How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Performance Issues

Google’s Pixel 2XL is a high-end phone that has been loaded with some brilliant features.You get the phone with Android Oreo 8.0 out of the box.  Launched just a couple of months back the phone operates on Snapdragon 835 with a 4GB RAM. With a processor as powerful as this you can expect the phone to run flawlessly. However, there are some users who have been facing problems with the performance of Pixel 2XL. Let us take a look at how to fix Google Pixel 2 performance issues.

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Fix Google Pixel 2 Performance Issues

How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Performance Issues

A smartphone will not slow down so soon. But if you are a lover of apps and games then there are chances of your phone getting sluggish. Yet, this is not something that cannot be prevented. You can improve the performance of your phone if you keep some few points in mind.

  • Always keep a check on the number of apps that are running in the background. They will not only consume energy but the internet as well.
  • There are chances that there is a specific app that is causing an unusual drain of battery in the day. Check your Battery settings if there is an app which is draining energy.
  • Another way to fix the Google Pixel 2 performance issues of your device is to check your phone for apps that are not in use. You may have installed several apps and with time many of them are usually forgotten. These apps use up space and battery. Uninstalling such apps could improve the performance of your device.
  • Keep a check on the storage of your phone. If your storage has crossed more than 90% then you should consider clearing some space to improve the performance issue that you have been facing.
  • Every app has their own cache and when this increases you may face system lags or frozen screens. You can clear the cache of the apps by following this method.

Settings > Apps & Notifications > App info > See all system apps > Click on app >Storage > Clear Cache

Clearing cache partition also helps in improving Google Pixel 2 Performance Issues.

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Press and hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons together till the phone vibrates
  3. Your phone will display the Android logo
  4. Press the Volume Button till you see the Recovery Mode written in red
  5. Use Power button and restart in recovery mode
  6. Use Volume buttons in order to highlight Wipe Cache Partition and use the Power button to select it
  7. You need to confirm the process, use the Volume buttons once again to select Yes and once again use the Power button to confirm
  8. The process of clearing cache partition will take some time.
  9. Once again use Volume buttons and scroll down to Reboot System Now and confirm by using the Power button.

Clearing cache partition of your phone will make it faster and it will clear the bugs and problems too.


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