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How To Fix Background Noise Problem On HTC One M7

No doubt HTC One M7 is one of the best smart phones from HTC, as it is well-designed and feature-packed. Powerful quad-core processor, 4.7-inch display with 1080p screen, a camera which is capable of taking great pictures, and a stunning metal designall in all, it’s a great smart phone. But despite all these great features, this phone also has its flaws. A number of users have been complaining about a background noise problem on HTC One M7. This noise is coming through the speakers, and can be heard when you use the headphones as well.

Some HTC One M7 owners have complained about hissing sounds that are coming through the headphones when listening to music, that are especially noticeable when there are gaps in the audio. Some other users have reported a popping sound is coming from the speakersand this is happening after notifications come in. Some users are also having a background noise problem on HTC One M7 during voice calls.

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Possible solutions for background noise problem on HTC One M7


Background Noise Problem
Background Noise Problem On HTC One M7

1. It may not be possible to get rid of this background noise problem on HTC One M7 completely, but you can reduce it to some extent, by going to the Notifications panel, then press the gear icon and turn off the Beats Audio. Some users said that the problem with background noise gets worse if you keep the NFC turned on, so turn this off as well.

2. There might be a software update coming from HTC to fix this issue, although HTC has not confirmed it yet so there is no guarantee.

3. Turn NFC off as a number of users have found a solution to the background noise problem by turning off NFC.

4. There may be a number of causes of the background noise on the HTC One M7, such as headphone, microphone, and overheating problems. Therefore, we have created few articles to guide you through to find out where this problem is coming from:

A. Solve Overheating Problem On HTC One M7 and fix noise in background

B. Fix Microphone Problem On HTC One M7 and fix noise in background

C. Common Problems On HTC One M7 And Their Solutions that may cause noise in background

5. You can ask your retailer or carrier for a replacement handset and check to make sure that the new one does not have the same problem. There are many HTC One M7 users who have reported that they are not having these audio issues. So contact the retailer where you purchased the phone, or contact HTC and report this issue.

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