Top Best Battery Saving Apps Android – Fix Slow Charging

We all have issues with slow charging and random battery drains on our Samsung galaxy.This happens to any android models, and users are looking for some simple and effective ways to save more battery life and extend the use of the battery. There are few apps that can easily and seamless increase your battery life and that’s exactly what we are going to talk about- best battery saving apps for Android.


Top 10 Best Battery Saving Apps Android

Battery Time


Battery Time From Liquidium presents the simplicity of an app to help you with anything related to battery lifetime of your smartphone. This app focuses on two things, to “extend” and “optimize” battery lifetime. Liquidium makes these 2 things a simple procedure, with one tap solution. When you open this app, you will only see one main page solution with a simple and intuitive design. Firstly, Battery Time doesn’t use too many ornaments and icons, and the thing that user needs to know is made perfectly: your battery lifetime estimation.

 Battery Doctor

The name says it all.The Doctor in live colors.I can remember the first time using this app,  I was shocked to see my phone sustained an extra 2 days without charging. Yes, I optimized my Samsung galaxy S3 by using the automatic battery saving feature that searches for what is intensively draining my battery, and In no time, it preserved 45% more battery life.

I have a lot of  positive feedback for this app. If you want this app to make full use of its function, you should consider installing this application too: Clean Master

Why using battery doctor? and why is it the best Battery saving app for android?

Okay, I won’t be discussing it’s 50,000,000 Installs, we all know why it’s so high.

Disable pointless apps that drain your battery!

  • Job Killer kills duties with one click on!
  • Kill apps when the display screen is off!
  • Correct battery remaining time!
  • Correct charging remaining time!
  • Schedule energy saving modes for work/class/sleep and extra!
  • Distinctive three Stage Charging system!
  • Wifi/Information/Bluetooth toggle!
  • Brightness management!
  • CPU Administration (for rooted telephones)!
  • Battery temperature! – Charging Ideas!
  • 15 languages supported! – Easy simple-to-use interface!


DU Battery Saver and Widget

Another great Battery saving app for the android phone is the DU battery saver and widget . This is also a free battery saving app that comes with a widget to maximize more than 50% of your battery. The best thing about this app is that does what it says and has little to no resources on the system. It works independently. The Smart Pre-battery features are capable of optimizing your battery in  real time and in background mode.

My second best android battery saving app. It is featured in a lot of websites for its standalone features that give you the chance to extend more battery life and identify which app is hogging your system. The difference about this app is that is can maximize your battery  span without disabling most of your services and background running apps. It uses a smart technology and a one -click optimization technique that adequately extend your battery life more than 50 %.



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Greenify is an amazing app to extend the battery life of your android Smartphone cleverly. This is not an app killer program rather it follows the concept of hibernation that rather than completely stopping any unused app automate the hibernation process. When there is a need to wake up the sleeping app, the phone uses much less battery than launching a stopped app.

There is an option to select the app which should take a nap while everyday uses apps like alarm or message app can be excluded from that feature. If you are using Android 6.0, there is something for you to enjoy such as an aggressive feature that sends the app to hibernation in just a few minutes once you stopped using it while the Shallow hibernation feature suspends all the background functions without stopping them completely.



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Packed with an intuitive interface this is another best power saving app for android to manage the power as per your preferences. The most power draining features like Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connectivity, cellular data, etc. are automatically and transparently managed by JuiceDefender in order to put back the juice to the device. The app is fully customizable, just configure it once as per your need and it will run on its own to extend the battery life of your android Smartphone.


Android Booster

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Not just power rather if you are looking to improve the overall performance of your handset, consider installing Android Booster that is featured with a task killer, app manager, file organizer and network manager. The interface is much easy to control that allows you to decide how everything will function on the backend. Android booster enhances the phone’s speed noticeably while it also reclaims the phone’s memory at the same time apart from saving huge battery.


Battery-battery Saver 

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This battery saver app cleverly extends the battery life of your android device by managing the cellular data. The advantage is not only power rather the mobile data is also used efficiently when this app is installed on your device. This app turns off the mobile data connection when you do not use it actively thus reduces both the battery drainage and mobile data usage.

However, this app also turns on the mobile data connection periodically so as to keep the background data synchronized. The interface is simple and provides hassle free operations.


Green battery saver & Manager

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This free app automatically turns off the most power draining features like Wi-Fi, cellular data and Bluetooth when they are not in use. Even you can also make changes in the settings for synchronization of apps such as email, music, photos, books and more so that your phone does not try to sync to these accounts continuously which eats up a lot amount of battery. This app was previously known as Battery Aid. The free version offer shortcuts for operations like display brightness, car dock settings and screen time out.

Premium version is also available that is free of the ad and lets you unlock many more features.


Battery Defender

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Battery defender is loaded with various useful features to extend the battery life of your android handset and one of the most useful is quiet sleeping. Inform the app when you are sleeping and it will turn off Wi-Fi connection and other network connection when the battery is too low.