How To Improve GPS Signal On Android Device

The GPS technology makes our lives easier. With the help of the GPS sensor installed on the smartphones of individuals, the users can make use of the navigational apps like Google Maps and various other location services to get access to geolocation across various applications and services. As crucial is the GPS technology for navigation, it also helps individuals in playing games like Pokemon Go.

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What Is GPS Technology?

Before you understand how to improve GPS signal on your phone, you must understand the functioning of Android phone GPS. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It was developed by the US Army in 1973 but was released in 1995 for civilian purpose. With initial 24 satellites, GPS now has as many as 31 satellites in the orbit.

The Android phone GPS communicates and operates with the help of these satellites through the GPS antenna. This GPS antenna is installed on most of the Android phones and tablets as well. The users might face these issues in the Android GPS accuracy:

  • The total number of GPS antennas at the current location
  • The quality or the GPS signal strength of the GPS antenna on the smartphone
  • The driver implementation of the Android phone GPS in the Operating System


How To Improve GPS Signal In Android Phone GPS?

If you wish to optimize the Android GPS accuracy on your smartphone, you can make use of the following effective measures:

Switch on “High Accuracy” GPS Mode

To get a strong GPS signal strength, the users must be prepared to lose more battery of their smartphone. However, you can save your phone’s battery when you would need to use GPS, like if you are done with hunting your desired Pokemon. To switch on the Android phone GPS, you would need to go to Settings, then tap on Location to ensure that your location services are switched on. The users would need to toggle it at the right-hand side of the top screen and make it turn to green by shifting the button to the right in your smartphone. Now that you have switched on the location tab, you should proceed to Mode and tap it to ensure “high accuracy” of the GPS signal strength. This would make use of your GPS and the Wi-Fi connection as well to track the location smartphone. Therefore, more battery of the mobile phone gets consumed to ensure Android GPS accuracy.

Activate the GPS Signal

One of the significant problems faced by the users while going from one app to another is that the GPS gets turned off in order to save the mobile phone battery. For instance, if you are playing Pokemon Go and wish to have a glance at the mobile phone notifications, your Android device GPS could be turned off. To ensure optimized Android GPS accuracy and increased GPS signal strength, you can keep the Android device GPS signal active. To ensure this, the users will have to install an Android device GPS app like the Connected GPS. Such apps would act as a GPS booster but would undermine the battery life of the smartphone.


Find Out the GPS Issues

Even after trying everything, your smartphone gets poor GPS signal strength, you must look into the hardware or software issues if any with the Android device GPS.  The poor GPS signal could be due to hardware or software problems which can be resolved to improve GPS accuracy. You can go to GPS Essentials in your smartphone Settings and then, in the main menu of the GPS Essentials, you can tap the icon Satellites and observe how your smartphone connects to some of the satellites around the Earth. If you do not observe the presence of any satellite around, then there is the possibility of interference from some metallic objects or problems with the Android device GPS hardware or software. When your smartphone encounters such issues, you must take expert help from the smartphone’s customer care support team to rectify the hardware or software issues in your phone due to which there is poor GPS signal strength.


Refresh the GPS Data

There could be instances when the Android device GPS might get stuck on some of the GPS satellites even when they are not in the range. This might result in the improper functioning of the Android device GPS. You can fix this issue by making use of apps like GPS Status & Toolbox. The app will refresh the GPS data of your smartphone by clearing the GPS data. Your Android device GPS could then start searching for new connections or satellites from the beginning to ensure optimized GPS signal strength and improved Android GPS accuracy. In the app, you can tap or click on anywhere on the mobile screen and then under menu icon, you can tap “Manage A-GPS State”. Then click on Reset. Next, you can go back to the “Manage A-GPS State” and click on Download. By doing these steps, the GPS data gets refreshed to ensure optimized GPS signal strength.


Buy an External GPS Receiver

Even after you have tried every step to improve the Android GPS accuracy and to optimize the GPS signal strength and nothing worked out, you can go on to purchase an external GPS receiver when the Android device GPS of your smartphone is no longer sufficient for normal functioning. You can couple your purchase of the external GPS receiver with the smartphone via Bluetooth and can recharge with the same charger.


Conclusion: Is you Android device GPS facing problems due to poor GPS signal strength? You can improve the Android GPS accuracy with the help of mentioned useful tips. These tips would ensure increased GPS signal strength and would solve all your queries related to how to improve GPS signal strength and the overall efficiency of the smartphone experience.

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