How To Fix Xiaomi Fast Battery Drain Issue

Xiaomi Fast Battery Drain Issue
Xiaomi Fast Battery Drain Issue

Xiaomi is the product of a Chinese company named Xiaomi. The first Smartphone of Xiaomi was launched in China in 2011. Then it came to India and the market of this Smartphone in India kept on growing since its launching. Like all other smartphones, users of this phone are also facing some issues with their Xiaomi. Xiaomi Fast Battery Drain Issue is one of them. But we Technobezz people are always here to support you guys keep using any kind Smartphone without worrying about any problems. We have solutions for all the issues regarding your phone.

Xiaomi Fast Battery Drain Issue
Xiaomi Fast Battery Drain Issue

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These Below Methods Are Suggested To Fix Xiaomi Fast Battery Drain Issue

> Playing more games is one of the major reasons of fast battery drainage because of the big screen and huge processor. So reducing playing the game can lessen the fast battery drainage issue.

> ’Scanning Always Available’ is an option under Wi-fi that is used in Google maps for getting the exact location. This is one source of fast battery drainage. So, disable this option by going to Wi-fi settings and enable the option only when required.

> The other way by which your battery usage can be controlled is by going to Settings > Advanced > Battery >Battery Saver Mode.

> Don’t keep your Wi-fi connection, GPS activity and 3G connection on unnecessarily. These eat more battery even if you are not using your phone. So keeping all the Internet connections off when not in use can fix your Xiaomi Fast Battery Drain Issue.

> If you are really annoyed with this fast battery drain issue, then reducing the brightness of the screen can save lots of battery usage. Brightness requires more battery and your phone also becomes very hot. So it’s good to maintain a perfect brightness to save your battery.

  1. I’m having a problem with my battery.. the draining.
    But my issue originated from the android system.
    My CPU foreground run time is high. My CPU wake time is also high. Guys I need help, what do I do?

  2. The battery of my Xiaomi Mi4c, which I bought a year ago, turns off when it has 15 or 20 or 30% charge, and when I put the device to charge it appears with 40% or more of charge.
    I have read in several forums on the Internet that there are many Xiaomi Mi4c with the same problem, and that replacing the battery does not seem to solve the problem.
    Any clue or solution, please?
    Thank you very much!
    Jose Antonio
    [email protected]

    1. Same problem with me ,I tried all about mentioned methods but it didn’t worked , now my phone is getting switched off automatically evenue it’s charge is 75% unable to find solution!

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