How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Won’t Turn On Problem


Galaxy S5 is one of the most popular Samsung devices, but like other smartphones, Galaxy S5 is not bug-free. Many of its users are facing several problems with the Galaxy S5. One of the most faced issues is Samsung Galaxy S5 screen won’t turn on. According to some of its users, their smartphones are working fine and they feel the vibration, but the screens do not wake up.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Problems-unresponsive

If you are using Galaxy S5, then you also may face this problem. Here are some solutions.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 screen won’t turn on solutions 


Method 1

When you face  this problem, try to turn on your phone by holding the Power key and the Home key for few seconds until you feel a vibration.


Method 2

If the screen does not come back, then remove the back cover and take out the battery. Wait for few seconds and then again put the battery in the phone to turn on and check if the problem is solved.

Several reasons could be there for this problem:


Method 3

If the above two steps failed to solve the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen won’t turn on the problem, then go to Settings on your phone > Accessibility > Vision > Dark screen and make sure that this option is turned off.

But, how can you navigate to Settings if your phone’s screen doesn’t turn on? Well, if the battery is not dead and your phone works quite fine, then follow the below procedure.

Connect your galaxy S5 to an HMDI TV, then navigate to accessibility > vision


Method 4

The problem may occur because of a corrupted micro SD card. So, remove the card for some time and see if it makes any difference, or read this post to fix the corrupted SD card.


Method 5

There is a chance that an app is causing this Galaxy S5 screen problem. Therefore, boot your phone into Safe mode. If you do not face any problem in Safe mode, then any app could have been causing this screen won’t turn on the problem. In such case, find the culprit app and delete it. To boot your phone into safe mode, hold the power button and keep pressing the menu key (Left of the home button) until the safe mode logo appears.

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Method 6

You can also go for a wipe Cache Partition. Following are the steps for that:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • Now press the Power button, Home button and Volume Up button simultaneously and keep holding.
  • Release the buttons when Samsung logo with written “Recovery booting” appears at the top of the screen.
  • You are now at the android system recovery screen.
  • Select Wipe Cache Partition using Volume down button and then use Power button to confirm your action.
  • A notification written in yellow will be shown to you that says system cache has been removed.
  • Now select Reboot System Now using Volume keys and hit the Power button to confirm.
  • Your Galaxy handset will reboot now.
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Method 7

If all steps fail to solve the issue then perform a factory reset but before that backup your files and important data. Here are the steps to create backup:

  • One of the best options to backup is to make use of Samsung’s very own Kies software that we normally use to update the software of our Galaxy devices.
  • The second way to create a backup of the device is with Google account. Head towards Settings> General> Backup & Reset and it will provide two options named as backup my data and automatic restores. Ensure those options are made on by ticking the checkbox next to them and it will backup details like Wi-Fi password, app data, Google settings, and bookmarks automatically to Google server so that they can be retrieved again in case anything wrong happen with the device.
  • Another way to create a backup is using Samsung account. For that go to application> settings> User and backup> Account and check if you are signed in with your Samsung account. If the option is made on, it will sync the contacts, calendar and internet settings to the Samsung account.


Once you are done with backup, go ahead with the factory reset process, here is how to perform it in your Galaxy S5.

  • Turn off your device first.
  • Next, hold down the Home, Power and Volume Up button altogether for few seconds till Android logo appears on the screen
  • Release the buttons then. Use Volume down button for highlighting any options and Power key to confirm it. So, highlight the factory reset option and confirm it using the power button.
  • Next, select ‘delete all user data’ and confirm it.
  • Wait for few seconds to see the ‘reboot system now’ option and select it. The phone will be restarted then and you need to set it up from scratch again.


  1. This brightness level increase has fixed the problem 100% on my galaxy s5, over 5 weeks on now. I have forgotten all about how frustrating the locking sleep screen was. It seems to also have improved the close up focus on the front camera for some unexplained reason.
    My s5 has turned back into a great phone again.

  2. I believe i found a fix based on the belief the screen was lacking power on wake up. My screen brightness was set very low (this was easiest on my eyes).
    I turned the brightness up to max and the problem disappeared. Worked for 24 hours so far so am lowering the brightness until it starts happening again. I have the brightness lowered to 1/3 at the moment and its still working properly. It is a little broghter than i prefer still but itstolerable and hopefully i can still dim another fraction more without troubles.
    I would advise maxing brightness to start to see if it helps your phone. Pretty easy to try it: settings/display/brightness

  3. This has suddenly happened to my Samsung S5 – I have tried to do the above but can’t get it to power off. .we don’t have anyone local to take it to so M a bit stuck

  4. the screen wont come on long enough to do a factory reset or anything. the led lights work, the charging an notifications light blinks properly, all sounds work as well.. any ideas? quick fixes to last for just a couple weeks even?? any info is greatly appreciated!!

  5. Hi phone doesn’t start up properly..when I turn it on it just shows the logo(Samsung Galaxy S5) then all of a sudden it’s black out again and automatically shows the local again repeatedly.. already tried factory reset but won’t fixed it..

  6. I found a solution if your s5 wont turn on reguardless. Take battery out put in then Press both the volume keys plus the power button and home all together at the same time and wait a few seconds. It should turn on unless there is a short in the wiring. I tried these solutions the one was nearly correct but they forgot about the volume keys

  7. I have the same problem of black screen, I tried all the methods but it does not work, and when the screen heats it turns on. And if I try to click on the lit, the screen does not light but the buttons down stays on. If anyone can help me please.

  8. Okay so I dropped my phone on the floor, but it landed on clothes so I was sure it was fine. And, it was! No cracks, nothing except the battery popped out. I was chill about it, it’s happened before so I put it in and now it won’t turn on.. I’ve held the power button, took the battery in and out, done as many things on this list as I can and it just won’t work. It does vibrate if I hold it long enough and the buttons light up for only a few seconds. Why can’t I fix it??

  9. I have the same as Karen.

    A combination of:

    * Just black screen.
    * Pixels of all colors – with yellow (lacking blue component) screen or all colors.
    * Working – with yellow (lacking blue component) screen or all colors.

    One can give the phone a knock at the top to “change mode” sometimes so I assume there’s something not right at the upper part of the phone.

  10. I dont’ have the problem with the black screen, but lots and lots of tiny pixels of every color? I took the battery out for a few minutes, and they the normal screen comes back. But then, after a while all the little dots come back. Any ideas?

    1. Is the phone cold (under 60F)? Mine does this when the phone gets cold, and warming it against my skin will fix the problem.. at least until it gets cold again.

  11. I have an issue where I replaced my screen and LCD. When I power it up everything seems to work fine. The touch screen is responsive, the home button works and the multitask/back keys work. The issue I have is when the screen goes black from button or timeout it will not wake up again. I’ve had friends text/call me and it will vibrate and ring but will not wake up the screen. When I pull the battery and put it back in or otherwise restart the phone again, it works fine until it goes to sleep. Did I mess something up in installation? It seems odd that everything works until it goes to sleep.

  12. Hai there, my samsung j7 screen gone completely black this morning, firstly its only affected half of the screen from the top and gradually spreading to whole screen, i can hear sound of incoming massage and other notification but screen is black….pls help me solve this.

  13. I am having the same issue with my screen. However the night before it blacked out the little ugly green just popped up with a msg that my phone was downloading fo not turn off. I have tried everything. I can hear sounds like it’s tryin to come on, my notifications make it peep and I can the ripple when I swipe.

    1. Seems it’s a hardware issue and in such case, you will have to contact customer care service or a technician to get it fixed.

    1. There is another thing to try. before or after you do all of the above 3 times. Try removing any standing notifications, so nothing is happening on the lock screen. Currently, this is working.
      It may be simple software problem with background issues especially when background is limited by power saving or other measures.
      XP: if cant get in at all, then first restart; remove and clear all notifications–whatever it takes to do that; it was this simple.

  14. Hi, I was charging my phone and left it to charge to about 50%. After I went to check my messages for not even a minute on was on my phone when the screen suddenly went black. I tried powering it back on, connected it to the computer, took out the battery and memory card but got no responses. Can you please help me rectify this problem asap. Thanks

  15. My screen wont urn one, i tried all the methods, like putting the charger out and everything, nothings has worked. the power on the phone works perfectly fine and when i turn it one my noctafions sound turns on and keeps on making the noise but the screen just wont turn. please help

  16. I have tried taking out the battery and shutting off and charging it but it’s really weird the notification light lights up still but the screen will flash when I hit the power button and then the home button. The screen will flash but then shut right back off. I got into my phone once and the screen was like beating dark light dark light dark light. Please help

  17. I will touch the home button and nothing will happen I will click the power button nothing will happen I will click to home button and the screen will flash and then shut back off. The notification light still works but it’s really strange. One time I got in to my phone and it was flashing like the screen was beating with dark light dark light dark light bursts. Plz help

  18. Wow, thank you! I knew the SD card was showing as corrupt after the upgrade to 6.x OS, but I was waiting to monkey with that when I had time to pull it out and put it on my PC to see if I could save the data and then restore it once the card was reformated. But it turned out when I pulled the SD card out, it did work again. The corrupt SD card was why the phone would not light up the screen WHEN UNPLUGGED, even though I could get some tactile response from the unlock process. It was odd to me that the problem did not occur when the phone was plugged in and charging, so I would not have thought to fool with the SD. Thank you again.

  19. My phone has black screen but only sometimes. Usually when I take battery out and restart it comes right. But this is still annoying. I’ve tried factory reset etc. Any ideas what this could be?

  20. I have done this step 4 to 5 times it does not work still havin problems and verizon will not replace my phone. Unless I purchase a new phone when they are the ones that sent me a piece of crap phone.

  21. I was having the same problems. I had to repeatedly tap the power button for up to 10-minutes sometimes before the screen came on. Finally figured out that it is the cold temperature that is the problem. If I leave the phone in a warm place (something considerably above 70-degrees, but not so warm that anything will melt) it turns on right away. Even pinching it under my armpit for a couple minutes was enough to make the screen respond well.

  22. I use S5 samsung,its been in my possesion from 3 years.Its never done that.I tried many times to take out the battery and put it back but still the same.Sometimes when I press the power button it turns on normally.I dont know what the hell is happening.Anyway thanks

  23. Hello I have the same problem with mine. I tried to turn it on and the buttons where working, but it looked all black and green and I couldn’t use the screen. It was all disoriented and I don’t know what to do… Does anybody know if it’s fixable??And in addition I can open the phone normally and hear its voices but the screen is black or flashes greens and turns off.Help me please

      1. Also, can you take out the battery and leave it for few minutes. Try to start the phone then. See if it is working.
        The next thing you can do is navigate to Recovery menu by pressing Power + Volume Up + Home buttons together. If still it is not working then I suspect it’s a hardware failure. In such case you have to contact the service center and repair the screen.

        1. I use S5 samsung,its been in my possesion from 3 years.Its never done that.I tried many times to take out the battery and put it back but still the same.Sometimes when I press the power button it turns on normally.I dont know what the hell is happening.Anyway thanks.

  24. hi
    me Ashraf i purchased samsung glaxy s5. but there is issue of display screen.
    any one who can guode me that how can i can repair this or overcome this problem?

    1. Can you please tell me what problem you are facing with the display screen exactly. Then it would be helpful for me to guide you.

      1. Hi. When I turn on the phone, it starts turning on, I see on the scree Gamsung S5, then Metro PCS, but it stops right there with Metro on the screen and does not turn on. If I do not remove the battery, the phone does not turn off, moreover, it gets hot and I am afraid it may crash totally, so I remover the battery. Then I insert back the battery. I want to store files inb my comp, but even though i plug in the adapter to the computer, wait for some time, it does not seem to be reading the files in of the phone. Can you, please, assist?

  25. Previously my S5 went really hot while charging and when I woke up it wouldnt turn on at all. No screen no LEDS nothing. It was totally dead. I sent the phone to my provider for repair. And ever since I got it back I have this issue.

    I can see The LED´s lighting up. I can even hear sound when swiping the unlock screen so the system is running normally. The screen just stays off. When I remove and re/insert the battery, all is solved.

    The problem doesnt occur all the time, but at least 5 times a day. Really annoying. My guess its a loose connection to the LCD. Maybe the repair folks didnt install it carefully enough.

    Gonna have to send the phone to repair for the second time. Never happened before with any phone I owned.

  26. Hey… I dropped my phone a couple times and then my screen was starting to peel of a bit!! Later I wasn’t even touching it, then I tried to turn it on and the buttons where working, but it looked all black and green and I couldn’t use the screen. It was all disoriented and I don’t know what to do… Does anybody know if it’s fixable??

  27. i took mine to get fixed and they took over two days and only lasted me like 5 hrs and now its back to the same thing the guy told me had problems with the software what can i do

  28. I had the problem where my screen when fuzzy or static after a drop. I have SOLVED the problem!!!! It looks like a loose cable problem because the main thing you get is a problem with the screen or it not waking up. Well to toot my own horn, I am a computer tech and the first rule of a hardware issue is to remove all variables. Removed every peripheral (micro sd card, sim card, changed the battery, etc.) Remember, the phones today are just small computers! Anyway, turns out it was the micro sd card!!! That is how the S5 responds to a damaged micro sd card. Most other phones just tell you that it (micro sd) needs to be formatted. When I dropped the phone, it must have been reading/ writing to the micro sd and corrupted it. When you push on the back of the phone, you are re-seating the micro sd which is next to the fingerprint sensor. You don’t realize it because you have the battery cover on the phone, covering where the micro sd is located. Sorry for the long post, but I bet there are a lot of frustrated owners happy that they found this post!

  29. What a dainty little piece of crap this phone is. I have had numerous phones, all of them dropped at least a few times, no problem. My wife dropped her brand new S5 one time and it’s dead. We will never buy another Samsung product.

  30. It is the ribbon wire connector. Mine started doing it after I dropped it. After a few weeks of it doing it intermittently, it started happening most times I would turn it on. After watching a youtube video of someone opening one up, which I was considering doing, I noted that the connector was positioned so that if you smack the phone so the screen hits your flat open hand, the connector might click connected again. Then you pull the battery out, put it back in and turn power on. It might take several tries, and you might have to smack it during the first several seconds that it is powering up. After doing this a lot of times, maybe 20 times or so, it seems to have stayed connected. My phone is fixed now and hasn’ t done it in months and I didn’t have to take the risk of damaging something opening it up or having a repair tech damaging it like what happened to my wife’s iPhone at the apple store. I hope this helps some people.

    1. Thank you SOOOO much!! This worked the second time I tried it-I was ready to cry thinking I would have to replace my phone. Thank you!!

    2. This just worked for me too. I don’t usually comment on things like this but I felt I had to because if I can save some money by other peoples ways that fixed their issue, I’m all for it. Thank you Erik!!

      1. This worked for me! I tried several youtube tutorials and all I needed was to smack the flatscreen. Thanks Eric, I was about to take it to the repairers. You saved my phone and money! Cheers for sharing.

    3. Wow, this worked for my daughter’s s5, too! She dropped hers today from about the height of a door knob. It landed flat on its back. She has it in an otterbox defender case, but when she went to check the phone the screen was black. Thought the phone was a goner. Glad I came across this post. Thanks, Erik.

    4. hi erik wertz. thank you for sharing the very common fix that alot of tech geeks ignore. youtube drove me nuts but didn’t give me any fix but to take it to repair man. i was scared of opening it. you saved me my phone that i bought yesterday for alot of money and also you made my day!!!
      god bless you

    5. Thank you so much Erik! This also worked for us. My 13 year old son dropped his new S5 after only having it for 2 weeks and very upset at the possibility of a costly repair bill. All it needed was a couple of smacks. Thank you for sharing this.

    6. Wow! Thanks Erik! After going 24 hours without a phone, going to TMobile, and a phone repair shop with no luck, THIS WORKED!!!!!!

    7. Thank you Erik Wertz! I grew frustrated before finding your post & smacked my phone, imagine my surprise when the screen turned back on & phone worked as per usual, thank you for explaining why!

  31. my s5 was on charging , i picked it up checked and put it again on charging, it was not overcharged and the screen got very hot although the battery was little hot and now the phone is not turning on what should i do
    its been 3 days i have bought it

  32. my s5 was droped but there is no crack in the screen all the buttons work and i have tryed all the ways to turn it on and it wont please help me.

  33. hi i dropped my samsung s5 and the screen is not broken no crack no nothing and everthing else works on the phone can u help me fix this problem?

  34. My S5 wont turn on after charging the battery white is off. Please give me advices on how to get it to work. I already removed the battery several times and even plugged it in. The phone didn’t fall.

  35. My S5 wont turn on after charging the battery white is off. Please give me advices on how to get it to work. I already removed the battery several times and even plugged it in. The phone didn’t fall.

  36. My phone worked perfectly fine before i went to sleep and when i woke up, my s5 just went blank and i do not know what to do

    1. Have you or anyone find the solution with this problem. The same thing has happened with my Samsung S5

      1. Same. I was testing the water resistance in the sink though. Now after weeks I wake up to a blackout lol. It works from time to time tho

  37. My phone worked perfectly fine before i went to sleep and when i woke up, my s5 just went blank and i do not know what to do

    1. The same exact thing happened to me too! I went 24 hours without a phone, went to Tmobile, and a phone repair shop and had no luck until I read Erik Wurtz reply below and now my phone is ON!!!!!

    1. you will need a new lcd. They are about 175 on amazon. You need to heat up your screen with heatgun and carefully remove and unplug it from your phone. You then have to attach the new screen. For some reason the glass on my phone did not shatter but the LCD underneath did. watch a youtube video or you can pay like 250$ and have someone do it for you

      1. I just did this recently and my phone worked fine for a day or so then now my phone keeps like spazzing out like is vibrating and kicking me out of what I am doing…I have a virus scanner and everything is coming up you think this has to do with the drop? Thanks

        1. ya its possible that you your lcd is coming in contact with some sensors? i remember in one of the tutuorials they said to make sure you put the screen back on carefully. Also the screen might be thinking you are touching it? defective lcd replacement? possibly messed up the accelerometer? turn screen rotation off in the drop down menu, probably wont help though

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