Blackberry Priv Common Issues And How To Fix Them

Unlike its predecessor, Blackberry Priv is the first Blackberry handset with Android operating system. The device has a high-end spec and a beautiful design with its classy slide out keyboard. One more thing, Blackberry is also popular with its high-security system. With all of these amazing things, it’s not surprising that Blackberry Priv has been sold out on Amazon within hours after it was released. However, some users might experience issues on this device, whether that is a Wi-Fi issue, Bluetooth problem, and a few others. But, there is no need to panic because I will share the potential solutions for common Blackberry Priv Issues.



Common BlackBerry Priv problems and their fixes

BlackBerry Priv Wi-Fi Issues

Without Wi-Fi, the smartphone would be felt like a conventional phone, which can be used to make a call and send a text message. Here are some methods to fix Wi-Fi problems if you are facing this issue.

Method 1:

Turn off Wi-Fi and turn it back on.

Method 2:

Turn on the Airplane mode, wait for 15-20 seconds and turn it back off.

Method 3:

Restart your BlackBerry and your router. Simple, but effective solution.

Method 4:

Download and app called Wifi Analyzer . This handy app will show you the Wi-Fi channels around you, and it will find the channel that is not as crowded.

Method 5:

Try to forget your network and then add it again. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and then find your network. Tap and hold the network and when a window pops up, tap Forget. After this, add your Wi-Fi network again.

Method 6:

Go to Settings > More > Advanced, and make sure that “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” option is set to Always.

Method 7:

Update the applications. To do that, open the Play Store app and open the menu (three horizontal lines). Next, then tap on “My apps & games” and then click Update All.

Method 8:

Update the software. Go to Settings > About > System Updates > Check for updates. If an update is available, follow a few simple steps showed on the screen and you will finish the task in no time.

Method 9:

Look up for the router firmware update.

BlackBerry Priv Camera Cannot Focus

Blackberry has a great 16-megapixel main camera and 2-megapixel of selfie camera, which is more than enough to get a gorgeous photo. It can be annoying if this camera cannot focus. Here are some possible solutions for this issue.

Method 1:

If you have been taking photos and using your camera for some period of time and if you noticed that your BlackBerry Priv is getting hot, close the camera and let the smartphone cool off.

Method 2:

Restart your BlackBerry Priv

Method 3:

Download BlackBerry Virtual Expert app from Google Play Store to see if there is a hardware problem with the camera. If there is, make sure to contact your carrier and ask for the replacement.

Method 4:

Make sure to update the software and you can check for the updates manually. Go to Settings > About > System Updates > Check for updates.

Bluetooth Problems On BlackBerry Priv

If you are experiencing a Bluetooth issue on your Blackberry Priv, try these methods below.

Method 1:

Turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on.

Method 2:

Restart your BlackBerry Priv.

Method 3:

Delete prior pairings and set them up again. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap on the gear icon (the icon is located next to the device you want to unpair) and tap Forget.

Method 4:

Check and make sure the Bluetooth device’s software is up to date. See the user manual, and visit the website of the manufacturer.

Method 5:

If the Bluetooth device is using the battery connect it to a power source and then try pairing it again.

Method 6:

Update software. To do that, navigate to Settings > About > System Updates > Check for updates.

Method 7:

You can perform a factory data reset, but backup your data before you begin. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset >Factory Data Reset >Restore Phone.

Battery Edge Not Working On BlackBerry Priv

Here are some possible solutions for this issue.

Solution 1:

Turn on Battery Edge, go to Settings > Display and make sure the “Battery Edge” option is turned on.

Solution 2:

Turn on Ambient Display, Go to Settings > Display and turn on the Ambient display.

Battery Drain And Overheating On BlackBerry Priv

These issues are among the common ones. Find out the solutions here.

Solution 1:

Don’t use your device while it’s charging

Solution 2:

Restart your BlackBerry Priv

Solution 3:

Reduce the brightness level. To do that, go to Settings > Display.

Solution 4:

If you have the problem with overheating when using a particular app, clear the app’s cache, go to Settings > Apps and tap All. Find the application and then click on it and tap Clear cache. Also, you need to make sure the app is up to date.

Solution 5:

Force close app, go to Settings > Apps > All > tap on the app and click on the option “Force close”.

Solution 6:

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and cellular data when not using them.

Solution 7:

Make sure the apps are up to date. Open the Google Play, open the menu by clicking on three horizontal lines, then tap “My apps & games” and then tap Update all.

Solution 8:

Update the software. Do the following, navigate to Settings > About > System Updates > Check for updates.

Solution 9:

Boot your device into safe mode. Here is the full guide on how to booth BlackBerry Priv into safe mode.

Solution 10:

One of the solutions is to perform a factory data reset. Backup your files first. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset >Factory Data Reset >Restore Phone.

Solution 11:

Use battery saver when needed. Just swipe down from the top of the phone’s screen and click on Battery saver.

SMS Or MMS Not Working On BlackBerry Priv

Most of the owners who reported this problem are using AT&T network. There are several potential solutions, all listed below.

Solution 1:

Update the software and to do that go to Settings > About > System Updates > Check for updates.

Solution 2:

Open Google Play Store and update all the applications.

Solution 3:

Disable HD calling: navigate to Settings > More > Cellular > Enhanced.

Solution 4:

Try to switch to Hangouts.

Solution 5:

Backup your files and perform the factory reset. Go to Settings > Backup & Reset >Factory Data Reset >Restore Phone.

BlackBerry No SIM Card Error

If the same error bothers you and keeps popping up on your screen that tells ‘No SIM Card’, don’t panic. You can see the solutions listed below.

Solution 1:

Update the software by going to Settings > About > System Updates > Check for updates.

Solution 2:

Clean the port and make sure the SIM card is not faulty.

Solution 3:

Go to Apps from the Home screen > Settings > More > Cellular Networks > Preferred network type, and select 4G LTE & 4G/3G.

BlackBerry Apps Freezing And Crashing

Apps freezing and crashing issue is one of the issues on BlackBerry Priv as well. Here are the possible methods to solve the problem.

Solution 1:

You can use the Force stop option to shut down that app. Go to Settings > Apps and tap on Downloaded section. Find the problematic application, tap on it and then tap Force Stop.

Solution 2:

Launch Google Play application and update all your apps.

Solution 3:

Clear the cache by going to Settings > Apps > Downloaded tab, tap on the misbehaving app and tap Clear cache.

Solution 4:

Clear app’s data, but when you do this, the application’s data, settings, and local files will be deleted. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Downloaded, tap on the application and tap Clear data.

Solution 5:

Delete the app and install it again.

Solution 6:

Restart your device.

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