iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than 2015 Laptops

Apple claims that iPhone 7 has the best mobile processor so far. Through Apple A10 Fusion chip processor, Apple wants to show us that the device has a fabulous computational intelligence potential. This potential can be utilized well by Apple and developers to create apps which have the same ability and performance as desktop class applications.

iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than Laptops In 2015


Apple A10 Fusion chip has CPU 4 core inside, 2 core for high performance and the other 2 for high efficiency. They also claim the core for high performance is 2x faster than iPhone 6 and its GPU is faster up to 3x.

iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than 2015 Laptops

Benchmark A10 Fusion Chip

CPU benchmark tool is used to score the CPU speed. One of popular benchmark tools is Geekbench. It can give you2 different scores: single core and multicore score. Single core score is the speed for a multicore score, while the other one combines the score of all core.

According to a test done by Geekbench version 4, A10 Fusion Chip has the core frequency of 2.3GHz between 3298 – 3307 for a single core.

iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than Laptops In 2015


For multicore, the score is between 5332 – 5346. Moreover, Geekbench 4 scores are calibrated against a baseline score of 4000 (which is the score of an Intel Core i7-6600U).

iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than Laptops In 2015


Those are quite high scores, as high as the scores of laptop PCs and even higher. The single core score of iPhone 7 even approaches Intel Core i5-5257U which has 2.7GHz of frequency.

iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than Laptops In 2015


When it comes to multicore score, it almost as high as Intel i5-5300U [email protected] – a processor that is used on Lenovo ThinkPad T450 and Latitude 15 5000.

iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than Laptops In 2015


Moreover, iPhone 7 has a better single score compared to MacBook Pro (15-inch Retina Early 2013). For the multicore score, the device is almost equal to MacBook Pro.

iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than Laptops In 2015


Faster than Mac and laptops

If our conclusion is based on benchmark result, you can say that iPhone 7 has the same speed as Lenovo Thinkpad T450. This statement can make us think, what would it be if iPhone 7 runs Windows 10 OS, or MacOS and uses desktop apps? It because iPhone 7 has a potency to be equal to a PC laptop or Mac. For example, in running Adobe Photoshop CS 6.

iPhone 7 Is Smarter Than Laptops In 2015


Is iPhone 7 truly faster than Mac or laptops? To answer this question, we need a real world test to show which one if faster in doing certain things. In comparing iPhone 7 with a PC laptop or Mac, it means we would have to compare two different hardware and software designs. But, it doesn’t matter for end users like us because we just want to know which one is faster and more efficient.

What does it mean for end users?

End users should know that iPhone 7 has a huge potential to become a computer in your pocket. They need to encourage Apple and developers to create a complete design and mobile apps. It’s unfortunate if we just see iPhone 7 as a faster iPhone while it has a big potential as a computer.

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