How To Fix Slow Charging Problem On Android /Samsung Galaxy S3

How To Fix Slow Charging Problem On Android /Samsung Galaxy S3 1

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In this article, there are few solutions to fix Slow Charging Problem On Android. If your Galaxy s3 is taking enough time to get fully charged, then this is the perfect article to follow. Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the greatest inventions of Samsung that came up with excellent features. But many of the users have faced slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy S3 handset. Some users have complained that the phone is charging very slowly, though. Sometimes after restarting the phone and by taking out the battery and SIM from the phone, the slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy S3 has resolved temporarily but not permanently.

Here are some solutions for the slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Solutions for Slow Charging Problem on Samsung Galaxy S3

Method 1: System Dump

System mode is a debugging panel where you can test, debug and execute different functions. There are also some useful functions to give a boost to your network speed. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Up Dialer
  • Dial *#9900#
  • Scroll down, and ClickLow Battery Dump
  • Tap to Turn On


Method 2: Wipe cache partition

Many users solved the problem ones they wiped the cache partition on their Samsung Galaxy S3.

This step will clear different parts of your phone storage but will not delete any personal data. To clean cache partition, turn off your phone and press the home key, power key and volume up key altogether. When the phone starts vibrating, release the power key but keep holding volume up and home keys. When you see the Android System Recovery screen, release both the keys. Now for highlighting “wipe cache partition” press the volume down key. Select the option by holding the power key and wipe the cache. Highlight “Reboot system now” and press power key to restart the phone.


Method 3: Greenify 

Download and Install Greenify

Check Out the Top Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Saver Apps

Greenify places your apps in hibernation when not in use, this will stop your phone from lagging and leeching the battery.

The Battery Booster Lite is a power battery tuner application.It gives you full control of your battery and CPU. This app shows what is draining your battery and how to fix it.


Method 4: Apps that are running in the background

Sometimes slow charging problem occurs because of the apps that keep running in the background. So, though you charge the phone for hours after hours, it shows only 35% or less charge in the battery. To close those apps:

  • Hold the home button and release it when you see the recently used apps screen.
  • At the bottom, you will find the task manager button. Tap on it, then tap End all applications.
  • At the top, you will find an option RAM, tap on it and clear memory.

These steps will close all the apps that are running in the background when the phone is charging, and this is why it is slowing down the charging process.


Method 5: Safe Mode 

Safe mode allows you to turn on your Samsung Galaxy S3 by disabling the third party apps. Then you can uninstall the apps that may be creating the slow charging problem on all android devices. To turn on the safe mode turn off your phone, then hold the power key. When you see “Samsung Galaxy III” on the screen, release the power key and hold the volume down key. Keep on holding the key until the phone restarts. At the bottom corner of the screen, “safe mode” will appear and now release the key.

If the phone charges normally when in safe mode, one of the apps is causing the problem. In that case, you can uninstall the apps one by one, or perform a master reset.

Then uninstall the third party apps by going to Menu> Settings> More> Application managers, Downloaded> tap the preferred application, then tap uninstall> Ok. 

Turn off safe mode then by pressing and holding the power key> restart> Ok.


Method 6: Master Reset

Master Reset will delete data from your phone’s internal storage such as images, content, apps, etc. but the data on SD or SIM remains saved. Backup all the data on internal storage.

Then tap the menu key > Settings> Accounts > Back Up and Reset > if desired, tap Automatic restore and Back up my data > Factory data reset > Reset device. If the screen is locked, then enter a password and tap Continue > Delete all.



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Method 7: Re-calibrate

You should not allow your Android phone battery to die completely or even get extremely low each time you use it. Performing regular charge-up will extend your battery’s life. If overheated or overcharged, Li-ion batteries may suffer thermal runaway and cell rupture.

How to Re-calibrate your Android?

Manufacturers normally recommend calibrating every 2-3 months.

  • Remove the Battery from your Android
  • Plug in original charger into your android without the battery inserted, VIA Power Supply.
  • Leave it there plugged in for 30 Mins.
  • After, insert the battery without removing the charger
  • Let it charge to 100%
  • When the battery is fully charged. Remove the charger
  • Let your phone drains to 0%(Discharge) ( Do intensive CPU usage tasks, Playing games, streaming videos etc.)
  • Repeat these step twice.
  • The battery will subsequently receive it’s charging cycle.
  • By performing this every 3 times in per 6 months will keep your battery in good standing.


  1. I found that putting a tiny slip of paper just inside the charging port (under the cable) lifts the cable just enough to make it contact more efficiently. Also turn off the phone while recharging.

  2. Same for me, low charge even with the phone off.
    This is a complex problem, but try one solution that worked for me:
    Turn off. Press menu and volume up and power simultaneously.
    Once the phone shows it is starting, you can release.
    A green or blue menu will show up. This is recovery mode.
    Very carefully choose “wipe cache partition” with vol down.
    press power and it will clear the cache
    select reboot and press power again
    Now it will start normally.
    Your phone will seem to run much faster, and it will charge much faster too
    Hope it helps

    This should work with phones of heavy users who install and unistall apss all the time or phones with more than a year of use. Cache gets cluttered and slows down your device.
    It should also fix the android update problems

  3. I have samsung glaxy s3 and it can sport several charger bit d’nt sport orignal charger. Some times it shows that the batry is charging but batry percentage remains there where I leave it.

    1. Try to charge other phones using the original charger to make sure that the charger is working fine.

  4. Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update charging issues

    After trying lots of different things, my conclusion is ]Samsung does not care about S3 customers having charging issues on Jelly Bean update. There’s no Kitkat update for S3-IGT9300. 🙁

    What’s exactly the problem:

    The Jelly Bean update is a nightmare for charging. It makes the S3 very picky with the charger and USB cable. Normally, it charges 1000mA. Under Jelly Bean, it seems to be a bug with the charging current, the charging current can be as low as 100mA with some cable and charger. For example, S3 charges @ 600mA with the S6 fast charger and cable, while it charges @ 1000mA using Galaxy tab 7 charger and Archos Usb cable.

    What really works:

    Download Ampere from Google Play. It measures the charging current of the battery. I use this app to find the right combination of charger and USB cable. When I charge my phone, I use the app to monitor the charging current. Sometimes, I have to unplug and re-plug the USB cable to get the 1000mA.

    The Alternative:

    If you really fed up with this Jelly Bean Update, just get back to 4.0.4 Android Ice Cream Sandwich, you will definitely have better battery life.

  5. I hv s3 only facing with this issue when playing games only while charging it kept draining but without playing games it quite fast to charge up. Previously the charging port had been fix three times somehow after fixed even i playing games while charging it will never decrease sometimes it maintain 100% but it happened after 2 weeks been fixed. Why?

  6. hello friends .I have a samsung s3 and I have the slow charging problum.i read all of your solution .reset it ,usb debugging on, even I changed its charging base but I have da same problum .some one help please

  7. I’ve tried about 20 times to hold the 3 buttons down to get to the cache partition. Most of the time it just shuts the phone down. I got the vibration once but forgot what to do after that. Now my fingers are sore. Whomever designed this needs a swift kick up the backside.

  8. My phone wont keep charge. bought a new charger and still wont keep charge. I factory reset my galaxy s3 and still nothing worked… idk what to do!? I have 2% and loosing. do I buy a new battery?

    1. My Samsung Galaxy S3 will not charge well even with a new battery. It goes up and down – first it’s 36% then 16%. It’s crazy! I woke up this morning and it was actually at 100%. I unplugged the charger and it went down to 56%, then back up to 90% and then back down to 38%. Should I just get a new phone?

  9. Finally Slow Charging (During charging Red Light indicator fades out) resolved for Method 1 !!! Happy with that !!! Thanks a lot for the post !!! 😀 🙂
    Method 1-System Dump
    System mode is a debugging panel where you can test, debug and execute different functions. There are also useful functions to give a boost to your network speed
    >Open Up Dialer
    >Dial *#9900#
    >Scroll down and Click “Low Battery Dump”
    >Tap to Turn On

      1. I didn’t see this option…??? there was no area to scroll down to. Just a regular numbers key pad…am I mssing something?

  10. My s3 was on the verge of dying. I killed two chargers because I had to twist them in just the right way to get my phone to charge. I bought a kindle fire charger off of amazon and it works! My phone now charges unbelievably fast, and I don’t have to worry about it randomly not charging even if it’s plugged in. I recommend buying one, and they are only around $10. I think it works better because it has more power or something. idk, I’m not a tech guru or anything.

  11. Did anyone just install the Kit Kat upgrade? Another forum has a lot of people that experienced the charging issue (when everything worked just fine up until the install) as soon as they did this. Not sure if anyone has come up with a real solution. My phone is only 4 months old…charged great, until the recent install. No, there isn’t anything in the port, NO, it didn’t get wet, I have tried multiple chargers, same samsung base with different usb cords…NADA works!

  12. Just buy a samsung galaxy note 2 travel charger adapter. You can use the cable with your old charger, or with the new one, it came with the same reading at galaxy charging current lite, exactly at 1000mA. It’s the cable that matters.

  13. I own a Samsung Galaxy S3. At about 6:40pm yesterday, I put my Samsung on charging. Yesterday was 7th Oct, 14. It was about 40% at that time. Now on 8th Oct, 14, I see that my phone has just charged 9%. But yeah, I have 5.25 pgs of apps. That’s 5 and a quarter. That can also be the case for your S3s (whoever has a problem with their’s).

  14. I have a galaxy s 3 mini when I connect the charger on it showing charging when about ten minutes past it cutting of don’t kno Wats the problem even when I have it off it ent charging only if I put it on a battery charger Wats the soloution anyone!!!! It reducing the percentage level when the charger on it the phone

    Just try this:- put your device on charging, open your settings, go to battery, notice that it shows “charging (USB)”. Now just try charging from another power socket of your house. If it says “charging (AC)” or “charging (DC)” your problem is solved. Just try it.

  16. i have samsung tab 3 7.0 it has same problem it take about 10 hrs to charge and i have used the charger came with phone after taking it to care center they said data cable is the problem but i have used new samsung data cable and cheap data cable no use of it

  17. That’s the big problem.
    I have a Galaxy S3 since nearly 2 years, but I always had this problem with battery, can stay even days charging and stay maximum a 3% or battery going down while charging if someone calls me or I made a call. I went to the Samsung store to have a chat with the Samsung Genius (or whatever they call themselves), before they didn’t believe me and the phone there charged 30% in 10 mins, after they realize that the phone was not charging anymore. My S3 was in their store for 5 days…hardware and software changes. Yesterday after 2 days with a renewed phone it started to not charge again! 8h. charged 35%…I’m really angry! I’m going to try the S4 charger and bring my charger to them to test it. I don’t really know what to do!.

  18. I hope you have the time to help me and read the information about my problem 🙁 !
    Ok so I did all of the above and my phone still charges slow ( I got app named Galaxy charging current) , I used my father’s charger which charge him for 1000mAh and it charges mine at 100mAh, I got a new battery ( Recently bought it because my last one had a problem) and still, my phone charges extremely slow..

    Thanks in advance

    1. What I suggest are :Remove the Galaxy charging current app, most time these apps that tends to optimize battery life actually drains your battery faster. To find out if there is a culprit app that is causing problem slow charging : Load your Phone into safe mode after your phone is in safe mode test to see if the phone charges faster. If you accomplished success with this method, remove any recent installed app then clear your cache partition as suggested in method 2.

  19. After resetting my phone, I lost all of my contacts, Google Backup didn’t backup my contacts. I wonder if there any solutions on getting them back.

    1. hi i deleted all my photo by accident!!! sent it off to sa1 solutions and they recovered all data for me. cost 250 quid but was worth it cause photos were off sentamental value.

  20. After endless chats and emails I finally found the solution to my S3 not fully charging. Turn OFF power saving mode when charging. This is not mentioned anywhere online or in the user manual, but a Samsung chat agent confirmed my finding when he said the company’s data base had this info but it’s not in any manual. Since discovering this little publicized fact I’ve never turned it on again and am very pleased. I’ve owned this phone for almost 2 years and am on just my second battery (a Ray O Vac from Batteries Plus).

  21. I have a major problem with my Samsung S3 charging process….
    it really drive me crazy and very depressed and frustrated…
    PLEASE help me with this problem,

    Things that I tried to fix this problem after my original charger start to charger my phone so slow like 12 hrs of charging…

    1- I tried an IPhone original charger, that doesn’t fix the problem.
    2- I tried a non original S3 chargers, that doesn’t fix the problem and some of them didn’t even charge my phone at all.
    3- i tried a black berry charger, it used to freez my phone and touch screen doesn’t work while charging it which was weird and i stopped using it on the same day, so it didn’t fix the problem.
    4- i tried a Samsung Galaxy S4 charger
    My new S4 charger was charging my phone in just 2 hours, and if i plugged my charger while playing my game “Clash Of Clans” it keeps charging up, which means i can fully charge my phone while playing but it takes longer time of course ( i was so happy ) but then…
    After using the S4 charger for about 2 months, the problem started to come back again (((

    5- some people advised me to format my phone software, so i did made the hard format from the recover screen, and it didn’t fix the problem…. “btw: the hard format code which used from the dial screen so i used the (power+home+volume up) combo to start the phone on recovery screen. (and it didn’t fix the problem)

    NOW I’m really frustrated about how i’m gonna fix this problem.

    PLEASE IF YOU HAVE A SOLUTION OR SOMETHING I DIDN’T TRY IT YET, please reply to me and tell me what else i can try……
    Any comment or any idea, will be really highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot of your kind concern 🙂

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