How To Fix Google Pixel 2XL Display Issues

The Pixel 2XL users have been facing problems with a device including display-related ones. If this is something that bothers you as well, read our guide on how to fix Google Pixel 2XL display issues.

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Problem 1: Screen Flashing Problem While Unlocking or Locking the Pixel 2XL

How To Fix Google Pixel 2XL Display Issues

Besides the screen flashing on unlocking or locking, several users have also reported the same problem while booting the device. Here is a fix which the users have found useful:

  • Toggle the Ambient Display on and then off to solve the problem.

Go to Settings > Battery > Ambient Display > Toggle the Always On slider in the Ambient Display screen.

Problem 2: Screen Burn-In

A burn-in is nothing but a lingering afterimage, a type of translucent impression of the image which was on the screen before. Burn-in is usually caused when a static section of the screen is left on for a long period. In Pixel 2XL it is the hotkey buttons and the faint lines of notification bar which are seen haunting the screen. This usually happens when the display is turned off in the night. Although users have noticed them other times as well. Some solutions to fix Google Pixel 2XL display issues when there is a screen burn-in problem are:

  • Bright static images are likely to stay turn down the brightness of your screen
  • You can try running a burn-in fix video or a burn-in reduction app on your Pixel 2XL. Individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or with histories of a migraine should avoid the video and the app. This may cause a seizure or a trigger migraine.
  • In an update released in November, Google brought down the brightness of the Pixel 2XL and also had the navigation bar to fade when it was not in use. If you haven’t yet updated your phone you should in order to solve this problem.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the screen burn-in and none of the solutions are working for you, then you contact your carrier, retailer or Google and have the handset replaced. Google has extended their one year warranty to a two-year warranty. The extension applies to every Pixel 2 XL owner by default. All the defects should be addressed during the warranty period.

Problem 3: Bluish Tint

One of the most talked about problems is the bluish tint that users are noticing on their display screen.

Google had something to say to its Pixel 2XL users about the bluish tint they were noticing. When the issue was discussed the top engineer at Google, Seang Chau said that this wasn’t actually a problem. He explained that the blue tint is visible only when the Pixel 2XL is held at a sharp angle. Every display is vulnerable to a certain level of color shift which could be anywhere from yellow, blue or red when seen from off angles because of the cavity design. Chau said that keeping in mind a cooler white point the engineers picked the color that the users would prefer thus selecting a design which shifts blue.

Here is how to fix Google Pixel 2XL display issues:

  • Considering the flowing complaints about this issue, Google released an update where it added 3 display color options – Natural, Boosted and Saturated. The Saturated option is something which can help you get rid of this problem.

Go to Settings > Display > Advanced and change the option. Remember to update your phone – only then you can find these three options.

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