How To Fix Heating Issue On Xiaomi Mi3?

Xiaomi Mi3 is a phone with amazing features. Though it is advertised as a mid range Android phone, it has all the features of a high end phone. It does not hang easily like most branded Smartphone company products. You can hear music, play games and check WhatsApp at the same time. The phone comes with an inbuilt torch, facility to change the icons from one screen to another easily and features to pin your favorite messages on top. This entire package comes under a very affordable cost. However, some users of this smartphone have been facing some issues and one of the notable problems is the heating issue on Xiaomi Mi3.

Xiaomi Mi3 is the fastest phone in the series. For all the goodies, there are some major flaws too. The phone gets quite heated up when you

  • Engage in long phone calls over 40 minutes time
  • Play games for more than 20 minutes
  • Indulge in using the apps for chatting and other purposes for half an hour
  • Hear music or watch video for over 15 minutes
  • Use the phone to take photos or videos constantly

It is only common for a Smartphone to lose battery or get heated up on constant usage. But, this phone gets heated up pretty soon. You will be amazed how soon the back panel starts itching your palm. And if you ignore the heat, the front panel starts heating up too. Of course there are solutions for the heating issue on Xiaomi Mi3.

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Ways to fix heating issues on Xiaomi Mi3

Use a rubber back panel

heating issues on Xiaomi Mi3

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Playing high end games like Dead Trigger needs a rubber back panel protection for the phone. The temperature goes up from warm to hot easily. Of course playing such games in the phone for 30 to 40 minutes will cause any high end branded phones to heat up. But, overheating issue on Xiaomi Mi3 starts occurring when you are through playing for just 10 minutes. But, the temperature does stay warm for another 20 minutes or so. Then the phone really heats up. There are no software fixes for this. The best you can do is, protect the hand with a rubber panel and continue playing or talking.

Close the unwanted apps

Closing up all the unwanted apps is another easy way to prevent the Xiaomi Mi3 heating up. Click on the home button for a full minute. All the apps opened and a cleaner brush figure appears. Click on it to close all the apps running in the background. If you want to keep one or two apps running like WhatsApp, swipe them down to lock. The rest will be closed. If you have selected one and want to close it anyway, swipe it again to release the lock. Keeping up to three apps open and watching a video will heat up the phone in 10 minutes. Keeping only one important app open and watching video will make the phone warm only after 15 minutes.

Heating Issues On Xiaomi Mi3

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Change the battery mode

You can simply choose to use different battery settings to make the phone stay cool longer. Click on settings -> Advanced Options -> Battery -> Battery Mode -> Turn on battery saver mode. The default settings will be in “High Performance” mode. This will keep several hardware active in the phone making it heat up quickly. Turning that option off will help in reducing heating issue on Xiaomi Mi3. Selecting “Balance” mode also helps.

Keep the phone fully charged

Heating in Xiaomi Mi3 can be avoided by keeping the phone charged aptly. If the power is low, the phone undergoes extra strain to support high graphics games, causing the hardware to heat up. Try to avoid multitasking while engaging in long calls. It is also a good solution as it minimizes hardware usage. When a person is talking through a headset while constantly messaging or using other apps, it makes the phone overwork. This automatically heats up the vital parts in the phone to such an extent the phone become too hot to hold or place in the ear after sometime.

Avoid multitasking

Heating issue on Xiaomi Mi3 can be avoided if you are a little cautious in its usage. After all even branded phones have such issues. This is only a minor drawback for a phone with such amazing features and low cost.