Top Best Laptops For Programming Of 2018

Programmers are always desirous of impeccable performance, good battery life and portability in their machines. Laptops are so much more than just a means of watching videos, playing games and listening to songs for programmers. This is why we have a list of the best laptops for programming of 2018. Needless to say, our list prioritizes powerful performance ensuring that the storage capacity, battery life and portability of the device come next. Keeping in mind that we have programmers with different budgets, our list includes laptops from the premium range as well as those from the affordable price range.

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7 Best Laptops For programming


Best Portable Laptop For Programming

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 4 created a niche for itself in the laptop world with its impressive design, sprightly performance, and exceptional battery life. It is light in weight which means portability is not a problem at all. The lowest configuration is Intel Core M with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage and it goes up to Intel Core i7 with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. It features SSD storage which ensures that programmers can enjoy using a laptop that works quickly and makes programming more enjoyable. Its performance makes it one of the best laptop for programming. Keeping aesthetics in mind, this laptop is not just designed for power but also to be visually pleasing. It is lightweight which makes it portable too. Some programmers may take some time to get used to the touch screen, but once you begin using the laptop, chances are that you may not want to switch it anytime soon.



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One Of The Best Laptops For Programming With Higher Configuration

Apple MacBook Pro MLUQ2LL/A

This 13-inch laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5 chip and has 256GB SSD storage capacity that ensures that the device works fast and does not show any lag. Higher configurations are also available for those who want more power from their laptops. Quite typical of Apple, the machine is engineered to be light and thin making portability easy for its owners. The MacBook Pro has a beautiful screen which means working for long hours in front of this laptop will not strain your eyes. The keyboard is also great with the adequate spacing of the letters. Programmers usually look for something that has enough power and makes work comfortable enough for them. With the MacBook Pro, the comfort with which they can work makes the laptop a good developer laptop.

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Best Laptop For Programming With Great Battery Life

Dell Inspiron 15.6” Gaming laptop

While gamers find this gaming laptop to be incredible, its Intel i7-6700 Quad Core Processor makes it great for programmers too. It has 1TB HDD along with 8GB SSD ensuring that you will have adequate storage space for your programs. The laptop features an anti-glare LED-backlit display which makes it easy for programmers to work on the laptop for a long time without straining the eyes. The battery backup lasts for 10 hours and the laptop has adequate connectivity options as well. Overall it is a great device for programmers who want a robust machine that can stand long hours of programming work without giving away too easily.

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Best Laptop For Programming With Comfortable screen

Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-53VG

This laptop comes in the affordable price range and is great for beginners who want to invest in a budgeted laptop for their programming work. The laptop is packed with an Intel Core i5 processor and has 256GB SSD. It has backlit keyboard to ensure that you can work in dimly lit environments as well. The 12-hour battery life makes sure that the laptop can be used long enough without worrying about charging. It is portable and comes in a higher configuration that uses an i7 processor as well. The screen is bright yet comfortable making sure that you can work comfortably for a long period of time on the laptop.

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Best  Laptop For Computer Programming With a Classy Design


This 15.6 inch Asus laptop delivers good performance at a budgeted price. The metallic design gives the laptop a visual appeal while the Intel Core i7 processor makes it one of the best laptops for developers. It has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 graphics card which renders amazing graphics. The classy design, the powerful processor and the fact that the laptop ensures that it stays cool even after long hours of use, makes it a good laptop for programming.

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Best  Laptop For Computer Programming With Amazing Visual

Lenovo Yoga 910

The Yoga 910 has a 13.9-inch Ultra HD screen which ensures that working on this laptop anytime is a visual treat. But apart from the screen, the laptop has a lot of other features that make it great for programmers. It uses an Intel Core i7 chip and has 16GB RAM ensuring speedy performance. The 512GB SSD storage also ensures quickness in using the laptop. The 4K screen makes it easy for programmers to work on the laptop for long hours. The keyboard is also comfortable and overall, the laptop is worth the price you pay for it.

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Best Laptop For Programming With Comfortable Keypad

LG Gram 15Z970

The LG Gram is a lightweight laptop that can be easily carried around. The base configuration has an Intel Core i5 processor while the higher model has an i7 processor. It has 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. The 15.6-inch screen provides enough screen real estate for different programs to work without any hindrance. The keyboard is comfortable to use and it also features a number keypad which is an added benefit. The display is crisp and clear and the laptop is beautifully designed as well.

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These are the top laptops for programmers for 2016. Some of the features like HD display and SSD storage were not very prominent in laptops until last year, but this year these laptops have gained more popularity and they are commonly found in most of the laptops. Since programmers like to keep up with the newest technology, we have considered these features as well while creating our list of the best laptops for programming of 2018.


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