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How To Enable Always-On Display On LG G6

How to enable always-on display on LG G6

The always-on display is a very useful feature on every Android device that allows you to check the date, time, messages, battery level and other information through the locked screen. So, this eliminates the need to unlock the device every time to check some notification. However, it will definitely eat up some amount of battery percentage on your device. But the battery usage is very reasonable and you can again set the brightness level and other options to control it.

Always-on display feature comes to great help when you are really busy in your task and need to check the time or other information very often. So, if you are using a LG G6 device and want to know how to enable Always-on display on LG G6, keep reading this article. This article explains the process to enable Always-on display on LG G6 in full detail.

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How To Enable Always-On Display On LG G6

This is a very simple step by step process. Just follow the guide and you can enable the feature in just a moment.

  • First, swipe down the screen from top to bottom and tap on the wheel icon (settings) at the top right corner.
  • Next, tap on display and look for the Always-On display option.
  • As you get that Always-On display, tap on that again to turn it on.
  • That’s it. You have successfully enabled the Always-On display feature in your LG G6 device.

How to enable always-on display on LG G6

  • Now tap on the content option on the same page that will allow you to set what you want to see on the screen from the digital clock, Analog clock, and Signature.
  • The next option is Daily Timeout. It let you schedule the Always-On display feature so that you can control the battery usage. You can set it to stay off during a particular time of the day thus it will help on the battery usage.
  • A Brighter display is the next option tapping on which you can adjust the brightness level of Always-On display. This option let you reduce and increase the screen brightness level so that you can again manage the battery usage.

So, this is the entire process to enable always-on display feature on LG G6. In case you want to turn off the feature, follow the same method and turn it off when you are running really low on the battery part.

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