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How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Text Messaging Problems (Slow Response when typing)

Galaxy Note 4 Text Messaging Problems
Galaxy Note 4 Text Messaging Problems

All Samsung devices come with great specification and Galaxy Note 4 is no exception. This smartphone is packed with tons of features, it’s a perfect phone for the tech-savvy people because everything that is expected from a high-quality smartphone is available on it. The 5.7-inch phone with a high-resolution screen, the 16-megapixel camera and the stylus, everything is just awesome. The battery gets charged very fast. But of course, issues are also there like on other smartphones. In our other posts, you will find the solution for many Galaxy Note 4 problems such as lagging issue, random restart issue, battery problem etc.

Here we will discuss an uncommon problem which is related to Galaxy Note 4 text messaging. Some users have reported that they are facing Galaxy Note 4 text lag problem when a text message is typed, it sometimes takes 4-5 seconds to show the actual letters on the screen. Here are the possible solutions to fix the Galaxy Note 4 text lag problem.

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Possible solutions for galaxy note 4 text issues

How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Text Messaging Problems_1


Method 1

First, you should start with the keyboard and message app whenever the Galaxy Note 4 text problems occur. You need to clear the data and the cache of both the apps.

  • Tap on the Apps icon from the Home screen of your Galaxy Note 4
  • The Settings option needs to be tapped and then go to the Application section
  • You will see Application Manager, tap on it
  • Now you need to swipe the screen right or left in order to display the contents of ALL tab
  • Scroll the screen and touch Messaging app
  • Clear Cache button needs to be touched
  • Next, the Clear Data button needs to be tapped and then touch OK
  • Go back, search the Samsung keyboard and touch it
  • Touch the Clear Cache button and Clear Data button
  • Tap Ok

Galaxy Note 4 Text Messaging Problems_clear cache


Method 2

The problem could occur because of any third-party app which is crashed. To check this your phone needs to be booted into Safe mode:

  • Switch off your Galaxy Note 4
  • Press the Volume Down and Power keys and keep holding them
  • Leave the Power key when your phone starts to boot but keep holding the Volume Down key. Release it when the phone finishes restarting
  • Now at the lower corner left side Safe mode will be displayed

While in the Safe mode, try to type a text message and observe how the phone performs. If there are no issues, it means that one of the third-party apps that are causing the problem. Once you exit the Safe mode, delete the apps one by one (it is advisable to start with the applications that you have downloaded and installed recently). If you have tons of apps, you can perform a factory data reset.


Method 3

As we said, the next thing is to perform factory data reset. Resetting your device to its factory defaults can fix tons of issues, including this one. It will erase all your data, settings, and third-party apps, so before you proceed, make sure to backup your files.


  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap Backup & Reset
  • Tap Factory data reset
  • Your device will reboot.


  1. When receiving a new text message, i will get the notification alert and a pop up but when i go to the message app, theres no message. It doesnt show anywhere.

  2. After updating to Android version 5.1.1 on my Galaxy Note 4 I experienced lag on some text conversations. The contact conversation was slow to open, the keyboard was slow to open, and the message was slow to send. Every suggested solution was to clear the cache and data from both the messaging and keyboard apps. Do NOT do this, it solves nothing and it erases your settings and learned data. My wife’s Note 5 had the same issue and the common denominator was conversations with long histories. The solution was simple. Delete the conversation(s). It worked like a charm. If you want to keep the conversation you can use a reliable SMS back up app. I used SMS Backup & Restore. It gives you the option to save locally or on Google Drive or Dropbox and to also back up MMS messages too.

    1. Dan, thank you so much for posting about your wife’s phone! I tried the cache method which did not work, but after reading your reply, I proceeded to delete messages, multimedia messages and conversations from as far back as 2015 even, and now I am once again able to quickly send and reply to text messages! The entire process painstakingly took 2 days because some of the threads were so long they took 20 minutes to delete. I imagine these were also the conversations with the most photos attached.

      Thanks again!

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