How To Fix Display Problems On Samsung Galaxy S5

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a component that brings sheen to the phone. But it is one of the most fragile parts of the phone, and you may face several display problems on Samsung Galaxy S5. Here in this article I will discuss about some display problems on Samsung Galaxy S5 and ways to solve them. If you use Galaxy S5 and face any display problem, you can have a look here. You may find the solution of your problem.

1. Blank screen and unresponsive key

If the display on your phone becomes blank, and it does not respond after pressing the Power key, then the battery in your phone may have drained. Put your phone in charge. It may take some time to display the charging icon, so wait five minutes. I advise you to read this comprehensive guide on how to fix S5 Battery draining fast problem

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Display Problems On Samsung Galaxy S5

Display Problems On Samsung Galaxy S5

2. Blank screen when gaming or using an app

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphones but as like other phones it is not perfect. You may fall in situation like its RAM run out or the CPU is not able to accommodate everything, especially when there are many apps running in the background. So, if the screen gets blank when playing any heavy game or when using apps, there is a chance of an app or game crashing. After pressing the Home button if the screen remains unresponsive, take out the battery. After few minutes put the battery in and turn on the Galaxy S5. It should work now. If this does not work, then I advise you to read : Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Lagging Issues

3. Blank screen after an update

There are some variations of this display problem. Sometimes the backlight turns on but not the display; the other one is the display gets blank after showing the logo, and some users reported that the Home screen suddenly turns blank and the phone becomes unresponsive. These display problems on Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most faced problems by the users. The best way to solve these problems is to boot your phone to recovery mode. It will wipe the cache partition. These types of display problems occur usually because of corrupt caches. Clearing the cache partition will not harm your phone data.Also, Overheating may be the problem why you encountering this blank screen error after an update on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Read here to fix the blank screen error. This guide also teaches you how to clear cache partitionFix Samsung Galaxy S5 Blank screen after update

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