How To Fix Xbox One Controller Analog Stick Drift

We targeted one of the most common Xbox One Issue , which is Xbox One Controller Analog Stick Drift

Most games can strain a computer’s resources. A computer that runs some programs perfectly can become slow and probably unresponsive when faced with demand of complicated games. One might notice flickering graphics or lowered frame rates. The following solutions are to Fix Xbox One Controller Analog Stick Drift

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Methods to Fix Xbox One Controller Analog Stick Drift

  1. Excessive lagging-This is a continuous delay in the actions of games.
  2. Temporary freezing/hanging-occurs when either a computer program or system ceases to respond to inputs
  3. Screen tearing-is a visual artifact in video display where a display device shows information from two or more frames
  4. Shuttering-flow of actions is disrupted
  5. Artefacts and glitches-this is distortion of media leading to errors hence the game becomes unplayable.

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how to fix xbox one controller analog stick drift

Potential solutions for Xbox One Controller Analog Stick Drift issue :

  1. Check for Software issues
  2. The software chosen should be up to date.

These are the potential solutions to fix Xbox One Controller Analog Stick Drift

Check for known issues and updates for the game. Most software problems are not unique, and when you encounter one, it’s likely that other people are having the same problem. Update Microsoft‌ DirectX. DirectX is a suite of multimedia technologies that enhances special visual and audio effects that come with games. Many games rely on DirectX to help get more performance from your computer. Get the newest device drivers. Because game performance can be affected by device drivers, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have the latest drivers for all of your hardware.Adjust your game’s settings. Most games have settings that allow you to control the resolution and level of detail that’s displayed, as well as the quality of the audio. Check information that came with the game to know how to use those settings to optimize the game for your computer’s hardware.

Check for hardware issues

  • The first step in diagnosing potential game hardware problems is to make sure that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements for the game. These requirements are usually printed on the game box.
  • Adjust your display settings. One of the most common causes of performance problems is video card settings.

Disable your joystick. If you are using a joystick, make sure it’s not the source of the problem. If the issue doesn’t appear when you’re using your keyboard, contact the joystick manufacturer to troubleshoot the problem.Temporarily disable the sound card. Disabling the sound card will help you determine if the sound card is the cause of the problem. Check your computer’s Windows Experience Index base score. New games are developed to take advantage of the latest technological advances in hardware. If you continue to have problems running games, make sure that your hardware is performing properly.


how to fix xbox one controller analog stick drift

To repair it, try clicking the analog stick in and opposite to the direction it drifts towards as it is possible to open it, cut it down and glue it. If this does not work, just visit the place it was purchased and kindly ask them for a fully functioning controller in return for a defective one. This is a short term solution, analog sticks wear out, and it is a common scenario of gaming. The permanent solution is to get a new controller.

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