How to fix Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+ that is stuck on logo screen

If your Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+ is stuck on the logo and won’t turn on properly, you don’t have to run the exact second to the Samsung Service Center. First, try some of the simple tricks that can work like a charm. If you don’t manage to boot the phone with the solutions listed below, it could be a sign it is a time for repair or replacement of the phone. But first, let’s try the simple things because they are usually all you need when the phone misbehaves.

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What to do when your Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+ is stuck on the logo screen

When your phone gets stuck on the logo screen, a regular restart won’t be of much help. You have two other options. One of them is the force reboot, and the second one is the factory reset with the phone’s hardware keys.


Force reboot

Performing a force reboot doesn’t require time, knowledge, or effort. Here is how to do it:

  • Press and hold the Volume down key and the Power button simultaneously
  • Hold the controls for a few seconds until the Samsung logo appears
  • When the logo is on the screen, let go of both buttons


Factory data reset

So, you tried force reboot, and the same thing keeps happening? If that’s the case, the next best thing you can do is perform factory data reset using the phone’s hardware keys. That’s the only option to do it since the phone won’t boot. There’s no way to back up the data.

  • Start by pressing and holding the side button and the Volume up button altogether.
  • The phone will vibrate, and you’ll see an Android recovery screen
  • When the recovery screen appears, release the keys
  • Select the option “Wipe Data/Factory reset” with Volume keys
  • Next, press the Side button to authorize the action
  • Use the Volume buttons to select the option Yes,
  • Use the side key to carry on
  • Wait for the factory reset to complete, and then select the option “Reboot System Now.”


Hopefully, the factory reset will give the result it should, and the phone will boot with success. If not, contact Samsung Service Center and set an appointment. If your phone is under warranty, you may get a replacement.