How to Fix Samsung Note 7 Battery Life Issues

Samsung flagship phone this year has been gaining a lot of popularity for all the wrong reasons. The Note 7 has been the point of discussion in many blogs and forums because of its battery problems. This brilliantly designed phone has an aesthetically pleasing look and has a huge fan-following, but people seem to be worried that the best features of the phone end up making the battery life too short. Let us take a look at solutions on how to fix Samsung Note 7 battery life issues.

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Ways to solve Samsung Note 7 battery life issues


Check for Flawed Apps

Some apps end up using a lot of battery even when you do not use it a lot. These apps do your phone more harm than good. If you have an app on your Note 7 which is eating up your phone’s battery then it is better to uninstall it so that you can continue enjoying your phone without the battery failing you before your day ends.

How to check for these apps?

  • Go to the Settings menu of the device
  • Tap on Device Maintenance
  • Look up Battery and tap on it
  • Next, tap on Battery usage


You will find all your apps listed here showing you which ones use your Galaxy’s battery the most. The usual culprits are the screen, social media, mail and shopping apps, but if you find an app that you do not use very often listed towards the top, then there is a chance it is misbehaving. Uninstall this app for better battery life.


Screen Brightness

By now, we have been using smartphones long enough to realize that the screen is the major cause for low Galaxy Note battery life, especially if you have a very bright screen. Note 7 users who enjoy watching videos and playing games may find it to be excruciatingly frustrating when the phone does not last long enough. There is a chance that you have your screen’s brightness at the highest. Your phone requires a lot of battery to power a Quad HD screen which is over 5 inches big, so reduce the brightness so that you can adequately view the phone screen.

Pull down the notification bar on your Note 7 and use the brightness slider to decrease the brightness.


Power Saving Mode

The power saving mode on smartphones is a power user’s best reprieve. While most of the power saving modes have given users very limited abilities to configure it, with the Note 7, Samsung gives you the chance to configure it to suit your needs. It helps you choose how you want to save power instead of your phone deciding it for itself.

  • Head into the Settings menu of your device
  • Go to Device Management
  • Tap on Battery
  • Go to Power Saving Mode and you will find three options – Off, Mid, Max

Choose Mid and you will get the option to configure it the way you like. You will have the ability to select your screen brightness and phone performance, which includes background data.

Additional tips to fix Samsung Note 7 battery life issues

There are many things you may do to make Android battery last longer, which of course applies to Samsung Note 7. Keep in mind that the way you are using your phone has a huge impact on the battery. If you are watching videos on YouTube for hours, or playing a demanding game the battery will drain faster. In other words, the battery isn’t faulty. With some changes in the way you use your phone, the battery will last longer.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, and Bluetooth when you are not using them.
  • Close the apps that are running in the background.
  • Use apps such as Greenify or Clean Master. These apps will put the apps that are draining the battery into hibernation when not in use.
  • Keep your apps updated.
  • Also, update the software on your Samsung Note 7 when the new version becomes available.

For additional tips to fix Galaxy Note 7 battery life issues, read the following guide: How To Fix Android Battery Drain (Android System).



Do You Really Need Always On Display?

The Always On Display is a really cool feature but it is a major cause of battery drain. This is one of the reasons why I have mentioned it as your last resort. If you still feel that after making the above tweaks, you need to save more battery, then switch off the Always On display or limit the timings during which it is used. You can change these from the Settings menu so that your phone’s battery usage is limited.

Use these tweaks to limit battery usage on your phone so that your Note 7’s battery lasts longer. Not only will the Galaxy Note battery life increase, you will also find your phone performing better.


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