How To Fix “Insufficient Storage Available” Error On Android

We all know that the amount of storage space is never as high as it looks and this is where the issue starts. For example, a device with 32 GB storage will never have this much space left for you to download the required apps and software. The reason is a great part of the storage remains occupied by the operating system, pre-installed apps while some space is also wasted based on how the OS formats storage medium.

This fact is known by many and it simply irritates them when they go through an installation process of a much important app but ends up receiving the error message ‘Insufficient storage available’.  What actually happens here is, even if there is sufficient storage available to update or install the app but it runs short of space to execute it and this is why the app installation or up step is failed even though it takes much less space than what is actually available on your device.

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What Does Insufficient Storage Mean?

When you see this error on your Android device, it means that your device does not have enough storage space to install and execute the app. An error like this usually invokes you to uninstall other apps to free up some space or to delete data from your device so that more space can be created for the app you are installing. Let us find out the reason for this error and the ways in which we can fix it.


What Causes insufficient storage  available error on the Android

Out of space error normally occurs when you transfer a large app, video or picture from your phone’s internal memory to an external storage. This causes the cache to be corrupted. Hence, causing the cache to saturate. Old and unnecessary cache data are stored on your phone in the trash folder. Often, these cache files clear themselves, but when large media files are being transferred, it can somehow log the cache data.

Another reason is the lack of working storage that mainly gives rise to this ‘Insufficient storage available’ issue. Any android app utilizes three sets of storage, one set for the app themselves, the second set for the app’s data files and finally the third set for app’s cache. Now when this cache becomes large in size, it occupies a huge part of the space even though it is reported that the space occupied by the cache is free space on Android. So, clearing this cache is a very useful step that can be followed to fix up this insufficient storage issue on your Android device.

How to fix “insufficient storage available“


Solution 1: Wipe the cache files

Clearing the cache is the first step in resolving the insufficient storage available issue. Follow the below steps to perform it successfully.

  • Open settings app first from the home screen and navigate to Application manager option.
  • Scroll sideways to the downloaded section which displays all the downloaded apps and space occupied by them.
  • Next, tap on the menu or more buttons for choosing ‘sort by size’ to arrange the apps in that order.
  • Now tap on a specific app that shows the storage occupied by it, its data and cache.
  • Tap on the clear cache to empty cache.
  • Repeat the same process for every app.

On the other hand, you can also delete the cache files for all the apps together by following these steps:

  • Head to the settings menu of your device
  • Tap on Storage
  • Look for cached data and tap on it

You will get a pop-up asking you to confirm that you wish to delete all the cache data. Tap on OK and all the data will be deleted.


Solution 2: Use a Third Party App

To fix “insufficient storage available” error, another thing you need to do is to download a 2MB app from the Google play store. If you do not have any attainable space for this 2 MB application, then allocate room for it by removing an unused app or media file. Please delete a file from your Internal storage, not your Micro SD card. In case there are no such apps to be deleted then uninstall Google Play updates and have 2MB free on your internal memory to attempt this method. Now follow the below steps.

  • Navigate to Google play
  • Download App Cache Cleaner
  • Install it and it will show individual apps that have large cache data stored. You can delete these cached data manually by clicking the Recycle bin icon next to it or else ‘clear all’ button at the bottom and it will delete cache for all apps. When this is done, you will no longer see the ‘Out of Space’ or ‘insufficient storage available’ issue on your Android device.


Solution 3: Do a dump state clearance

If you have deleted few apps and cleared cache but still getting this error, then you need to do a dump state clearance. Below are the steps for doing so.

  • Enter your Dialer
  • Dial *#9900#
  • This will access the SysDump menu
  • Now tap on Delete Dumpstate/logcat button and confirm by tapping on OK
  • Tap on Exit which is located at the bottom of the menu

Once this step is complete, you will notice a noticeable amount of space has been freed up on your device.


Solution 4: Move Apps To Your SD card

Android encourages developers to make apps over 10 MB in size to be movable to the SD card. While this is a choice left for the developers, you may have certain apps on your list of apps that can be moved to the SD card. This will add space to your phone’s internal memory where an app usually installs.

  • Go to the Settings menu of your device
  • Tap on Apps
  • Now sort the apps by size which will bring the largest apps on the top. Now check for the option to “Move to SD card” next to the app. If the app allows it then you will see this button highlighted and for apps which do not allow the move, the button will be grayed out.

You have the option to move the ones that you can so that some space is freed up in your phone’s internal storage.

If your phone does not support SD cards then you will not be able to do this.


Solution 5: Use Cloud Storage

If you are an avid user of your smartphone and you end up downloading too many things and installing too many apps, then you must consider using cloud storage. It will help you store all your media files securely in the cloud and you will have more space available for the apps that you wish to use. There are a lot of choices for cloud storage and I leave it up to you to choose the one that you are most comfortable with.


Your Android device will be able to free up a lot of space by following these steps. It will help you solve the insufficient space on device problem so that you can continue to enjoy your Android and all the apps that you like to use on it.

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  1. Hola! Me pasa lo mismo que a Anna McCullough con mi Galaxy S7, pero detecté que el Google Play Services se duplica además de almacenar una especie de caché a la que no tenemos acceso por no estar rooteado (cosa no recomendable en un celular tan moderno, a mi Galaxy S3 le vivía actualizando CyanogenMod pero de S7 para arriba no es aconsejable). El tema es que luego de una actualización de ROM (cada 2 o 3 meses cuando es liberada) me deja aproximadamente 2GB de espacio libre que con el pasar de la primera semana se vuelve a llenar. ¿Qué es lo que sucede?, ¿cuál es el archivo caché que crea? porque me lo revisé de arriba a abajo y no encontré nada. Aclaro que los archivos caché y de datos correspondientes a cada app los elimino uno por uno manualmente y no corresponden a la misteriosa cache de 2GB que me refiero.
    Desde ya muchas gracias por la ayuda brindada, abrazo grande.

  2. Did everything mentioned. Each time apps update, those that have been moved to the SD card move back to internal storage. I manually move them back to the SD card BUT each time there is less and less storage – each update eats up more and more storage space. I keep NO files on the phone – they’re all moved to the SD card. I keep uninstalling more and more apps and still, the storage space continues to shrink. I did the DumpState but it removed very few files. I trashed all the thumbnails for the photos and still no real improvement. The Samsung J7 Crown’s own Device Maintenance removes cache files. STILL not enough. EVERY UPDATE eats up more space. Last week I had 2.5 GB free, this week (after uninstalling 3 more apps!) it’s down to 2.1 GB. About the only thing I have left is a factory reset. The phone’s on Android 8, by the way.

    What are the other options for in the *#9900# menu?

  3. Fimally! Good Grief; Thank’s For The Excellent Tech Info; The Dump State Clearance Worked To Clear Enough Space For That Frustrating Android GallSteveery APP; Good Job😆

  4. Internal storage has 32GB space but after the use of 3GB neither any app install nor any video load or record. My device -Samsung j7prime. What I do please replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. Have tried the dump.
    Have deleted most apps I installed.
    Have deleted all files (documents, photos, downloads, EVERYTHING)
    Have manually cleared all caches.
    No additional storage; at 100% full, and I can’t figure out what is taking up storage space.

  6. My phone on storage shows have a lot of space into a storage but it support few application some application failed while have a lot of space

  7. How do I perform solution #3 on a TABLET?! I can’t find any information anywhere about how to access that stuff on the Tab 4 so I can delete more things that these 3rd party cleaning apps miss.

  8. My phone is completely full. I do not wish to delete any apps or music or videos at this time. How can I bypass this insufficient storage message so I can update all my apps in the app store? It won’t let me update any of them because my phone is so full please help.

  9. i have 3.5 gb free space .. some apps they download some dont .. tried downloading swiftkey . still got the insufficient storage error ! .. should i format the device ?

      1. my phone doesn’t recognize it either? i dial it and call it and just get a message from verizon saying the number is unavailable.

  10. Not working! I have cleared cache, uninstalled apps even freed 43 MB of memory, from the internal storage of phone. But it is still not installing even a 15 MB app. What to do????

  11. Not working! I have cleared cache, uninstalled apps even freed 43 MB of memory, from the internal storage of phone. But it is still not installing even a 15 MB app. What to do????

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