Top Best Chromebook Apps

Chromebook is a very affordable laptop that is powered by the Google Chrome operating system. The design is minimal and it does offer a great look. So, if you have very recently bought a Chromebook and wondering how to get the best out of it, then, look no further as we have listed the top best Chromebook apps that you can use to make things easier and more fun. All the apps mentioned here will help you accomplish your task smoothly.

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10 Top Best Chromebook Apps


Top best Chromebook apps

This is definitely one of the best apps for Chromebook to mention in our list. Even though the store of apps is filled with numerous options but if you want to enjoy the standard quality, Skype can be considered as the best choice. This does not require anything, just download the app, create an account and start chatting. The app allows text chat, video call, phone call etc.

Download Skype


Google Drive

Top best Chromebook apps

Since the Chromebook is not backed by any hard drive storage, Google Drive is almost a must have app for Chromebooks. Even though you can look for other cloud based storage systems, Google Drive is super simple that requires just your Google ID. You can save the files in the Google Drive with ease after which accessing and sharing the files from that drive can be done hassle free. Google Drive contains a search engine, so the saved file can be located easily from that search engine.

Download Google Drive



Top best chromebook apps

If you are looking for a great photo editor then Polarr can be the best choice. This app is definitely one of the best Chromebook apps which lets you edit the images in a fantastic way to share on the social networking sites. This app is very light weight and features rich so users can do anything and everything with their photos through this app. Polarr does not require any network connection and is able to turn the RAW images into an excellent image. So, go ahead to have this app on your Chromebook to enjoy a great experience.

Download Polarr


VLC for Chrome OS

 Top Best Chromebook Apps

A media player app is must have on any computer. VLC has made their presence everywhere and Chromebook is not an exception to that. Called as ‘VLC for Chrome OS’ is the media player that you can install on your Chromebook to enjoy all kind of media content. This app lets you enjoy it all without the need of any other extra software to convert that file into a right file.

Download VLC for Chrome OS


Office Online

 Top Best Chromebook Apps

Are you a Microsoft Office user? If, yes then this Office Online is a great app to get. It lets you access all the tools while the feature rich functionality is really amazing to get all your work done. Your Microsoft account lets you create, edit and view the files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint while can again synchronize them with OneDrive to enjoy other facilities. Another great part is, the same subscription can be used for another platform as well such as Windows or Mac. So, this is really a great app for your Chromebook.

Download Office Online



 Top Best Chromebook Apps

Another great app for your Chromebook which you can have to create a notebook for organizing the catered stuff while it also lets you create a note and clip the web page. The interface of this app is too simple that does not require any help from others rather you can resolve everything on your own. The process to use this app is very similar to that of the Windows version. So, if you have used the app on Windows earlier, things will become even easier.

Download Evernote



 Top Best Chromebook Apps

This is another great Chromebook app which is a must have on everyone’s laptop or PC. YouTube is the most popular video sharing app which let you stream high-quality content hassle free. So, go for installing this app on your Chromebook and enjoy all kinds of videos.

 Download YouTube



 Top Best Chromebook Apps

Another awesome app for Chromebook and this is specially designed for the music lovers. You are allowed to create a playlist while listening to all kind of song and bands. Why not stretch your hands towards this app for the Chromebook, and get the most amazing music experience?

Download Spotify


Facebook Messenger

Top Best Chromebook Apps

Facebook Messenger is a very useful app for communication. This is a product of Facebook, so ensure to have this app for enjoying communication as continuous enhancement is what this app brings along. This app is available in the Chrome web store for free, so you can get it easily on your Chromebook to communicate with your family members and friends.

Download Facebook Messenger



Top Best Chromebook Apps

Does your job involve taking screenshots of the Chromebook very often? If that’s the case, Nimbus is the right solution for you. Whether it is a full screenshot or the screenshot of a particular area, this app will help you in everything. Not just capturing the screenshot rather you will also be able to create and edit screencast videos as well with this app. And top of that all those can be done at free of cost.

Download Nimbus


So, these are the 10 top best Chromebook apps which you can download on your Chromebook to convert it into a more useful one. Most of the apps mentioned here are free!

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