Xiaomi Mi3 Common Problems And Solutions

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Xiaomi Mi3 saw a great hit in the market and already many people have bought this new set of Xiaomi while some others are planning to have one. Every phone comes with some issues and Xiaomi Mi3 is no exception to that. As it is running in custom interface, it is obvious to have some issues but fortunately all can be solved just by following some tips and tricks. All the possible Xiaomi Mi3 common problems and solutions are discussed here.

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Some Xiaomi Mi3 common problems and solutions

Battery drainage issue

Fast battery drainage is a common issue in every Smartphone that most of the users keep on facing. The users of Xioami Mi3 are also facing the same issue though it is equipped with high capacity battery. The battery capacity of this new set is 3050 mAH. The full HD screen and the QUALCOMM snapdragon 801 processor is the main reason of first battery drainage. It is very common that those who are playing games for longer period at a stretch will experience this issue due to highly capacitive processor and screen. But those who are using the phone normally and still facing the battery drainage issue can try the below solutions to get rid of the issue.


> First disable the 3G data connection and Wi-Fi when they are not in use. Also switch off the GPS and Google Map and make those options ON only when you need to use them. Every above option uses high amount of battery.

> Next turn off the option ‘Scanning always available’ that you will find out under the Wi-Fi settings.

> Another way is to turn on the battery saver mode by going to Settings menu > Advanced option > battery > battery saver mode.

Also you can install some third party apps that will control the battery usage perfectly.

Xiaomi Mi3 common problems

Image source – en.miui.com

SIM Tray issue

This is another Xiaomi Mi3 common issue that most of Xiaomi Mi3 users are facing. While some

users have been seen to complain about the SIM card getting blocked in the slot other said that the phone can’t identify the SIM card.


To solve this SIM tray issue, remove the tray properly with applying enough force. Insert the SIM again and then restart your phone to check if the problem still exists or not. Never insert the SIM without the tray as it might damage the phone. If you are still facing the issue, have a look at the video that Xiaomi has released to show the process of SIM card ejection properly.

Overheating issue

Xiaomi Mi3 is getting overheated for some users when they are using the phone for long period or else playing game for long time. In case of playing games it is common to be overheated but there are some other ways that create this issue. If you are also facing the same problem, follow the below solutions to solve the overheating issue.


> First disable the Wi-Fi connection, Wi-Fi tethering, GPS, Google Map and Bluetooth if you are not using them as these generate enough heat to make the phone overheated in short period of time.

> If you have set live wallpaper in your phone, it will increase the heat generation, so it is better to off the option in order to avoid the overheating issue in your Xiaomi Mi3.

> Sometimes a rough app might be the main reason of this issue when all the above mentioned options are made off. If you are not able to understand the app that is causing the issue, head to settings menu and search for apps tab. A list of all the installed apps, cached processes and currently installed apps will be shown. First clear the cached process that are not required in the background and restart the phone. You can Force quit the unwanted running apps in the background from here itself. Also the recently installed apps can be seen in the apps tab only and then check their RAM usage. If any of the recently installed app is creating the issues then uninstall it from there.

Xiaomi Mi3 Common Problems

Image source – en.miui.com

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MIUI issues

Xiaomi Mi3 runs on android and custom MIUI V5 is the default interface in this phone. So it is bound to have some issues like any other custom interface. Some users have said that if they have tried to lock the phone while MX player is running, the unlocking process becomes very difficult. The same issue is faced with other apps such as Whatsapp and Instagram as well.


> First restart the phone and then make sure that you have installed the latest MIUI in your Xiaomi Mi3 as the latest version can remove many of the issues that is being faced in the earlier version.

> If the issue exists till then, try to use other player such as VLC to get rid of the issue.

> If this problem is faced with Whatsapp follow the path to fix the issue.

Head to settings menu > Apps tab > Whatsapp > Manage permission and enable ‘Access to contact list’ option there.

In case of Instagram, go to apps settings and disable ‘High quality Image processing’ to solve the issue.

Notification issue

This is another issue where the notification is not displayed for some of the apps. However the solution is explained here.


> This problem is related with Wi-Fi settings. There is an option that says Wi-Fi will keep on running even when the phone is in sleep mode. You need to find out the option and make it enable to receive all the notification from every app.

> If you are still not receiving notification for some apps, head to Settings menu > App manager > All and then manually select those apps for which you want to receive notifications.

Call screen issue

Some Xiaomi Mi3 users have complained that when they are trying to make a call after pressing the number and then by dialing the call button, the call screen goes disappear and they are not able to end the call unless the person in the other side ends it.


This is a simple issue that can be solved by following the below path. You need to head to Settings menu > contacts > Settings > Incoming Call Settings > Proximity Sensor and then turn off the option.

So these are the Xiaomi Mi3 common problems and solutions. We hope they have helped you in solving the issues.

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