Are you in search of the best gaming mouse so that you can have the ultimate gaming experience? Well, then you have landed at the right page as we will be discussing here the top best gaming mouse in 2018. Mouse plays an important role when it comes to playing the high-end games. A good mouse offer a very smooth and comfortable feeling while the unfit one will destroy the whole experience and you will be stuck in between games to ultimately witness a disaster. So, picking up the right mouse is really important to take your gaming experience to a new level.

Here is the list of 8 best gaming mouse to buy in 2018.

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8 Best Gaming Mouse To Buy In 2018


Best Gaming Mouse With Excellent Display

8Steel Series Rival 700

This is one of the best gaming mice in the list that help you playing all kind of games and you can use it for everything such as RPG, FPS, MMO and more. It has excellent features such as OLED display, RGB lighting, adjustable DPI settings which all together help in enjoying the games highly. The display is amazing that shows various kind of settings, GIFs etc. But unfortunately, the left-handed users will find it bit difficult to use the mouse as it does not come with an ambidextrous design. The price is very reasonable and is available in Amazon.

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Best Gaming Mouse With loads Of Buttons

7Razer Naga Hex V2

Another great mouse to name in the list which is very lightweight and includes all the needed features to help players enjoying all kind of games. This mouse is being designed especially for the MMO and MOBA players. So, if you are one of them, this mouse is certainly one of the best choices for you. It has 16,000 DPI settings while the RGB lighting is customizable to adjust it as per your need. The 7 quick access button at the side is very helpful while there is also a grip for the thumb. Other two button at the top help in adjusting the DPI settings while the rubber plates at the sides help you in proper grip.

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Best Cheap Gaming Mouse With RGB Lighting

6Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB

This mouse is just perfect for all the right handed gamers who love playing the first person shooters. The RGB lighting is definitely one important feature of this mouse which makes it suitable for gaming but the other thing that makes it really stand out and different is its snipper button which is located at the thumb area. The all aluminium body is very comfortable and offer a very rigid feeling. Also, the custom weight system is another thing to enjoy that let the players tailor its heft as per their needs. The mouse is very accurate that lets you adjusts the DPI for excellent tracking. The price is very reasonable while you can enjoy all the features offered in an expensive one. It is available in white color as well.

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Best MMO Gaming Mouse

5Asus ROG Spatha

This mouse is just perfect for the hardcore gamers. It includes a solid design and it is bit heavy than other similar mouse but the performance is excellent. This is definitely a best MMO gaming mouse which packs all the needed features such as RGB lighting, 12 programmable buttons, 8200 max DPI, a stylish charging pad and more. This mouse is loaded with numerous features and has all the needed software and hardware. In one word, this is more than just a gaming mouse. The look is amazing. The gaming experience it offers is very comfortable and smooth even though the price is bit high.

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One Of The best Gaming Mouse With All Needed Features

4Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

If you are looking for one of the best wireless gaming mouse then this one can be considered definitely as it is packed with numerous excellent features to offer a smooth gaming experience. It includes features like 11 programmable buttons, an Ambidextrous design, 30 hours battery life, customizable RGB lighting and a DPI of ranging 200-12000. This mouse comes packed with the magnetic buttons which can be again swapped in case you are not comfortable with that. This mouse is designed to work with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and Windows 7.

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Best Gaming Mouse With Ambidextrous Design

3Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Mouse

One amazing gaming mouse from the very renowned peripheral company Razer. So, you can be assured that the performance of this mouse is just stunning. It includes features such as 11 programmable buttons, very accurate dual sensors and more. However, if you are expecting that RGB lighting, unfortunately, this piece is not for you. The reason is it is an older version and the company might soon come out with the latest version that will have the option RGB lighting. The Ambidextrous design makes it different from others. This is available in wire and wireless both the option.

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One Of The Best Gaming Mouse With Great Customization Options

2Roccat Nyth Gaming Mouse

If you prefer to customize the mouse as per your choice then it is the one you can look for. Yes, this is the most customizable mouse which brings 12 side buttons in just one click of a button. Then these buttons can be re-configured in any order. And total 36 buttons combinations are there which you can use while arranging the buttons. Along with this players can also go for the mapping using the Swarm Driver of Roccat. Every kind of games starting from FPS, MMO and MOBA can be equally enjoyed in this mouse.

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Best Gaming Mouse With Great Palm Grip Option

1Razer DeathAdder Elite

The last option to include in our list which is best for all those who are looking for the palm grip mouse. It requires you to place your palm on the mouse and let the fingertips do all the needed tasks. Excellent mouse with all the features such as DPI settings and precise sensors. The price is very reasonable and it is also available in Amazon.

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So, these are the best gaming mouse to buy in 2018. All the mice listed above are just perfect for every kind of gaming and they are available in Amazon at very reasonable rate. Navigate towards Amazon and you might get the piece definitely you are looking for. Enjoy playing the games with your new mouse.

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