to the latest firmware can solve the problem. Therefore, read this post: How to update Samsung Galaxy S3 to Android 4.4 KitKat

If you are planning to a flash stock ROM, do a little research on How to flash stock Rom Via Odin.
Here are few steps that you need to do to get 4.2.2 on your Samsung Galaxy S3.


Steps to be followed:

  1. First, make sure your Samsung Galaxy S3 is charged to at least 60%. This method is applicable for the Galaxy GT-I9305.
  2. Next, Backup Your Samsung Galaxy. There are several ways to create a backup of your phone. Follow the below steps to create a backup.
  • One of the best options is to make use of Samsung’s very own Kies software that we normally use to update the software of our Galaxy devices.
  • The second way to create a backup of the device is with your Google account. Head towards Settings > General > Backup & Reset and it will provide two options named as backup my data and automatic restores. Ensure that these options are checked by taping the checkbox next to them and it will backup details like Wi-Fi password, app data, Google settings and bookmarks automatically to the Google server so that they can be retrieved again in case anything wrong happens with the device.

  • Another way to create the backup is using Samsung account. For that go to Application > Settings> User and backup> Account and check if you are signed in with your Samsung account. If the option is made on, it will sync the contacts, calendar and internet settings to the Samsung account.

3. Once you are done with the backup, Get root access. (OPTIONAL)

4. Next Download Custom Firmware

5. Download Odin.

6. Extract the Firmware Zip File

7. Open Odin.exe

8. Now you are required to take your phone into Download mode. Disconnect your phone from the computer. Press and hold Volume Down + Power + Home button altogether. 

9. Press volume up button the continue

10. Connect your Galaxy S3 to the computer, on Odin, you will see an added message.

11. Click on the (AP, OR, PDA for the later version) button and click browse for the Firmware file you just downloaded (Very ImportantMake sure Re-Partition box is not checked).

12. Finally, your Phone will be flashed, with a Status Pass at the top left. But in case you see fail, then disconnect your phone, pull out the battery and repeat this step again.

Once you complete flashing the stock ROM, your phone will restart automatically and you will be on the home screen again. Flashing a ROM will delete all data from your device so you will have to restore all the data stored on your device once you have established that your Samsung Galaxy S3 is working as expected.


  1. Oh my i am really requesting u inteligent android masters my phone stucks at the logo screen and becomes warmer its samsung galaxy s advance gt19070 plz help me

  2. Comment:Samsung galaxy note 8.0 gt n5100 still stuck at Samsun logo even after Odin says pass. please any help will be appreciated . thanks . Whatsapp +2348026955002

  3. Comment:Odin says passed but still stuck at the Samsung logo. please any help will be appreciated reach me on Whatsapp +2348026955002. thanks

  4. mai samsung s3 neo me flash firmware kar raha tha computer me pass bata diya but mobile on nahi ho raha hai plz help

  5. please my case i think is different my battery went dead, i placed on charge,and it charged perfectly well but trying to turn it on came correctly but got stuck on the samsung logo thing. downloaded the frmware for it my phone model is Samsung Note 2 SCH-I317M koodo canada. i followed most of the steps by wiping and resetting to factory and then later clear cahce and using odin to fix it firmware…. but still stuck on logo screen i really help please….

  6. Thanks, my phone was soft bricked, I know I downloaded a strange op system.. and it really buggered it up

  7. HELLO, i’ve tryied installing android 5.0 but i can get it done, anyone to help me plzzzzzzz…. ([email protected])


    Enter CS for MD5..

    Binary Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..

    Please wait..

    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..

    Leave CS..

    Odin engine v(ID:3.1100)..

    File analysis..



    Get PIT for mapping..

    Firmware update start..



    NAND Write Start!!


    Complete(Write) operation failed.

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  8. HELP HELP HELP….My phone Galaxy grand prime is stuck at download mode while rooting…How to repair…When I connect it to PC…it doesn’t recognises it

  9. Mine goes into download mode but Kies no longer recognizes it. Odin will not flash the stock ROM back onto it, it fails every time.

        1. I went to the service center and they repaired it for free since it was under warranty but they too just flashed stock ROM…and I dont know how they made the PC recognize it….

  10. Hi, I have scoured the web for some advice for my problem and this is the closest I have found – as well as written in a clear and understanding way.

    I have a T-Mobile branded T999 S3 with 4.3. Here is my chain of events:

    * Phone began randomly turning off and on
    * Discovered that the power switch was failing and ultimately failed
    * Researched and decided to remove the power switch from the mother board thus rendering the power switch inoperable
    * Successful and was able to use phone and turning off and on by inserting power cord and immediately holding down ‘home’ and ‘volume down’ at the same time then when custom OS screen comes on press the ‘volume down’ to cancel and phone starts as normal
    * Wanted to reset my phone a few days later after getting another one so that I might be able to sell it – plus wanted my personal information wiped and reset back to factory
    * Didn’t realize that doing the reset phone from the ‘factory data reset’ screen would require using the now defunct and missing power button
    * Had no choice at the time other than to pull the battery and cross my fingers
    * Now the phone when powered up (using the same insert power cord procedure) goes through a couple splash screens and ultimately freezes on the Samsung screen

    What can I do at this point to get this phone reset in a manner that doesn’t use the power button?

    I really would appreciate any help on this….. Thank so much ~Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy,
      I kno how hard it is to loose a device, hence the solution : you could plug a usb jig to your device and ur phone will go to download mode automatically. You can buy it on ebay or youtube it.
      Any more queries do ask

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