How To Fix Black Screen Problem On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Though the black screen problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not a common issue, but few owners of this phone reported that they were facing trouble with it. Some users said that they found a solution after plugging the charger in while some others said that they had to run few restarts to fix the black screen problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Here we have narrowed down some solutions of the problem, and you can follow them in order to fix the same.

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Possible causes of black screen problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Black screen Problem On Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Black screen Problem On Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Whatever is the cause of this issue, read here the fixes and try them out to get rid of the annoying issue.


Steps to fix the issue black screen problem on Samsung Galaxy  Note 3

Step 1

Try to turn on your Galaxy Note 3. If it was a simple device problem or glitch which caused the phone to shut down, then it should turn on. If you can turn on your phone successfully, then observe if the problem occurs again.

If you see no major changes, then performing aWipe Cache PartitionSolution will solve the issue. To do so,

  • First, turn off your Galaxy Note 3 completely.
  • Next press and hold the Volume up, power and home button altogether.
  • As you see Galaxy Note 3 logo on the screen, release the power key but continue holding the other two keys.
  • After few seconds, Android System recovery screen will appear and then release all the keys.
  • It will display various options. Use Volume down button for navigation and power key to select.
  • Navigate to and select the option ‘wipe cache partition’.
  • Next, go for ‘reboot system now’ and your system will be restarted.


Step 2

If your Galaxy Note 3 refuses to turn on, then conduct a soft reset. Take out the battery from the phone. Keep the battery out for at least a minute and at the same time press the Power button and hold it for 30 seconds. Now put the battery in and try to turn on your Galaxy Note 3. If successful, then it was a temporary device problem or glitch. Observe closely if the problem occurs again.


Step 3

The black screen problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may happen if your phone drains completely and turns off. So, plug in the charger and try to turn on the phone after 5 minutes. If it turns on, then the problem is solved. But if the phone does not turn on after 5 minutes, and if you do not see any charging icon, then there is a possibility that either the charger or the battery has a problem. Try with a different battery and charger.

Read this full guide on how to perform a full battery calibration and fix battery draining problem on the Note 3

Step 4

If you think that a rough app is the main culprit, then boot your phone into safe mode to figure it out. In safe mode, all the third party apps will be disabled and in this state the phone should run without any issue. If you cannot boot your phone to safe mode or if the black screen problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 occurs in safe mode also, then it is a hardware issue.

So, in that case, you need to take the device to the technician for repairing.

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