A mouse is an important accessory to have around you. Wireless is being tangle-free and hassle-free. Also with the smart technology of today, we look forward to a smooth and sleek mouse that has been made for easy handling while also working flawlessly for long hours. So if you are looking forward to replacing you mouse for a new one here is a list of best wireless mice to buy in 2018.

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8 Best Wireless Mice To Buy In 2018

Best Wireless Mice With Longer Battery Life

8SzHahn 2.4G Slim Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

When we are handling something that is wireless we are also looking forward to something that has a good connection. The mouse from SzHahn offers you with 2.4 GHz connection which is not only smooth but faster by 10m. It lets you stay connected through a nano receiver. The sleek design is easy to hold and handle and the advanced sensor keeps it silent – so you don’t get the click sound everytime you actually click it. You also get rechargeable batteries with this that can be charged using a fast micro USB cable. One charge lasts you for about 20 days and the smart sleep mode and the On/Off switch helps you save battery. Buy it for $12.50 from Amazon.

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Best Wireless Mice Compatible On All Platforms

7Beeiee Wireless Mouse

Another mouse with 2.4 wireless technology that gives it a longer range, fast transmission speed, anti-interference ability and reliable connection. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and others. The device goes into an auto-sleep mode if it is not used for 5 minutes continuously. If you wish to activate it you just need to click it and it starts working as usual. This is also 95% noiseless so you can work in a silent zone without making any noise in the surroundings. You can avail this at an offer of 69% discount from Amazon for just $7.99.

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One Of The Best Wireless Mice With Excellent Features

6LSea&M Wireless Optical Mouse

This is a very classy looking mouse that also offers smart features. It is made of ABS plastic smooth which is quite resilient and enhances user experience. When you are not using the mouse you can store the nano receiver inside the mouse. The mouse works perfectly in sync with computers, laptops, and netbooks and has a working range of 360° of 15 meters. The mouse comes in three subtle colors of platinum, white, red, and black. Buy this beautiful accessory for $12.99 on Amazon.

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Best Wireless Mice Available In Large Color Range

5Logitech Wireless Mouse M 325

Logitech is a known name when it comes to manufacturing best wireless mice. It not only looks good but feels good too. The matte colour combination gives it a look tasteful and refined look. You also have micro-precise scrolling, comfortable design and a rubber grip that lets your palm sits comfortably on it while your fingers scroll effortlessly while working long hours on your device. It also offers a long battery life with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless expertise. While we are adding the link for violet and black combination there are other colour combinations available on Amazon such as red, blue, rose, silver and all black.

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Cheap Best Wireless Mice With Excellent Battery Life

4Rii M08 Wireless Optical Mouse

This wireless optical mouse comes with an ultra durable build and offers a working distance of 50ft/15m with a steady connection. The nano receiver can be stored inside the mouse when not in use. You have three different options of DPI settings which let you change the speed with which your cursor moves on your screen. The battery life is 12 months and when it runs low the LED light featured on the mouse blinks to inform you about the low charge. Along with the On/Off switch, you also get the smart sleep mode that put the mouse to sleep when you are not using it after a certain time. The mouse can be used by professionals, for daily work and even by gamers. It comes for an affordable price of $7.99.

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Best Mice From Microsoft

3Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Which company would understand the importance of having a good mouse than Microsoft?This excellent device from Microsoft has a built-in storage for the nano trans-receiver. While the mouse looks simple its performance is quite high. Besides just being easy to use the mouse, it also offers long battery life and easy scrolling. It is an ideal device to be used daily as it has a modern look and feel. There are seven colors available in this – black, flame red, cyan blue, light orchid, magenta, purple and wool blue. You can avail it for 13% discount on Amazon for $12.98.

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Best Wireless Mice For Kids And Girls

2Logitech Wireless Mouse M317

This is one of the best wireless mice when it comes to the physical look. These cute mice are printed and come in a variety of color combinations. It works on a single battery. The link between the computer and mouse is up to 33ft/10m and the connection is quite dependable. This one is a cool option for the women and youngsters who like colours and prints. The mouse is available for $12.89 on Amazon.

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One Of The Best Wireless Mice With Stunning Performance

1Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse MB829

For those who are using Mac computers, this is one of the best options they can have. The multi-touch area covers the entire surface of the mouse so you can explore desired content. It also offers a wireless Bluetooth technology giving you the option to work from as far as 33ft/10m. When it gets stable and is not used Apple’s Magic mouse goes into power saving mode and helps in extending the battery life of your mouse. It is compatible with iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. You get 20 times more performance than the regular optical tracking because of the laser technology it features. Gesture controls let you click and swipe with ease. It is available for $69 on Amazon.

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The list above has some of the best wireless mice to buy in 2018. There are more options in the market but these are reliable and of the best quality that will stick around with you for a long time.

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