How To Fix Galaxy Note 3 Not Turning On Issue

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is equipped with a Wacom digitizer stylus packed with many interesting features, great screen, and expandable memory. And no doubt the design is another great thing about this android phone. This smart phone has 5.7-inch screen and AMOLED display with 1080 resolutions. All these factors make it popular and attractive to the users. But recently, some users have faced several issues with their Samsung galaxy Note 3. Galaxy Note 3 Not Turning On Issue is one of them. A large number of Galaxy Note 3 owners have complained about this problem.

Galaxy Note 3 Not Turning On Issue

Galaxy Note 3 Not Turning On Issue

If Galaxy Note 3 Not Turning On Issue happens with you, then following are some steps that you can try in order to fix it.

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Potential Fixes For Galaxy Note 3 Not Turning On Issue

> When your Galaxy Note 3 is not turning on, charge the phone for some time. After an hour, try to turn the phone on. If you cannot turn on your Galaxy Note S3, then there might be something wrong with the charger.

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> If the phone was charging through your computer, charge it through AC adapter.If the Galaxy Note 3 was charging through AC adapter, try to charge it through your laptop or computer. You should see a large battery sign on the phone if it is charging. This is someone calledSleep Of Death

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> If you do not see any battery sign, then your charger cable may be damaged. Take another MicroUSB cable and try it in both, AC adapter and your computer.

Tip- Get a pointed wooden toothpick clean between the ports of the phone charging supply
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If all these steps fail to solve Galaxy Note 3 Not Charging or Slow Charging Issue, then you should Boot your Galaxy note into recovery mode and perform a Wipe Partition


If Wipe Cache Partition don’t won’t then use “Factory Reset”
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> If then also the phone is not charging, then the charging port of your phone may be damaged. In such case, you should contact with customer support and ask for replacement or repairing the phone. If they find that the Galaxy Note 3 Not Turning On Issue is with the charging port, then they can help you.