How To Fix HTC 10 Slow Charging Issue

An undoubtedly glamorous mobile phone, HTC 10 is loaded with the most spectacular specs and is among the best flagships of HTC. The smartphone has already been accepted by the mass and seems to be doing pretty well.

The phone comes with a Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820, has a 4 GB RAM, 5.2’ screen with Gorilla Glass 3, internal memory of 32/64 GB and an expandable memory of 256 GB. It has a 3000 mAh battery which seems to be powerful but there has been complaints from some users about the phone to charge slowly. There are several solutions to this problem which you can implement in order to get rid of it.

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Steps to fix  HTC 10 slow charging issue


Solution 1: Change your USB Cable

There could be a possibility of the USB cable of your device not being up to the mark. The cable could be bent or broken. The USB cable is not as robust as the port of your device. It is the USB cable that rather break than your phone’s port which is why the USB cables are cheap and can be replaced. The teeth of the cable could be bent and might have gone out of its alignment which is why the device is charging slowly. You can replace your USB cable and check if the problem is solved.

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Solution 2: Check the Power Source

Even if you have a USB 3.0 but use a PC to charge your phone then the pace of your phone’s charge will be quite slow. Moreover, if your USB cable has undergone the slightest of damage then this rate of charge is going to slow down further. If you are using wireless charging also the power source should be adequate. It is better you plugged in your device to a dedicated charger for a faster charge.


Solution 3: The Battery Could Be Faulty

There could be a manufacturer defect in your device and it is best that you get in touch with HTC, your carrier, or the dealer who you purchased the smartphone and ask for a replacement. The HTC 10 comes with a non-removable battery, and if the battery is faulty, the unit will be replaced.


Solution 4: Apps Running in the Background

HTC 10 has a great battery and even if your device is completely cool in powering up there could be apps which are running in the background and are not allowing your phone to charge completely or charge faster. The best solution to this could be that you use a task manager and keep a frequent check on your device’s apps so that you can see which app is misbehaving. Then update that app or try uninstalling it to see if the phone charges up faster. Removal of the faulty third-party app will improve the battery life.


Solution 5: Check the USB Port of HTC 10

Your device goes through a lot every day; in your handbag, pocket facing dust and other particles which could obstruct the port of the device. There could be some trash set in the port and when you connect the charger to your device it does not make a proper connection. This will make charging slow. You could take a small toothpick or a dry brush and slowly clear out anything inside. Make sure you do it carefully; you could damage the small teeth of the port.

There could also be chances that the USB port of your phone has been damaged. There could be a broken or bent pin in the port and it is best that you took your HTC 10 to a repair shop.

Humidity and sweat creates a film over the connective hardware which will not allow your device to charge properly. If not remove, it could get into your device and cause more problems. For a quick solution at home corrosion can be removed using a cotton swab dipped in distilled white vinegar. The process needs to be done slowly avoiding any uncorroded areas and it is best that you sought the help of a professional.


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  1. Exactly I have this problem and today I bought HTC10 and it didn’t sharge fast like you.what did you do with this problem ???
    I’m so sad

  2. My HTC 10 just started to either ‘charging slowly’ or ‘charging rapidly’. I have various quick charge 2.0 and 3.0 chargers and battery packs, I have tried four different ones with three different tried and true cables, including the OEM charger and cable that came with the phone. It will not quick charge anymore. The ‘charging rapidly’ is much slower than the quick charge rate. What could cause this? I have tried multiple phone reboots and nothing changes.

  3. I just turned my cable round at the phone end and it started working ok. It also seems to snap in better this way. Just something to try if you get the dreaded slow charge warning.

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