How To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Wear

This is the time of wearable devices. Even though different manufacturers brought this innovation in the industry quite long ago, many people did not show their interest. But now things have changed a lot. With the inception of Android Wear 2.0, the wearable devices became even more exciting. However, not all are well acquainted with this device and if you are planning to own one, here is a guide on how to get the most out of your Android wear. This guide will help you to explore the device at your best.

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Guide To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Wear

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Wear

Personalize your device

Android Wear 2.0 lets you customize the look of your Watch. You can install different faces, switch between those faces while editing existing faces is also available to make the watch look your way. Watch Face is the vital part of your watch and here is how to personalize the Watch through the watch faces.

  • The Watch has limited number of watch faces, so you can download numerous watch faces from the Google Play store and Wear play store on your Android watch to use them later on.
  • Switching between watch faces are extremely easy. Just swipe to the left or right from your Watch face and you will be able to navigate between all the watch faces. In case any watch face is to be removed, just swipe it up or down and then scroll to the right to see an icon which will allow adding the new watch faces. Here you can add the recently downloaded Watch faces after finding it.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Wear

  • The Watch face can be edited by pressing down the background of the Face. It will then offer numerous options such as data, layout, styles etc. Tap on them one by one and go for editing the complications, color and more on the Watch.

Manage the battery life

Another way to get the most of your Android wear is by managing the battery life. Checking the battery life is much simpler on the watch. Just swipe down to have a quick summary of the battery life. However, this can be checked from the smartphone as well. Head towards settings>Watch battery and notice the left battery percentage and the amount of battery used by several apps. From here you can also enable the power saving mode and other required stuff to save some juice on the watch.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Wear

Install new apps

The inception of Android Wear 2.0 eliminates the need of pairing your Wear with a smartphone and you can go for installing apps from the Watch itself. The Wear play store will allow you installing apps quickly and easily. To install a new app, scroll to the play store, agree to the terms and condition and then go for installing new apps. Categories option is available in the Play Store, so you can scroll through it to get the one you are actually looking for.

Google Assistant

This is probably the best thing in Android Wear. Yes, now you can take help of the most useful Google Assistant on your Android wear as well. In order to activate Google Assistant, long press the power button of the wearable device or else raise your wrist and say ‘OK Google’. If you wish to have some suggestions on the Google Assistant, swipe up when you are on the Google Assistant and get the needed suggestions.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Wear

Again there are ways to tailor Google assistant which can be done from the smartphone. Go to the settings> Android Wear app> settings> Google Assistant and choose settings again to make the changes.

Turn on Theatre mode

Theatre mode is another most useful mode which becomes useful in case you are attending a meeting or enjoying a movie in the theatre. When this mode is turned on, it will not light up the screen as any notification arrives and also the screen will not respond with the movement of your wrist. To activate this swipe from the top of the Watch face and it will show you a watch with a diagonal line on it. This is the theater mode. However, not all the models are same and depending on the wearable device you are using, a brightness indicator may also come up. Tap on it to activate theatre mode.

Use palm to diffuse the screen

Dimming the screen with just the help of your palm is possible to make things much easier. What you need to do is put a palm over the screen of the Watch and keep it till you feel a vibration. Now remove the hand. You have already dimmed the screen.

Take notes

The Android Wear is of much help as it allows you to do all these things which we are supposed to do with our smartphone. The Watch now allows taking note as well. You can now take a note just using your voice. You are required to just say ‘Take a note’ and that note will be saved to your inbox. However, if you have installed Google Keep, the note will be saved there. Another way to take note of the Watch is to launch the Google Keep app, tap on the ‘+’ icon and select the keyboard to start taking notes.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Wear

Revive the accidentally dismissed notification

Have you accidentally dismissed any notification and want to see them now? Not to worry, just swipe up from the bottom of the Android Wear, you will then see a countdown after which a undo icon will be shown up. Tap on that and you will be presented with the previous position with the notification.

Offline music

Is your smartphone running low battery and you still want to listen to the music? The need to pair your smartwatch with the smartphone is eliminated now. The Android Wear has come to support the offline music. So, what more one can expect from the Android Wear?

Block app notification

Notification from each and every app is pretty annoying and thankfully there is a way to turn off the notification for all those apps that you do not want. To block app notification go to the Wear app from your Smartphone> settings and choose the option Block app notification. Tap on that and select all those apps for which the notification is to be blocked.

Install browser on the Watch

Go for installing the Wear internet browser to use it on your smartwatch. But, remember that you can only use it for search and if wish to do something more, then get a full version by paying some bucks.

These are some useful tips and tricks of Android wear. If you want to get the most of your Android Wear, follow those simple tips and explore the small gadget at your best. The process of using the above-mentioned tips are almost same for every Android Wear, however, it will differ a bit according to which device you are using.

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