Top Best Apps For Pebble Smartwatch

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Pebble is owned by Fitbit now. A lot of people are upset about the fact that the apps and services are guaranteed only for the year 2017. However, it must be realized that the Pebble, Pebble Time Round, Pebble 2, Pebble Time – these will not stop working all of a sudden. All of the elements including Pebble app store, the SDK, and the developer portal are still up and running without any hurdles as of now. In addition to this, some apps have disappeared from the app store and various other devices or updated versions of Pebble do not support some apps for now.

If you have a great love for these smartwatches, then there is a myriad of some of the best apps for Pebble Smartwatch.

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8 Best Apps For Pebble Smartwatch

Pixel Miner

This app has been a hit on the Pebble Smartwatch as it keeps the user engaged with the fun turns in the game. You can become the greatest miner with the help of Pixel Miner on your Pebble smartwatch. Pixel Miner has been updated and redesigned with full support for color and exciting graphics to be run on Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time. All you have to do is to help your man do the digging well to earn points. It can be quite addictive at times, but can be a great pick for those who love fun in their leisure time.


Another great app for those who are the travel freaks. If you wish to stay updated about the hottest and trending deals about hotels and travel plans, then you must have this app on your Pebble smartwatch. This is one of the best apps for Pebble as it does exactly what you would expect out of it: it would make use of your current location to recommend the famous restaurants, bars and other spots of tourist attraction if you are traveling to a new place. In addition to the striking features offered by this app, you can also browse through the user reviews that can help you in making the selection of the rightmost eatery or traveling destination. The splendid navigation mode works well with the Pebble smartwatch that can ease out your efforts to take your phone out from the pockets while searching for the desired locations.


This is another app from the list of the best apps for Pebble Smartwatch. Though Uber has not been the first in the cab services to be available for Pebble Smartwatch, yet it has garnered the reputation to be one of the leading apps for Pebble. With the use of the screen color of the Pebble Time, Uber offers big and bold alerts to the users to keep you on top of the cab services. To expedite your working with the Uber app on your Pebble Smartwatch, you can open the app and then hold the middle button of your Pebble smartwatch to order a cab to the current location. You can also select from the list of the favorite locations that is provided by the app. Once you have made the order with the app, you can even track your driver on the Pebble smartwatch itself to know the arrival of your cab. No need to take out your phone at all!


This could literally be the best Pebble smartwatch apps that you can have in a go. The next time you are dreadful about forgetting an important task or deadline, Evernote app on your Pebble smartwatch can help you in saving from the disastrous results. Although you can expect fewer features on your smartwatch than that on the desktop or smartphone, you can still keep track of the to-do lists and important reminders. All the notebooks are made accessible and you can search through the saved tags as well. Therefore, there is nothing to miss out on this great app for your Pebble Smartwatch that can help you in regulating your daily regime in an orderly manner.



If you happen to be a fitness freak, then this could be one of the must-have and the best apps for Pebble smartwatch. RunKeeper has been designed to be used with the GPS of your smartphone and can check your health by letting you know about the stats like distance and pace of your running – all on your wrist. To download this app on your Pebble smartwatch, you would need to have the RunKeeper app installed on your smartphone as well. When you would initiate a run on your mobile app, it would auto start the app on the Pebble smartwatch. If you wish to pause your run, then it is as simple as pressing the middle button of your watch on the RunKeeper app screen. When you actually wish to stop the run, you can end it on the phone app. This is a great app you can install on the Pebble Smartwatch to help you keep a check on your health.



One of the best features offered by the apps of Pebble Time smartwatch is that they can be integrated directly into the Pebble Timeline UI. With the help of the Battery+ app on your Pebble smartwatch, you can ensure the amount of battery that is left in terms of time and percentage metrics. In addition to this, the app also provides notifications on the Pebble Timeline about the factors like when was the last time your battery was charged, an average use per day and an estimate of the time when it would need plugging again. The Battery+ app on the Pebble smartwatch also offers a graphical mode that lets you know about the time when you are utilizing your battery life the most.


Wish to get the Misfit experience without having the need to spend lavishly on Flash smartwatches? You can sync your iOS and Android Misfit apps with the Pebble smartwatch. Now you are all set to track the various parameters like time slept, a number of calories burnt, and the distance travelled at what velocity. This could be regarded as one of the best Pebble smartwatch apps for the Misfit lovers.


Wish to expedite your messaging experience with the use of your Pebble Smartwatch? You can download this great messaging app named Awear that can help you in the same. You can even reply to the incoming texts that can be customized. In addition to this, you can mark your emails as read, starred or archived – all on your wrist itself! With the help of Google Calendar integration, the users can also send template messages like “I am late” with just clicks of two buttons. With the feature of smart vibration in this messaging app for the Pebble smartwatch, you can also become aware of the incoming texts or emails.

Wish to amplify your experience of using the Pebble Smartwatch? You can download and use some of the best apps for Pebble Smartwatch and have great fun!

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