What to do when there’s not enough storage space on Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

One of the issues that can pop up on any device, Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+ 5G included, is not enough storage space. Fortunately, it can be easily solved, and the whole process is mostly about deleting some files as that’s the only way to free up the space. Here, we are going to list some common practices when the phone becomes a bit cluttered, so let’s dive in.

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Not enough storage space on Samsung Galaxy S20 5G – ways to fix it

If you keep getting the message saying there is insufficient storage space on your Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, it is a cue to start the cleaning. It can be a pretty boring task, but when you’re done, the message will no longer appear, and your phone will perform smoother.


All about the apps

When you have a powerful phone, you want to get the most out of it, and it usually involves having hundreds of apps on it. But, how many apps do you actually use on an everyday basis? Do you need all the apps you have? Probably not. So, the best place to start is by deleting the apps you don’t longer use and need.

Head over to the Home screen, find the icon of the app you wish to remove, and tap and hold it. Tap Uninstall. Repeat the process for every app you want to delete.


Clear the cache

You have a few apps that you use every day, be it a planner, social media app, or else. Every time you open an app, it stores cached data – various files, images, scripts, etc. Over time, the cached data will pile up. When that happens, the app may slow down or experience some issues.

By clearing the cache of the apps you use the most, you will be able to clear some of the storage space. Go to Settings > Apps. Find the app, tap on it, tap Storage, and finally, tap Clear cache.


Backup and delete

Do you have a ton of photos and videos on your phone? A single photo can take two MB or more, and if you have hundreds, do the math. Not to mention the videos. Create a backup and once you do, remove the photos and videos from the phone.


Move the apps to SD card

Another simple way to free up some space on the phone is by moving the apps to an SD card.

Head over to Settings, tap Apps, and then tap on the app you wish to move. Next, tap Storage. If the app can be moved to an SD card, you will see that option. Tap on it. The location is about to change. Repeat the process for all the apps you want to move to the SD card.


Factory reset

If you don’t feel like making all the small changes, but you want to give the phone some air to breathe, you can perform a factory data reset. You will have to create a backup first because the reset erases everything on your phone. When your files are safe and secure, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > General Management
  • Tap Reset
  • Next, tap Factory data reset
  • Tap Reset to confirm

The process may take a while. When it is done, follow the guide on the screen and set up the device as a new one.


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