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How To Fix BlackBerry Priv Camera Cannot Focus

How To Fix BlackBerry Priv Camera Cannot Focus 2

There have not been many complaints about the BlackBerry Priv and its performance, and so far, users are pretty much satisfied with this smartphone. However, if the majority is happy and pleased, it does not mean all the users out there don’t have some problem with it. Some people reported that the camera cannot focus. There are many posts on forums where people shared their experiences along with the blurry photos. Do you have the same problem? We will share a couple solutions here, so you can try to fix BlackBerry Priv camera cannot focus issue. The things you can do on your own are pretty simple, but if the issue is still there after you try them all, contact your carrier and ask for a replacement.

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Ways to fix BlackBerry Priv camera cannot focus


Solution No.1: Let your device cool off

Some people reported that the problem occurred after they used the camera for a while. So, if you used your camera for some period of time, and if you noticed that your device is warm, you should close the camera app and let your device cool off completely. When that happens, open the camera app and try to take a few snaps to see if the camera can focus or not.


Solution No.2: Restart your BlackBerry Priv

Even if you buy the most expensive smartphone available, it doesn’t mean you can count on the bug-free experience because glitches and bugs are always possible. The good thing is that you can get rid of many just by restarting your device, which is why that is exactly what you should try.


Solution No.3: Download BlackBerry Virtual Expert

The next thing you should do is to download BlackBerry Virtual Expert app which is available in the Play Store. The app comes with a series of test for the BlackBerry, including the tests for the camera. Download the app, install it to see if there is a hardware problem with the camera (in which case you should contact your carrier and ask for a replacement).


Solution No.4: Update the software

Updating the software every time the new version becomes available is extremely important. The new version will fix the known bugs and glitches, it will introduce new features and it will improve the overall performance of your device. The first software update for BlackBerry Priv came with battery improvements, so make sure to update it. Here is how you can check for the updates manually:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap About
  • Tap System Updates
  • Check for updates
  • If there is an update available, follow the on-screen steps.

Note: If the issue is still there right after you download and install the latest software version, you should give your smartphone some period of time to settle, 48-72 hours.


There are not many things you can do to fix the problem on your own because the problem can be hardware-related. If you tried all the options listed here and if you waited 48-72 hours after the update and the issue is still there, contact your carrier.



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  1. Hi guys, I finally solved this problem on my blackberry dtek 60. Blackberry’s active focus motor is a bit allergic to impacts. A slight fall impact (Not enough to crack the screen) will render the Camera of these amazing devices useless. (Not focusing beyond a foot. This is a solution for any blackberry camera that fails to focus eg Blackberry Priv, Keytone ect.
    1. Turn off your device
    2. Heat the back cover and pry it open. (Follow procedures of back cover removal)
    3. Turn it on while open and attempt to focus on something with the Camera
    4. You will notice the lens is attached to the motor that moves the square lens cover up or down. This is the mechanism that fails after an impact on the device. (The square lens holder settles in a position which doesn’t allow the motor to move it freely due to friction).
    4. Align the movable part of the camera (A square metallic lens holder) on its moving space so that it can move up and down freely.
    5. Try focusing while open. BAM! Your Blackberry Camera can now focus again.
    6. Align fingerprint scanner and close your Blackberry. Enjoy your camera and DON’T drop it again.

    Please note that Blackberry cameras can also become unable to focus after long use.
    DON’T USE YOUR BLACKBERRY CAMERA FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF PHOTO SHOOTS. The motor coils overheats and fails, making your camera unable to focus. In this case a cool down break from camera use will solve the lack of focus. This solution is for the “permanent” inability to focus caused by a blackberry device impact or fall.

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