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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Not Charging Issue

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Not Charging issue can be caused by various reasons starting from overheating, battery drain heavily, bad charging sectors, low voltage charger, low system dump or culprit apps.

There might be some other reason behind Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not charging issue and this might be because either the debris or the dust is inside the USB port which is being used for charging. The connection for charging is normally lost since the debris might have interrupted the conduct electricity which is required in order to allow the charger to power the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You can solve all these by yourself. All you have to do is to follow the below steps and you will fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not charging issue.

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Steps To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Not Charging Issue


Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Not Charging Issue

Solution 1 – Fix Galaxy Note 3 Not Charging

The first step is to make sure that you have the following tools which are required in order to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 USB port:

  • Clean and dry toothbrush
  • Either a paperclip, pin or needle.



  • When you have the tools, remove the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 back cover and then remove the battery.
  • Take the pin, paper clip or needle into the USB port and move it side to side inside the walls in order to remove the dust and any other type of debris which found their way inside the charging port.
  • Next, insert the toothbrush bristles into the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 charging port and then brush up and down gently.


  • Plug in your charger into your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and monitor if it starts to charge.
  • In case it does not start to charge, try fixing the Samsung Galaxy note 3 USB port since there could be more debris, which is blocking the charging connection.


Solution 2 – System Dump

A simple System Dump can restore the bad sectors. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Open Up dialer of the handset
  • Dial *#9900# from there
  • Scroll down and click “Low Battery Dump”
  • Tap to turn On

That’s it. Now check if the problem is solved.


Solution 3 – Cache Partition

Performing a Wipe Cache Partition will remove unnecessary stored caches. This solution does not remove your personal data, and hence, it’s considered safe. Here is how to do it.

  • First, turn off your Galaxy Note 3 completely.
  • Next press and hold the Volume up, power and home button altogether.
  • As you see Galaxy Note 3 logo on the screen, release the power key but continue holding the other two keys.
  • After few seconds, Android System recovery screen will appear and then release all the keys.
  • It will display various options. Use Volume down button for navigation and power key to select.
  • Navigate to and select the option ‘wipe cache partition’.
  • Next, go for ‘reboot system now’ and your system will be restarted.


Solution 4 – Safe Mode

Booting your phone into safe mode can show you a lot of things. It is considered as the number-one step for identifying problems.

In this case, you’ll need to boot your phone into the safe phone, do a battery drain and test the draining rate when your phone is  in safe mode. If you phone drain slower compared to when it’s in normal mode, then you’ll need to delete third-party apps one by one or do a factory reset resources. This seems to be the reason why your Galaxy Note 3 has issues with charging and experiencing slow charging.

To boot your device in safe mode,

  • The device should be powered off first.
  • Now press and hold the power key for few seconds to turn on the device.
  • When the Samsung logo appears on the screen, press down volume down key till you can see the lock screen.
  • When lock screen appears, it will display safe mode in the lower left corner.

That’s it. Now to exit from this mode, just restart the device and it will be back to the normal mode.

Once you confirm the app is the reason that is causing this issue, uninstall them one by one by going to Settings > Application manager and tap on the suspected app to uninstall it. You can start with the applications you have installed recently. If you have too many apps on your device, you can perform a factory data reset. This will reset the phone’s settings to factory defaults, and it will erase everything from your device, including your data and applications. That is why you need to backup your files first.

If you see no difference in draining rate then do a battery re-calibration. 



  1. My Samsung s3 shows “battery disconnected” whenever I plug to charge. What could be the problem, because I tried all your methods but they failed to work .

  2. You guys are awesome. Fixes my note 3 charging issue. I just did the #9900# and the partition wipe and bingô. Thank you Technobezz

  3. My note 3 won’t accept any chargers. On some days, it’ll charge super fast. Other days, super slow. Other days as well it’ll barely charge at all because when it is on it won’t recognize the charger while on, OR it’ll connect and disconnect every few seconds with the charger no matter what cord or positioning of the cable I use.

  4. Please help me with my phone. Samsung note3 sv009n When the phone is powered up it will not charge until I switched it off even when it was off it will show slow charging . And o have already tried all the alternative u listed above. Please help me out thanks.

  5. I had a problem with my wireless charging back. Wireless charging would turn on and off at frequent intervals and battery would drain until phone shut down. I was able to prove it wasn’t the charger, the cord or the wireless pad by swapping out with spares.
    I was able to prove it was not a rogue app by starting up in “safe” mode and noting that the problem persisted.
    What fixed the charging problem for me was similar to option one but in this case I removed the wireless back and with a soft tissue wiped down the gold contacts on both the phone and the wireless back then reassembling and restarting.
    All fixed, no more problem. Thanks to the author for prompting me to check the most basic things that I had previously discounted. Often these problems are the simplest of things.

  6. Thank you very much for posting the instructions. I recently took my cell phone to a local Sprint store. The rep said I had a damaged port, they cleaned the port, it started charging. He told me that I needed a new phone. When I got home I continued to have the problem with it not charging. I saw these instructions and immediately inserted a paperclip and it started charging properly. The next day I was back to the same problem. I followed the COMPLETE instructions this time and found a lot of dust in the port. I cleaned it as instructed, put battery in and cover and it started charging immediately and faster than it has charged in months!!! I’m so grateful for your help and simple instructions.

  7. i have the same prob as Mr. al marti and i want to do the solution 3 like question is,should i keep the sim card inside or remove it from sim card slot while doing solution 3?my phone is note 3 n9005 32gb.thank u.

  8. I tried all of the above, changed the charging port on my Samsung Galaxy 3 note. bought new battery. Turns on But won’t charge with any charger. Really don’t know what to do… Gonna try a wireless receiver and charger. Called the #9900# number, says it has been changed or disconnected. But considering how old these post are I guess there no help for these phone any more

  9. My GNote3 would not charge when the phone was powered up. If I shut the phone down it would charge, but slowly. Solution 3, Wipe Cache Partition fixed it for me. Thanks for the article.

  10. My Mobile is discharging when I connected to ac charger. only charging with laptop using data cable.
    why this is happening.

  11. Solution 4 – Safe mode charging: worked when all else failed. We have two identical Note3 N9005 4G LTE 32GB phones. Swapped batteries between phones to confirm the “bad” battery would not charge in either phone (exact same symptoms), but both phones would charge the “good” battery.
    Phone with “bad” battery would reboot/cycle every 5 seconds, interrupting diagnostic boots.
    Thanks to this site, we were able to charge the battery then follow the other steps to resolve the legacy battery issues. THANKS!!!

  12. Helpful article indeed. However, I would like to ask, if for solution 1, if I did not remove the battery and put the pin in straight away, will it cause damage to the phone?

  13. My note 3 became off due to low battery when I was playing game.
    Now i am trying to charge the mobile but its not working.

    What to do Please help if you can

    1. Please go to your Phone app and touch on “dial”. Then you can follow the steps:

      Dial *#9900#
      Scroll down and click “Low Battery Dump”
      Tap to turn On.

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