Common HTC U11 Issues And Their Fixes

The HTC U11 is a great device from HTC that has come wrapped with excellent features including an amazing design and built, powerful battery life, the water and dust resistance feature etc. All these are really enjoyable and are what compelled many to get a new HTC U11. This is definitely one of the best phones from HTC which has come to please HTC fans. However, this device is not free from bugs and many users have already complained about some issues. Connectivity issues, HTC U11 fingerprint scanner not working and no headphone jack are some of the very common. So, we have listed here the most common HTC U11 issues and their fixes. Keep reading to know more.

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9 Most Common HTC U11 Issues And Their Fixes

Problem 1# Wi-Fi issues

Wi-Fi issue is a very common issue and many of the HTC U11 users have reported of facing this issue so far. While some users stated to face very poor connectivity others have said that the Wi-Fi does not work at all. Anyways here are the best solutions for that.


  • First, restart your device and also go for restarting the router and modem. Turn off the router, unplug it from the power source, wait for few seconds and plug it back to turn it. Now see if the Wi-Fi is working or not.

Common HTC U11 Issues And Their Fixes

  • Update your device with the latest software available.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network by going to settings>Wi-Fi and selecting the troubled network. Next, reconnect the network again by providing the id and password.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi slider once and turn it back on.
  • Check if the power saving mode is on, as this feature disables all the connectivity to save some juice on the device. So, turn this option off.
  • Finally, check the Mac address of your device by going to Wi-Fi>Settings>Advanced and then ensure that address is allowed in the router’s Mac filter.


Problem 2# Bluetooth issue

This is another connectivity issue on the HTC U11 phone. Bluetooth issue is very common and is faced by almost every smartphone user. And unfortunately, this bug did not spare the HTC U11 users as well. Anyways, here are the solutions for all kind of Bluetooth issues.


  • Restart the device first.
  • Next, turn off the Bluetooth once going to settings> Bluetooth and then turn it back on. This is a very simple trick but can resolve the issue immediately.

Common HTC U11 Issues And Their Fixes

  • Another trick you can do is to put the phone in airplane mode and then turn off the mode. This refreshes all the connectivity and can resolve the issue.
  • Also, delete all the prior Bluetooth pairing and pair them back following the correct method.
  • If nothing works, perform a factory reset.


Problem 3# Fingerprint scanner not working issue

HTC U11 fingerprint scanner not working is another issue which is really frustrating. The fingerprint scanner is one of the best features in every smartphone no doubt and this is not an exception in HTC U11 as well. But when this feature stops working, it can hamper many of your tasks. So, if you are facing the same issue, here are the workarounds for that.


  • We will suggest to restart the device first and then go ahead to perform other methods.
  • Next, clear the cache of Fingerprint app by going to settings>applications> all tab and by selecting the Fingerprint app.
  • You can also clear data of the fingerprint app in case other methods fail to correct the issue.
  • Finally perform the factory reset by going to settings> backup & reset> factory reset> reset all data. But ensure to backup all the documents beforehand.


Problem 4# Windows 10 PC refuses to recognize the phone

We need to connect the phone with our Pc for several reasons and getting a backup is one of the primary reasons. But many of the users have noticed that when they have tried to connect the HTC U11 with their Windows 10 PC, the PC can’t recognize the phone. Read here the solutions for this issue.


  • In order to recognize the phone by PC, you need to install HTC Sync manager. So, first ensure you have installed this on your device. And then try once again.

Common HTC U11 Issues And Their Fixes

  • Next, ensure all the drivers of your PC are updated.
  • And the last things you can do is to try using the USB port 2.0 in case you were using the port 3.0. Many users have been able to fix the issue by doing so.


Problem 5# Headphone jack adapter not working

HTC has removed the headphone jack and this is a complete mishap. However, HTC u11 headphone jack adapter is included in the box that is to be used in order to use the headphone. But some users have stated that as they plug in the adapter to use for the first time, they are unable to get it work. Here are the solutions for this issue.


  • As you try using the headphone adapter by plugging in it for the first time, a pop up for firmware update will be available. Just go for that. But, in case you do not see that message, you can also choose to get an update by going to the play store and downloading the HTC audio jack adapter toolkit.
  • Another thing you can do is just uninstall the app, restart the phone and then try again.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset.


Problem 6# Audio and video is not syncing

Audio and video are not syncing is another issue about which many of the HTC U11 users have complained so far. According to them, the video they are trying to play is getting stuck very often and while it restarts back, the video and audio do not match at all. However, it is to mention that this issue is specific to some apps such as Whatsapp and YouTube videos.


  • This is not a big issue and can be resolved easily. First, restart your device and try to play the videos again.
  • The next advice is to clear the cache of that particular app such as Whatsapp and YouTube.

Common HTC U11 Issues And Their Fixes

  • Check in the play store if any update is available for all those apps and then update the apps.
  • Finally, wipe the cache partition of the entire device as this is a very helpful trick and can easily resolve the issue.


Problem 7# Not able to make any call, do not receive messages (On Verizon)

If you have bought the phone directly from HTC in the US, the unlocked version of the phone comes compatible with the Verizon Wireless. But unfortunately, many of the users have said that they are neither able to receive any calls nor they are receiving any messages. Here are the solutions for this issue.


  • The first task is to check with the Verizon customer care if they have activated your SIM completely or not. If yes, then follow other methods.
  • Remember the old SIM card is not compatible with the HTC U11 device. So, you are required to get a new SIM first. Head towards the Verizon store and get a new SIM card. This will not cost you anything. Once you get the new SIM card, put it in the phone and check if calls and messages are coming or not?
  • In case you are receiving the calls but the issue is with only the messages, then you need to contact the customer care once again and ask them to turn off the ‘CDMA-less provisioning’. This will definitely help you get rid of the issue.


Problem 8# Edge Sense sensitivity issue

Edge sense sensitivity is no doubt one of the main attractions of HTC U11 but what if this star feature does not respond properly? Many users have experienced an issue with this Edge sense sensitivity and according to them, the sensitivity is either too high or else it is not responding at all. Anyways, this is not a big issue and the solutions are listed here.


  • First, restart the devices.
  • Next, reconfigure the force of the squeeze and check if the issue is been resolved then.
  • If nothing can help you then wait for an update that will carry the fix.


Problem 9# SD card issue

Corrupted microSD card, microSD card is unmounted etc. are some of the error messages faced by HTC U11 users so far. However, do not worry at all as this is a very small glitch and can be fixed easily.

Common HTC U11 Issues And Their Fixes


  • The first thing to ensure is that the SD card is OK. So, take out the SD card and insert it in another device to see if the same thing is happening or not. If not then the SD card is ok. Follow the next method.
  • Format the SD card and then see if that same issue now bothers you or not.


These are the 9 most common HTC U11 issues and their fixes. If you are facing any of the above issues very often, perform the stated steps and it will help you get rid of the issues immediately. Enjoy the new phone. It is really a great piece!

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