How To Fix iPhone 4 Signal Problem

The iPhone 4 was launched in the year 2010 and was a revolutionary piece at that time. It was a phone that many people desired at that time. The phone looked great and also had great hardware specifications. But when people actually started using this iPhone 4. then they came to know that the phone is not actually that great and has a lot of minor flaws and bugs in it. One such bug faced by the users is the iPhone 4 signal problem. In this problem the users experienced a low signal whenever their hand was over the antenna of the phone on the left hand side of the phone. The users who lived in areas where there was good network coverage the signal became low and for users who lived in areas with already low network coverage the signal used to get completely lost.

So if you are still using an iPhone 4 and have been wondering how you can fix this issue then you have come at the right place. In this post we are suggesting you 6 methods to fix this iPhone 4 signal issue. We will give you some guidelines and some minor fixes that will help get rid of this annoying problem. So given below are the ways by which you can fix this iPhone 4 signal problem.

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Ways to fix iPhone 4 signal problem

Get an external case

One simple solution to this iPhone 4 signal problem is to buy an external case for your iPhone 4. What this will do is that it will prevent the skin of your hands to get in contact with the iPhone. So this will prevent it from losing the signal. Well one more advantage of using this fix is that you are also protecting your iPhone 4 from falls, etc. A number of different options are available for you to select a case from so it will also give your old iPhone 4 a new look.

iPhone 4 signal problem

Position of your hand

Another easy workaround is that to use your right hand to use the iPhone 4. It was seen that most of the users experiencing this antenna problem were using their left hands to use the phone and when they started using their right hand then the problem was solved to quite a good extent. So try to hold your phone with your right hand when using it. It can be a challenge for the left handed people but it surely is a fix.

Use a tape

Well if you don’t want to get an external case for your iPhone and you also don’t want to change your phone using habits and continue using it with your left hand then another fix that might fix this iPhone 4 signal problem is to use a tape. It might sound a bit odd but this actually has been proved successful in solving this signal problem. You would have to apply a small piece of tape at the bottom left corner of the phone. Any kind of tape can be used for this purpose but to make it not look weird you can use either a scotch tape or a gaffer’s tape. This is going to do the same job as the external case of not letting the skin of your hand get in contact with the antenna part of the iPhone 4.

Removing and reinserting the SIM

Another method that can fix this problem is to remove the SIM from the phone and then reinsert it. This method is also proved successful in fixing the iPhone 4 signal issue but it’s quite irritating and waste of time to remove and reinsert the SIM every time you face this problem. So this is not preferred by most of the users.

iPhone 4 Signal Problem

Washing hands before using iPhone

This method is also claimed by many users to have been able to solve this iPhone 4 antenna problem. So if this suits you then just wash your hands every time you face this issue. Washing of hands actually removes the natural electrolytes from your hand which are considered to be the main reason of this iPhone 4 antenna issue.

Wear gloves

Yes this stupid idea actually works. Try wearing latex gloves when using your iPhone 4 and this will help you get rid of the iPhone 4 antenna problems.

If you are still not satisfied by any of the methods then the last option is to take it to the official Apple store and ask them to get it repaired.