How To Set Up A New Android Phone Or Tablet

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If you have recently purchased a new Android Smartphone or tablet or else planning to buy one, then you must be aware of the setting up process to start using it as soon as possible. While many of us are well acquainted with it, there are many who are new to Android and might find it bit tricky to go through the settings up process smoothly. So, we have explained the detail process of how to set up a new Android phone or tablet that will help many to start using their android device as it reaches their hand.

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Process To Set Up A New Android Phone

This is a step by step process. All the steps are discussed in details.

Step 1: Select Language

As you switch on the device for the first time after getting on hand, you will be welcomed with a screen after which it will prompt to select the language. A list of languages will appear on the screen. Just scroll down and select the language of yours, next tap on the arrow to continue the process. In case you are multilingual and intend to add extra language in the keyboard that can be done later on.

Step 2: Insert SIM Card

This is the next step of setting up new Android phone. If you have already placed the SIM card, good, and if not then you will be asked to do that now. The process of inserting SIM card in the device varies with different sets. The SIM card slot is under or above the battery.

Step 3: Connect to Wi-Fi network

Once you have inserted the SIM card and selected the preferred language, you will be asked to connect to the internet, it can be done over Wi-Fi or else you can choose to go over the mobile network if you have data allowance as per your mobile phone contract. However, it is recommended to connect over Wi-Fi while set up a new Android phone to have a smooth connection.

Go to Settings, and tap Wi-Fi. Now as you choose to connect to Wi-Fi, the available networks will show up. Choose your network and enter the password.

Step 4: Set up Google Account

Next, comes logging into the Google account or else creating a new one if you do not have it. Setting up Google account is essential if you wish to use the Gmail or Play store for installing apps, software and more. Also, in order to get the best out of your Android device, Google account is a must.

Those who already have a Google account can go ahead providing the username and password and then hit on ‘accept’ after going through the terms and policy of Google. The users can also create a new one here.

Step 5: Restore the apps and data

In case you already had an Android device before and signed with the same Google account before, then you will be asked if you want to restore the previous apps and data from the old device. If you select to restore, then it will take some time for everything will be installed in the new device from the old one. If you want to have the same experience then restoring is advised otherwise it is best to go for a fresh start with the new device.

Step 6: Set PIN/Password

This step is necessary to protect the device from unauthorized users. First, it will ask you to provide a security code, this step should not be skipped for the sake of protection of your device. Also, users will be prompted to set a PIN or password for starting the device. You can select to use a PIN or password as per your choice but ensure to remember it.

These days most of the Smartphone and tablet comes with a fingerprint scanner and this is the point where you can set it. If you choose to use the fingerprint sensor to unlock the device then it will require you to set up a back-up in case the sensor fails to recognize you.

Step 7: Get Google Now

If you are using a new Pixel device or else the Nexus device, then you will be prompted if you want to use the Google Now. It is a very useful feature to have the required information on sports, traveling, news etc.

Step 8: Set date and time

While you have done everything, the final step of setting up a new Android phone is to set the date and time. While the network operator can do it automatically, users can also choose to do it manually. First set the time zone, then date and time and finally choose the format.

So, you are almost done now with setting up the new Android device. This is the basic guide after which you can go for other things such as download the required apps from the Play store, and get the preferred wallpaper or widget on the home screen. All these things can be done later on. You can follow these steps to set up a new Android phone or tablet.

However, things will vary a bit depending on which set you are using.

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