How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Automatic Reboots And Vibration

If Your Samsung Galaxy S5 has slipped out of your hand or it has been fallen on the hard floor then several problems may arise to your phone. Automatic reboots and vibration is one of those problems to be faced very often. This is the problem when your phone is turned off automatically and vibrates as you try to turn on the phone. Also there are several reasons behind this automatic reboots and vibrates issue. Sometimes the phone shows the power off menu but continues to be on and then suddenly gets off and vibrates. The main reason to face this issue is the stuck power button. But don’t worry we can help you to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Automatic reboots and vibration.

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Way to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Automatic reboots and vibration

Samsung Galaxy S5 Automatic Reboots And Vibration-2

The main reason of this issue is the POWER key. If the power key is stuck then you will face this type of situation.

You need to press and release the power button repeatedly to get rid of the issue. But this can lead to the data corruption so it is advised to take out the battery and then continue to press and release the button. You need to do the process several times. If required then remove the case or cover if it is there.

You need to continue this process until you see the snaps as usual, power key snaps when it is pressed or released. If the power key does not snap that means either the power key is still stuck or it has been damaged. If you find it defective or damaged then buy a new switch as Samsung Galaxy S5 uses a common switch and get it replaced by a technician. This way you can fix Samsung Galaxy S5 automatic reboots and vibration problem.