How To Fix Bluetooth Problems On BlackBerry Priv

Some Android users really missed physical keyboards in the last few years because since the smartphone era started the virtual keyboard replaced the physical. But, BlackBerry changed that once the Priv became available. It is a first BlackBerry smartphone that comes not only with the physical keyboard but also with Android OS, and yes – it’s awesome (but not perfect). You can read a bunch of comments all around the web written by Priv users saying that the device met their expectations. This doesn’t mean that problems with Wi-Fi connection or apps can’t occur. Sure they can. In case you can’t pair your Priv with a Bluetooth device or if the connection drops, we have listed several ways to fix Bluetooth problems on BlackBerry Priv below that you may find useful.

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How to fix Bluetooth problems on BlackBerry Priv


Solution No.1: Turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on

Always start with the simplest solutions, and this is often all you need to do. Just go to Settings, turn off Bluetooth, wait for a couple of seconds and turn it back on. When we have a problem such as a poor Wi-Fi connection, or GPS issues, toggling the switch may work, but we often forget to do that because we are too focused on the fact that something is not working properly. Try this out, and with a bit of luck you won’t even need to go through the other solutions listed below.


Solution No.2: Restart your BlackBerry Priv

This can do the trick. Press the Power key and hold it for three seconds, then tap on Restart. Once your device restarts, see if the Bluetooth is working.


Solution No.3: Delete prior pairings and set them up again

The next thing you should try is to delete all the prior pairings, and to that go to Settings > Bluetooth, tap on the gear icon located next to the device you want to disconnect and then tap Forget. When you are done, set everything up again from scratch.


Solution No.4: Make sure that the Bluetooth device is using the latest software

You need to check and make sure the Bluetooth device’s software is up to date. See the manual that came with your device, and visit the manufacturer website for additional information.


Solution No.5: If the Bluetooth device is using the battery connect it to a power source

If your Bluetooth device is using the battery, the issues can occur if the battery level is low. So, you should connect the device to a power source and then try pairing it again.


Solution No.6: See if the software on your BlackBerry Priv is up to date

A new software version can fix many issues, so when something isn’t working as it should, check if there is a new software version available. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap About
  • Tap System Updates > Check for update.

If a new version is available, follow the on-screen steps and update the software.


Solution No.7: Factory reset

If the previous solutions didn’t fix the problem, you can perform a factory data reset, but don’t forget to backup everything that is important to you because all files, settings and third-party apps will be deleted.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Backup & Reset
  • Tap Factory Data Reset
  • Tap Restore Phone



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