How To Solve Screen Color Problem On Samsung Galaxy S5

Screen Color Problem On Samsung Galaxy S5
Screen Color Problem On Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best Smartphone from Samsung that came loaded with so many unique features including TouchWiz interface. So, it has been going well on the market since its release and a lot of smartphone lovers are switching to this phone to get all the advantages of it.

Some users have reported that they are facing a strange issue with their handset. The issue they are facing is screen color problem on Samsung Galaxy S5. One user said that everything was working fine on his phone. But after installing a game app the screen color is way different than it was before. The blue color  now appears to be orange, yellow turned to blue, green turned to violet etc.

Though very few users have been facing the screen color problem on Samsung Galaxy S5, but it’s very annoying. But do not worry as here is a simple solution to the problem. There is nothing wrong with your Galaxy S5; you may have turned on the “Negative colors” feature accidentally on your phone.

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Solution for screen color problem on Samsung Galaxy S5


Screen Color Problem
Screen Color Problem On Samsung Galaxy S5


  • To get back the screen to its normal color follow the below steps:
  •  On your Phone Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Scroll the screen and tap Accessibility there.
  • Now touch on Vision.
  • There look for the “Negative colors” option. You will see a checkbox beside it. Tap the checked box to remove the check.

Follow these above steps, it should fix the screen color problem on Samsung Galaxy S5.


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  1. Hi,I thank God that I came across your very informative and helpful article.True to your prediction I had accidentally pressed on the negative colors option.Now Love my phone again.Many thanks!

  2. My colour has changed to black and white. Have gone on to vision but the negative button and colour adjustment are not lit up and wont let me press them. If i turn phone off its in colour when i turn it back on but soon changes to black and white. Pls can someone help

  3. Thanks, I followed your instructions now the phone has good color. Only there is a small talking white box in black, how do I remove it?

  4. I fix it once and it keeps going back guess I need to take it to my phone company and ask them to fix it because I am not reset my damn phone over and over just to fix the issue because I don’t want to reprogram all the numbers back again

  5. Hi ther. I also experienced the same problems. I put my phone on charged that night when i woke up the next day i saw my phones colour is like half Orange faded at first i didn’t know the problem was then i was thinking can it be so cold that the liquids in the LCD actually got frozen. Then after 2 days sitting at home watching TV. Then i think what will happen if i but it close to the heater. And bobs your uncle after a few minutes by the heater the colour came back

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