Best Activity Trackers 2018

Staying fit can be simple and activity trackers will help you here. Activity trackers are wearable devices through which you can have a check on the heart rate, count the steps, count the calories burned etc. So, if you are searching the best activity trackers 2018, here is a list. Have a read!

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10 Best Activity Trackers 2018

One Of The Best Activity Trackers With Excellent Look

Fitbit Alta HR

Best Activity Trackers 2017

This is one of the best activity trackers in 2018 which can help you greatly to stay fit in your hectic schedule. This band can be worn as a wristwatch while it let you track the heart rate, distance traveled, measure the sleep, calories burned and more. The best part of this band is the activity reminder prompts that help you stay active during the entire day. Caller ID and ability to read the text message is a really helpful feature of this band. It is extremely lightweight and it has an elegant design.

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Best Cheap Activity Tracker With longer Battery life

Moov Now fitness tracker

Best Activity Trackers 2017

This is another fitness tracker to mention in the list which is really affordable. However, it lacks the heart rate monitoring feature while all other basic ones are there. It does not have any screen, so this cannot be used as a watch. But the best part is the battery life which is six months long. The available features are a step tracker, boxing, and rep based training, sleep monitoring features, swimming mode. However, GPS is not included. But, it is no doubt one of the best choices if you are looking for an activity tracker with the basic features.

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Best Waterproof Activity Tracker

Misfit Ray

Best Activity Trackers 2018 1

One more Fitness tracker to include on our list that comes wrapped with the waterproof feature so you can wear it while taking bath as well. It does not have any screen. The LED indicator shows the progress of your activity. Step counts, distance traveled, sleep measurement etc. are done by this tracker. It can be worn as a band while you can also choose to wear it with the necklace as well. But it does not have any GPS or heart rate monitor.

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Best Activity Trackers With Every Needed and Advanced Features

Fitbit Charge 2

Best Activity Trackers 2018 2

Fitbit Charge 2 will definitely be loved by every fitness enthusiast as it comes packed with all the needed features. GPS is also available as soon as you connect it with a smartphone. This is actually the upgraded version of Charge HR and is priced more or less same. Fashion conscious people will definitely love this piece. The interchangeable band and the large display is another thing to attract users. Fitbit Charge 2 is available at Amazon at a very reasonable rate, so head towards the online store and see if it is what you are actually demanding.

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One Of The Best Fitness Tracker Compatible With All Devices

Samsung Gear Fit 2

Best Activity Trackers 2017


Samsung has made their presence in the fitness tracker world as well and their Samsung Gear Fit 2 is really fantastic. The features of this wearable device include a large 1.5inch AMOLED display, heart rate monitoring, GPS, activity tracking, waterproof feature etc. The larger AMOLED display ensures that you can see every detail of your activity very clearly. It works with all the smartphone such as Android and iOS. The battery life is 3 days.

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Best Activity Tracker For Swimming

Garmin Vivosmart 3

Best Activity Trackers 2017

This piece is an ideal for all those who love to stay fit all the time. It has the waterproof feature which ensures you can wear it while taking a bath or when swimming. Heart rate monitoring, rep counter during heavy exercise is also done through this band. However, if you are talking about the GPS connection, it lacks that functionality but the other attractive function is its ability to control the music from the smartphone. Its battery life is average and it lasts 5 days.

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The Most Expensive And Best Activity Tracker

Apple Watch Series 2

Best Activity Trackers 2018 3

The most expensive and feature rich wearable to mention in our list which comes packed with all the functionalities. So, whether you are looking for a waterproof fitness tracker, with GPS, excellent battery life and of course which can be used as the wristwatch as well, this smartwatch is a great option to go for. It can be synced with the iPhone, so ensure to have an iOS device for that. If you have no limitation on the budget then we will suggest going for this one which does not lack any single feature.

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Excellent Fitness Band with Route navigation feature

TomTom Spark 3

Best Activity Trackers 2017

This is another great activity tracker. If you want to enjoy music during your exercise this is the piece to go for. It is compatible with both Android and iOS, so not to worry which phone you have, rather just go ahead to buy the watch and stay fit. GPS route navigation, heart rate monitoring etc. are some of its great features. The route navigation feature helps you explore new places with ease.

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Best Fitness Tracker With 18 Exercises

Fitbit Blaze

Best Activity Trackers 2017

One more Fitbit fitness tracker that comes with a great set of options. The smartwatch features such as the notification for text and call, ability to receive and make calls etc. are really enjoyable. It lets you choose from around 18 exercises as the fitness band. The number of apps is limited. Still, this activity tracker is equipped with all the needed features. The battery life is pretty great, it lasts about two weeks.

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Best Fitness Tracker With Large Display

Fitbit Surge

Best Activity Trackers 2018 4

This activity tracker comes with a big display that let you swipe with ease. Fitbit surge is just perfect for all fitness enthusiasts. It looks really good on the hands of power users that is wrapped with great features such as heart rate monitoring, built in GPS, and more. However, the price is a bit higher than other Fitbit fitness trackers. But it does offer more features.

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So, these are the 10 best activity trackers to buy in 2018. Most of the trackers mentioned here are available in the reasonable rate while some of them are expensive. All these are of high quality and that’s most important.

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