10 Awesome New Features In Android 7.0 Nougat

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Android upgrades are eagerly awaited by the universe of Android users. After all, who doesn’t like new features and friendlier interface? Here are 10 awesome features that make Android Nougat a cool upgrade.

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10 new features in Android 7.0 Nougat

Multi-tasking becomes better

Switching between two apps to multitask has become a requirement for many users. Android Nougat addresses this issue by smoothening out all silhouettes when it comes to multi-tasking. Just double tap on the recent apps button and you will be able to move back and forth two apps quickly and easily.

Split screen mode

Another way in which Android Nougat makes multi-tasking cool is by featuring the spilt-screen mode. Samsung phone users may yawn away at this since they have had access to this feature for quite some time now, but using two apps on the same screen becomes easier on all Android devices running Nougat. Long press the recent apps button to activate the split screen and that’s it.

Notification Importance

How important is a notification to you? Would you want an app to ignore the DND settings when a notification comes through that app? Long pressing on a notification will show you the level of importance for notifications from that app. You can change it to suit your requirements. You can move the slider to a level that you are comfortable with.

Data Saver

Internet accessibility through smartphones has become so interesting that some users end up going over their data limit very often. Data Saver feature in Android Nougat can be a helpful reprieve for such users. This feature will restrict the use of background data for specific apps. Check data saver under your phone’s settings to benefit from this new feature.

Bundled Notifications

If you do not like to be bombarded by notifications then the bundled notifications feature is likely to impress you. Android Nougat bundles all notifications from an app. This is a compact view of the notifications. You have the ability to check for more information by pulling down the notification shade. Tapping on one of these notifications will allow you to reply without even opening the app.

System UI Tuner

Tap and hold the gear icon which shows up under the Quick Settings. Wait till the gear begins to spin and your device vibrates. Now remove your finger and at the bottom of your screen you will notice the System UI Tuner. You will find some interesting options under the System UI Tuner.

Quick Settings Customization

You can add a number of Quick Settings options from the Quick Settings panel which allows you to edit the icons that appear here. You can choose the tiles that appear in your Quick Settings menu. Customizing the tiles according to your preferences will help you make your phone more personable.

New Emojis

If you are an avid user of the emojis, then Android Nougat is going to make your experience even better. The latest emojis are great and they will augment your messaging experience even more. The smiley faces also look more human making emojis better than what they were before.

Cancel app downloads

A new cancel button for the app downloads is going to save a lot of us, the tedious process of going inside the Play Store and tapping on each app to download the app or an update will see an end now. The cancel option appears directly in the download notification section so you can pull down the notification shade and cancel the download. Fewer hassles, more ease.

 Drag and Drop Text and Images in Split Screen Mode

In addition to the ability to use the split-screen, Android Nougat also gives you the ability to drag and dropping your texts and images from one window to another in the split screen mode. For those who copy-paste very often, this part of the update can make Android friskier.

Android Nougat may not have added much to the aesthetics of the Android ecosystem, but as far as features are concerned, everyone seems to find the upgrade to be great. Android has become a lot easier and friendlier with Android Nougat. There may be a learning curve hidden in the split screen for users, but Google knows that Android users will easily figure it out.

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