How To Fix LG V10 GPS Issues

LG V10 is one such amazing set from LG that has come to offer a lot more than expected. But bugs and issues are everywhere and so it is with the LG V10 as well. While users of this device have experienced many issues already, LG V10 GPS not working is a very complaint. According to some users, the GPS of their LG V10 is not showing the accurate location while it is not working at all sometimes.

There are various solutions and they are listed here to help you fix the problem.

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Potential Fixes For LG V10 GPS Issues


Solution 1: Restart

A simple restart is a quick solution to various issues of your device like GPS which takes hardly any time. This refreshes the settings of the device thus many issues are driven away and the phone starts working as usual. Also, when you do not have enough time to perform other troubleshooting, this step might work like magic to solve your GPS issue. So start with restarting your LG V10 and if it does not work out for you, then proceed to other solutions.


Solution 2: Toggle the Airplane mode

Next solution is to toggle the Airplane mode of your smartphone by going to the notification shade. Toggle on the Airplane mode once, wait for few seconds and then again toggle it off. It will refresh all the network connections.


Solution 3: Toggle the GPS

Another easy and quick method to fix the LG V10 GPS not working issue is to toggle the GPS which will refresh the GPS settings and it might start working properly. For that, pull down the notification shade and look for the GPS icon. Toggle it off, wait for few seconds and toggle it back on. Now check if the GPS is showing the correct location or not.


Solution 4: Remove the case

The phone case we use to protect the device from all kind of accidental fall and damage but this too might act as an obstacle sometimes and give rise to issues like GPS. So, it’s always better to remove the case whenever you face any kind of issue. If you find out the GPS to work properly without the case, then the fault was in the case and it requires you to invest in some other good protective case.


Solution 5: Check power saving mode

Fast battery draining due to playing heavy games, watching HD videos and other jobs is a very common fact and this is the reason we all want to use all the tricks to save some juice on the device. Power saving mode is a very useful feature that let us manage the battery well by disabling some features and settings. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS also falls in those categories. So, when your GPS is not working, quickly check if the power saving mode is enabled on your device by going to settings and then disable it. Now check, if the LG V10 GPS is working properly.


Solution 6: Tweak GPS settings

Tweak the settings in your LG V10 to see if it brings any difference in the GPS issue. Head towards Settings > Location > Mode and check what is set there. It is recommended to make the ‘high accuracy’ option to keep on which will use both the GPS and network to check location while other two options limit the way in which location is being checked by GPS.


Solution 7: Use GPS status & Toolbox app

GPS status and Toolbox app is another useful way to get rid of the LG V10 GPS nor working issue. This is an app that provides various helpful information on A-GPS data that enhance the GPS performance. This app is completely free and is available in Google Play store. So, install it on your device and make use of the app to have an improved performance from the GPS. However, this might take some time which is not possible to perform when you are in hurry. So, check this step later on and it will help you lot.


Solution 8: Clear cache of Google Maps

Sometimes the GPS stops working or starts showing incorrect location due to corrupted cache data and files in the Google Maps. So, keep clearing the cache files and data off and on to see if it can resolve the GPS issue in your LG V10 device. To do clear cache head towards Settings > Application manager > All tab > Map and then tap on Clear cache. Next, tap on clear data and then restart the device. Now check if the GPS issue is resolved now.


Solution 9: Update Google maps

Google Maps is the main app that is to be kept updated in order to have the correct GPS location. So remember when you have last updated the Google Maps on your device because the outdated app too can be another reason to provide the incorrect location. So, update the app by going to Google play store. There tap on three horizontal lines and tap My apps and games. Here scroll down to search Map and tap on the update button.


Solution 10: Factory reset

In case you have tried all other solutions but have failed to get a fix, then the last resort is to perform a factory reset which will erase everything from the device and you need to set it up from scratch like a new device. So, back up all the data beforehand.

Head towards, Settings > Back up & reset > Factory data reset > Delete all and as you tap on that, it will erase everything. It might take sometimes depending on the amount of data on your device. Once completed, restart the device and then check if the GPS in your LG V10 is working correctly.


So, these are the fixes for LG V10 GPS issue. Try them out the issue on your device will be solved easily after going through the fixes one by one. But in case the problem still exists, then might be it is related to some hardware issue and you should better take the device to a repair shop or your carrier.

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