How to Enable Night Shift Mode on iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 comes with iOS 11 out of the box and to access the Night Shift Mode you need to follow a few simple steps. The Night Shift Mode has been around as one of the features of iPhone and iPad for some time. It is a useful option – it keeps your eyes safe. Here is how to enable Night Shift Mode on iPhone 8.

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Night Shift Mode

For those who are unaware of what Night Shift Mode feature, it adjusts the color hue of your iPhone display and makes it look warmer in the evening and night. The warm hues don’t over-strain your eyes. Along with this, the blue light exposure is also minimized which helps you improve your sleep. To make the best use of this feature use it with the auto-turn on and off depending on the daylight.

Enabling Night Shift Mode

To enable Night Shift Mode on iPhone 8 first go to Settings on your device.

  • Click on Display and Brightness
  • On this screen tap on Night Shift
  • Toggle the Scheduled to ON
  • Next tap on From/To and then select Sunset to Sunrise
  • In this step, you have the option to set your own static time if you like. Instead of tapping on Sunset to Sunrise option you need to select Custom Schedule.
  • Now tap on Turn On At and select your choice of time when you want the Night Shift Mode feature to turn on
  • Next tap on Turn Off At and select the time when the feature should be disabled

There is no option to confirm the action you can just exit the screen and the device will consider the time that you have last mentioned.

How to Operate Night Shift Mode from the Control Center

Enable Night Shift Mode on iPhone 8

Follow the steps below:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone 8 screen
  • Hold and press the Brightness slider to reveal a hidden Night Shift Mode setting
  • Toggle the Night Shift Button ON or OFF
  • There is an Until time mentioned in the Night Shift toggle of the Control Center. The time can be adjusted under the Display and Brightness as mentioned above.

Adjusting Colour Temperature of Night Shift

The Night Shift Mode is all about the color temperature and what best suits your eyes. Follow the steps below and adjust according to the comfort of your eyes.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Display and Brightness
  • Tap on Night Shift
  • You will see a slider which says Colour Temperature ranging from Less Warm to More Warm.

To see the changes, keep the Night Shift mode off and then adjust the slider. You will see your screen changing the color so you will know where to keep the pointer on the slider. Less Warm will have bluer shade and as you move to More Warm the hues get yellow.

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