How to turn off voice control on Android

If you do not want your phone to listen to you all the time whether you are currently using it or not, you are reading the right article! We will be explaining how you can disable the voice control on android phones and tablets.

For us to be able to explain how to turn it off, we first must explain what is voice control actually.

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What is voice control?

Voice control is actually an option on your phone where your phone basically becomes your virtual assistant. You can simply say which person from the phone book should your phone dial and it will do it for you. You can also get quick answers to some questions by simply speaking to your phone’s microphone. Or asking it to Google, calculate write or do something for you. It’s a really good feature and many Android users use it! But it can get boring sometimes. So keep reading to learn how to disable it.

Steps to turning it off

If you are using Google Assistant and you want to shut it down:

  • Go to your Google App store.
  • Swipe right to open your profile and the menu section.
  • Go to Settings. It has a circular dotted logo. You cannot miss it.
  • Once the new pop-up window shows up, go to Google’s assistant section, and tap on Settings again.
  • You will be taken to a new tab from which you will be able to turn the assistant off. Again, scroll down a bit until you find the Devices section on your screen. Tap on the phone logo.
  • The first setting that will be showed on your new pop-up screen will be the Google Assistant button which you should turn off. Simply tap on it, and when the button turns to grey, you’ll know that it is really off.
  • Try saying “Ok Google” to your phone. If the phone does not respond to you you’ll know that you’ve managed to do it.

If you are using an assistant that your phone has programmed in it:

Depending on which Android phone you are using, the commands and the steps may vary a little bit. We will try to give a detailed universal guide for the solution.

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • You will have to scroll down a bit until you find the Accessibility settings. When you find it, click on it.
  • Again, the commands will vary from phone to phone. But try looking for an option called Screen reader. If you do not have an option that’s named like that, look for any kind of voice command option in the Accessibility settings.
  • When you find it, lightly tap on it.
  • A new tab will open and now you will need to look for a Voice Assistant option there.
  • If the switch to a voice assistant is turned on, turn it off by clicking on that same switch.
  • And you have finished.

To check if you really turned it off, and just to be sure, click on your phone’s power button twice. If nothing shows up, you have succeeded.

If the assistant is still on there is a chance that you did not do all of these steps in the right way. Go read them once again and then repeat them. If by chance that does not help you either, seek more help from your phone provider for more possible solutions to this issue.

We hope that you were able to follow all of these steps and that you did not find them really hard. We hope that we were able to help you.