Best Laptops for Kids to Buy in 2018

Modern parents want their children to embrace technology as early as possible. While most of us may not have had the chance to start early with computers in our lives, our kids are growing amidst a technological revolution that puts them in a place where they are learning how to operate gadgets on their own. If you are looking for best laptops for kids to buy in 2018 then we have rounded up some nifty laptops that can be easy to use and will be able to provide a simple interface to your child.

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A few things that we would like to keep in mind when buying a kid’s laptop is:

Ease of Use

We want the laptop for kids to be simple to use because it will be handled primarily by the children. They should be able to find what they need on the computer easily. Adequate connectivity options will ensure that you can use different forms of media to transfer content to the laptop as well.

Colour Options

While some kids are just happy that they get to use a laptop of their own, a lot of kids today may want more color options. Children love fun colors, and you want to be able to easily distinguish your own laptop from theirs. Many laptop manufacturers are known to bring fun colors to the laptop body, you may want to look for these, but if you end up buying a mundane color then laptop skins can come to your rescue.

Touch Screen or Not

Touch screens can be difficult to handle. Since most laptops feature sensitive touchscreens your kids may find it difficult to use it. But on the other hand, it also provides an easy way to navigate once the kid gets used to the laptop. If you are willing to go through the early days of frustration which may be caused by the touchscreen then these may be one of the friendliest laptops for your kids. Touchscreens can also be expensive to buy and replace.

Two-in-One or Not

Two-in-one laptops offer flexibility. Since kids tend to treat technology with carelessness, it is preferable to pick a laptop that can be converted into a tablet. It will provide portability and will reduce the chances of kids not being comfortable with their laptop when they use it while traveling.


Children usually handle laptops very imprudently. So picking a low-cost device is better than picking an expensive one. Also, identify the costs for replacing parts if the computer is damaged. You may want to consider adding additional warranty to safeguard yourself from paying huge sums of money for repairing damaged laptops.


With these things in mind we have a list of laptop for kids to buy in 2018

Best Laptop for kids with 11.6-inch screen

2018 Premium Dell Inspiron 11.6 Touch Screen 2-in-1 laptop

Best Laptops for Kids

There are a lot of things about this laptop that your kid will love. The 11.6 inch HD backlit screen provides a clear and vibrant screen. The Quad Core Processor ensures that your kid enjoys a smooth laptop experience and the 4 GB RAM helps in speedy performance. The laptop features 500GB HDD storage which is adequate to store games, movies, and educational software programs. It runs on Windows 10 and has a touchscreen. The laptop can be converted into tent mode providing flexibility for your kids reading or watching videos on the laptop.

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Laptop for kids from Asus

Asus Transformer Book T100TA-C2-EDU

Best Laptops for Kids

The Transformer Book series by Asus has brought some very affordable and powerful laptops for us. This one features an Intel Atom Z3740 processor with 2GB RAM and 64 GB SSD storage. With a 10.1-inch touchscreen and a keyboard dock, this Transformer Book is known to last almost 11 hours on one charge. It runs on Windows 8.1 and is eligible to be upgraded to Windows 10. The laptop is light and portable and the small size makes it easy for kids to work on it anywhere. It boasts a speedy performance and the only reason you may think about it is if you need a lot of storage space on the computer. Cloud users will have no problems.

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Best laptop for kids with 4 GB RAM

HP Stream Laptop PC 11-y010nr

Best Laptops for Kids

The HP Stream comes in two fun colors – Aqua Blue and Violet. It has an Intel Celeron N3060 processor paired with 4GB RAM which provides adequate power to the laptop for educational and gaming software programs. It also comes with an Office 365 subscription for One Year. While the office subscription may or may not be useful for your kid depending on their age, you will find that the laptop is cost effective and has a decent size. The 11-inch screen is also good and it offers proper viewing angles too. The lightweight design makes it easy for kids to handle the laptop while its nimble performance ensures that your kids do not have to wait long for the laptop to perform their commands.

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Kid’s laptop with 320 GB HDD storage

Acer Aspire C710-2055 Chromebook

Best Laptops for Kids

Chromebooks have a simpler interface which makes them ideal for kids. This Acer C7 Chromebook features an Intel Celeron 847 Processor with 4GB DDR3 RAM. It features a 320 GB HDD storage which is enough for storing educational software programs. The 11.6-inch screen is clear and has Intel HD graphics. The laptop is available in Iron Gray which means that it doesn’t offer variety in colors. With a 6-hour battery life, this laptop is simple, has basic features and is affordable.

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Best laptops for kids with excellent features

Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02

Best Laptops for Kids

This 11.6-inch laptop can be opened to a complete 180 degrees so that it can lie flat on the desk. It has an Intel Celeron processor with 4GB RAM and 16GB flash storage. The dark blue color of the laptop makes it look elegant and with 10 hours of battery backup your kids will be able to enjoy using the laptop for a long time before they have to plug it into the charger. While all of these are usual laptop features, one thing that sets this laptop apart from the ones mentioned above is the fact that it has a ruggedized and water resistant design. Since kids end up spilling things on their computer and they may drop it more often than we imagine, this Chromebook is great for children. You will have to depend largely on cloud storage but the Chromebook will ensure that your kids get a simplified interface for their gadget.

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Kid’s laptop for smaller hands

eForprice 7 inch Mini Notebook Laptop

Best Laptops for Kids

This 7-inch mini notebook is built with kids in mind. Its ergonomics are perfect for smaller hands and it works brilliantly well for small children. This lightweight laptop is easy for kids to carry around the house so that they can find a corner for themselves to enjoy working on the laptop which runs on Android 4.2. It has 4GB storage and features 2 USB ports and an SD card slot. Powered by a VIA 8880 processor, this laptop is quick and effective. It is built for kids and gives them the independence to enjoy having their own gadget which is perfectly sized and designed for them.

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Best laptop for kids in affordable price

Goldengulf 7 inch Computer Laptop for Children

Best Laptops for Kids

The 7-inch Goldengulf kid’s laptop comes in a bright green color which makes the laptop attractive for kids. It runs on Android 4.1 and has 4GB RAM. The storage space is also 4GB and it uses an anonymous processor. The laptop is good for kids who want something small and portable that they can carry around in the house or in the car. It is affordable and looks very kid-friendly. Since Android is an interface that most of the children are used to it is easy for kids to take to this laptop.

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Laptop for kids with excellent battery life

RCA Viking Pro 10.1 inch 2-in-1 laptop

Best Laptops for Kids

This pink laptop is ultra-cute. It is a tech-friendly kid’s best friend. It has a touchscreen and a detachable keyboard. The 2-in-1 laptop can easily be carried around as a tablet and it can be used as a laptop whenever your kids want to do so. Traveling with this pretty laptop is no ordeal for the kid because it is small and light. It has 32GB storage which can be extended through a micro SD card. The 10.1-inch screen is bright and vibrant and the laptop can last up to 6 hours on one charge. It is affordably priced and works well for kids. The laptop runs on Android 5.0.

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These are 8 laptops for kids that you can buy in 2018. All of these laptops feature affordability and an easy interface. Some of them are designed especially for kids which make it even easier for them to use. If you want your kids to enjoy using laptops then you must consider one of these kid-friendly laptops that can be easily carried around with them.

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